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Flax Seed Oil

Flax Seed Oil


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Flax properties.

len_lechenieFlax is an annual plant, herbaceous, and can be as high as 1 meter. On a thin stem with narrow leaves from July to August flaunt gently blue flowers, which then give the fruit-a spherical box. To grow flax, as a cultivated plant began 5 thousand years ago in Egypt and Central Asia.

Flax is used not only for the manufacture of natural light fabric, but also for treatment in folk and official medicine.

Flax seeds are very useful. It is very effective in atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, especially those associated with cholesterol deposition. And for the digestive system is a treasure trove! Need to give beauty to hair, nails, treat skin diseases?  and here, too, the flax will come to the rescue. Its amazing composition prevents cancer. But everything in order.

Chemical composition and useful properties of flax seeds.

Flax seeds contain a large amount of vitamin F- 46%. It is an anti-cholesterol fat-soluble vitamin consisting of a combination of several unsaturated fatty acids - Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. Vitamin F (by the way, a very conventional name) removes low-density (bad) cholesterol from blood vessels, strengthens their walls, improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure and pulse.

Therefore, flax shows its useful properties in atherosclerosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system, helps to reduce, normalize weight and metabolism, is extremely useful in hypertension, diabetes, asthma.


Flax also profilaktirujut immunodeficiency diseases and cancer, and because of the normalization of tissue nutrition prevents degenerative disc disease and rheumatoid disease.

Vitamin F also causes the use of flax seeds for the treatment of skin diseases - eczema, dermatitis, allergies, because it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Flax seeds contain vitamins: A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K, PP, choline, trace elements potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc, as well as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, a large amount of mucus, enzymes, linamarin glycoside.

The use of Flax.

In medical practice and in folk medicine, flax seed oil is used internally and externally. In both cases, the enveloping and anti-inflammatory effect is used: when taken inside, flax oil envelops the affected area, relieves irritation, pain in inflammatory processes on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract with gastric ulcer and 12-duodenal ulcer, colitis and Crohn's disease.

len_primenenieLinamarin oil and glycoside cause a mild laxative effect of flax seeds. Useful properties of flax oil are also used in case of poisoning (especially irritants), inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, cholelithiasis, dry cough.

In the crushed form flax seeds are used in the form of linseed porridge, as a light laxative and reducing weight, purifying the intestine. In this case, the effect of linamarin glycoside is manifested, which has a regulating effect on the motility and secretory function of the intestine.


Can be taken as a mild laxative and purifying fresh whole seeds themselves or a paste of crushed flax seed.

As part of the complex fees, flax seeds are used in cholelithiasis, urolithiasis, pancreatitis, overweight and obesity, atherosclerosis, early stages of cancer as an antioxidant, radiation therapy, worm infestations.

Externally, flax seeds are used in the form of compresses for inflammation on the skin, boils, burns.

Dry heated seeds in bags is applied for deep heating for colds, sciatica, myositis.


Linseed oil is widely known as a folk healer. It contains unsaturated fatty acids: Omega-3 - 60%, Omega-6 - 20%, Omega-9 - 10%.

Moreover, the content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids linseed oil even exceeds fish oil! This is very important because patients at risk of complications of cardiovascular disease are looking for means of prevention.

Linseed oil in this sense is simply unique. We do not have the opportunity to follow the Mediterranean diet and quality red fish to eat often, as do the long-livers, for example, in Japan, where the death rate from heart attacks and strokes is the lowest.


Linseed oil is a natural remedy against cancer.

Experimentally confirmed that edible linseed oil has anticarcinogenic properties due to a large number of lignans (one of the groups of polyphenols) and alpha-linoleic acid. However, their sufficient concentration is achieved only thanks to a special technology of flax cultivation the corresponding varieties, during processing and extraction of oil from it by cold pressing.

len_semenaFlax seeds contain 100 times more lignans than other plant products. They have a beneficial effect on human health, facilitate the condition of women during the tides of blood during menopause, reduce the risk of tumor diseases.


Experiments on animals have shown that the inclusion in their diet of linseed and linseed oil gives a good anti-cancer effect.

Already after 1-2 months of such feeding there was a decrease in the number of tumors and a decrease in their size more than twice. The experiments showed that Omega-6 acid contained in animal fats stimulates the growth of breast tumors, while the inclusion of foods high in alpha-linoleic acid (vegetable origin), on the contrary, prevented their growth.

All these data confirm the need to comply with anti-cancer plant diet and the undesirable use of fat, butter, meat.

In the human body, plant lignans are converted to healthy intestinal microflora in enterolactone and enterodiol two compounds that are of great importance in the protection from cancer. For women prone to breast cancer, as well as during menopause linseed oil is the best preventive and medicinal product.

Prevention of cancer is a constant intake of linseed oil. Previously, the drug "Linetol" from flax oil was sold in pharmacies, it was used as a remedy for atherosclerosis and burns. Unfortunately, its production was stopped, and there are no substitutes yet.

Cancer patients require higher doses of Omega-3, that is, 2-3, and sometimes 5-6 tsp of linseed oil. Flax seeds contain no more than 10-15% oil, so you should take 1-2 cups of milled seeds per day. They can be ground on a coffee grinder into flour and added to porridge.

The treatment course lasts about a year.

lnyanoe_maslo_onkologiaThe Patients using linseed oil for the treatment and prevention of cancer will also be protected from the main cardiovascular disease of mankind-atherosclerosis. Flaxseed oil has an amazing ability to lower blood cholesterol.

Edible linseed oil contains up to 60 % alpha-linoleic acid (Omega-3). In such concentrations, Omega-3 is found only in fish and fish oil, only they can to some extent replace linseed oil.

When storing linseed oil, it should be taken into account that it quickly deteriorates in the light, in the heat, when oxygen is available. Spoiled oil is a source of toxic molecules known as lipid peroxides. Their presence is determined by the taste: the oil begins to bitter. High-quality linseed oil has a wonderful nutty taste, it can be used for salads, add to porridge.

Heart disease and cancer affects primarily those who have low concentration of Omega-3 in fatty tissues. Those who have a high concentration, not only less susceptible to disease, but also can avoid premature aging and arthritis.

The healing ability of Omega-3 is associated with its fibrinolysis ability, that is, the ability to dissolve fibrin connective tissue fibers that are formed during adhesions, scars, senile tissue degenerations, etc.


Especially often fibrin growth and degeneration occur in the foci and conditions of inflammation, therefore, Omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties.

The most active type of Omega-3 is acid, which was found in fish living in cold waters. If possible, take 1-3 teaspoons of fish oil daily, or up to 6 tablespoons (or linseed oil as a substitute) if you have a disease.



Linseed Oil composition.

Linseed Oil contains the following unsaturated fatty acids :

Linseed Oil application.

Regular use of Linseed Oil in the diet has the following effects on the human body:

Also, Linseed Oil is widely used in the complex treatment and prevention diseases of the lungs and bronchi, nervous system, kidneys and bladder, thyroid gland, in violation of potency in men.

Shelf of life: 12 months

Volume: 500 ml.


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