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Tinder Tincture

Tinder Tincture
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trutovikTinder - fungus is perennial, but in nature must found and annual representatives of this species. Long view Tinder forms its fruiting body is not immediately (this process lasts for 2-3 months or even several years). The unusual structure of the fungus makes it very resistant to various impacts such as: water, heat, cold.

Mycelium and mycelium of the fungus is hidden too deep (inside the trunk of the tree), therefore, hyphae penetrate the bark of trees with a selection of enzymes, which then can easily dissolve the cell wall of woody tissue anywhere. Gifs, from the thin and threadlike, go to skeletal and thickened.

Some types of tinder live only on deciduous trees and coniferous trees. Humidity, light and temperature play a very important role in the process of growth and development of Tinder. Without light, the mycelium is able to grow inside the trunk of the tree, but the fruit body of a mushroom - can't do without it. Humidity largely contributes to the growth of tinder, which like to settle where there is dampness in earthen shelters, cellars, wells and other facilities.


Tinder properties.

Tinder has more than a hundred species, a great variety of shapes and sizes. At its core, Tinder is a fungus-a parasite for trees. But above all, he is an integral part of the nutrient cycle in nature. Their main effect is to decomposition organic compounds in the soil to the mineral. This symbiosis of mushrooms and plants very positive effect on the process of formation of soil.

This fungus is a natural storeroom of medicinal substances, widely used in folk medicine that can cure various kinds of tumors, hepatitis b and hepatitis C, asthma, fatty degeneration of the liver and tuberculosis (tinder has a hemostatic and laxative effects). However, the Japanese, by ordering this mushroom we found it used as great tools for weight loss.

The main and the main properties of this mushroom are:


  • the ability to rid the body of toxins and carcinogens (agaricales acid);

  • the ability to regenerate the liver, causes it produces enzymes, contributing the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats (This action is lanofil, through which the fungus is often used as a tool for weight loss);

  • the ability to destroy pathogenic flora of the lungs, bile ducts and liver (resinous substances contained in the fungus).


Tincture tinder composition.

Tincture tinder (flat) includes in its membership the following ingredients:

  • polysaccharides B-glucans;

  • nucleotide;

  • adenosine;

  • ganoderovye acid;

  • polysaccharides;

  • essential amino acids.


Tincture tinder properties.

Tincture tinder (flat) has the following effect:


Tincture tinder application.

Tincture tinder (flat) is used in the treatment of diseases:

  • malignant tumors (sarcoma, melanoma, leukemia etc.);

  • benign tumors (pituitary adenoma, prostate adenoma, polyps, cysts, etc.);

  • autoimmune diseases (allergies, asthma, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma);

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart attack, stroke, hypertension);

  • pulmonary diseases (chronic bronchitis, pneumonia);

  • overweight;

  • diabetes 1 and 2 type;

  • CNS diseases.

Application: for tumor diseases - 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day; other diseases - 1 tsp 2-3 times a day. Preventive course - 30 days (held 2 times a year); The therapeutic course - 3-4 months.

Volume: 500 ml.

Shelf life: 2 years

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