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Dogbane Hemp Tincture

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Heart Disease treatment

Arrhythmia High blood Pressure Hypertensive Heart Disease treatment prevention Dogbane Tincture application properties buy store of traditional medicine. Coronary artery Disease Shortness of breath treatment at home by natural extracts.


Dogbane Hemp (Sochi hemp) is a herbaceous perennial plant, with large, highly branched rhizome, which grows every year up to ten stems. From the roots leave the roots (horizontal) that reach five meters in length and has a thickness of up to two sm.

kendirFrom the roots branch off horizontal vertical roots which penetrate the soil to several metres in depth. The plant stems can reach 1.5 m, have green or cherry red (upright). Leaves - opposite, but sometimes once (up to ten cm in length), the shape may be ovate, lanceolate, paler below, covered with a coating of wax. The inflorescence has the form of a panicle (the colour is whitish or pink).

Dogbane blooms throughout the summer and fruiting until October. The fruit is in the form of leaflets, containing many seeds with Pappus (colours can vary from yellow to cherry).


Dogbane Hemp medicinal properties.

Used part of the plant - the rhizome with the roots. In collecting this plant is not used. Applied in medicine for cardiovascular disorders associated with heart disease (rheumatic), cardiosclerosis and hypertension.

Dogbane Hemp get drugs such as: lmart (available in capsules) and cencosud (also in capsules).

Contraindications for use of drugs Dogbane: Use only as directed by a doctor (the plant is poisonous).


Dogbane Hemp Tincture composition.


Tincture of Dogbane Hemp contains in its composition:

  • glikozidy;

  • zimarin (0.3%);

  • the strofantidina;

  • aparanoid;

  • cyanocannoside;

  • K-strophanthin;

  • palmitic acid;

  • stearic acid;

  • oleic acid;

  • triterpenic compounds (oleanolic acid, a-amirin, lupeol, tannin, rubber and a minor amount of alkaloids).


Dogbane Hemp Tincture properties.

Tincture of Dogbane Hemp has the following actions:


Dogbane Hemp Tincture application.

Tincture of Dogbane Hemp used for:


arrhythmia - 8 drops on sugar 3 times a day 1 hour before meals (after 15 min. the pulse is aligned).

Volume: 125 ml.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

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