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Bowel Cleansing


Natural Bowel Cleansing

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The human body struggles against the toxic aggression of the environment. A significant part of toxic and foreign substances is removed by self-purification of the body, due to the powerful biological shield, which nature has awarded us.

However, the onslaught of toxins caused by the rapid development of technological progress is so strong that our biological defense systems are not able to cope with it on their own. Thus, part of the introduced dirt is constantly deposited in the organs, tissues and lymph in the form of toxins.


Even with the ideal work of the excretory system, the amount of toxins in the body will inexorably increase – the concentration of harmful substances in the world around us is too high.

And finally, there may come a time when the accumulation of toxins in the body reach a critical point, will fall on the basic vital functions of the body. Then, unfortunately, it will be too late, the alarm bell will ring, and we will begin to understand that health is lost.

And all subsequent life will turn into a long, exhausting and sometimes fruitless struggle with numerous diseases and ailments.

The functioning of the output system sooner or later begins to fail. Digestion and metabolism are somehow disrupted, and the products of cleavage – slags accumulate in vessels, joints, intestines, tissues, organs and muscles.  

Cleansing the body is one of the most relevant and discussed topics today. This is one of the few ways to get rid of diseases, improve immunity, adjust the work of all body systems and live for many years a full life of a healthy person. And this all - without resorting to pharmaceutical means!


Causes of slag.

kishechnik_pitanieThe Nutrients, getting into our body, as we know, enter into various oxidation processes, breaking down into simpler components. At the same time, energy is released, which supplies us with life force, makes it possible to breathe, move, think.

For various reasons, nutrients are not completely broken down. This is how the under-oxidized elements are formed nutrients, that is the first component of slag.

The products we consume are not always absolutely fresh and environmentally friendly, they can contain nitrates, pesticides, heavy metal salts (especially "good" they accumulate vegetables and mushrooms), which then settle inside us.

Also recently, we are saving precious time, eat semi-finished products, where just darkness-a lot of preservatives, thickeners, sweeteners, dyes and flavor enhancers. All these substances help to preserve the marketable appearance of the product, but they are not useful for the human body. They are poorly removed from the body and also gradually accumulate in it.

Very often we eat much more than the body needs. It can not cope with the processing of excess fat, carbohydrates, and they settle on the walls of blood vessels in the form of cholesterol plaques, and on the walls of the intestine – in the form of feces.

Habit at the first sign of malaise to grab the pills leads to the accumulation in the liver and kidneys residues of chemicals that make up the drug.

Metabolic disorders and related diseases – diabetes, gout, allergies, reduced immunity, digestive problems – make it difficult to remove toxins and contribute to poisoning the body.


As a result of all the above in the body formed slags. This explosive mixture depresses our lungs, pollutes the blood and prevents us from being healthy. So one solution is to arrange your internal "spring cleaning"!

Characteristic signs of slagging.

Before you begin to study the techniques for cleansing the body, a prerequisite for this is an understanding of how to establish that we need cleaning.

zashlakovanost_kishechnikaCharacteristic signs of slagging:


opredelenie_zashlakovanostyDiagnosis of slagging by tongue:

  • pale tongue indicates a lack of new blood production, as well as anemia, diseases of the digestive system;

  • red tongue indicates a feverish condition;

  • purple or blue tongue indicates obstacles in the free circulation of blood, diseases of the blood vessels of the heart and liver disease;

  • thick and big tongue, when his body is enlarged and there are traces of teeth on it-problems with the spleen and kidneys;

  • thin tongue with cracks and folds on it, with roughnesses and breaks, grooves and deepening – on problems with blood.

If you find yourself one, two or more matches with the listed items, then your body requires purification.

Bowel Cleansing.

In the intestine, there is a splitting of nutrients received from food, their absorption into the blood and the removal of residual metabolic products. A healthy digestive system gets rid of waste in a timely manner.

However, the bulk of the toxins clogging the body accumulates in the intestine. This is due to the reduction of intestinal peristalsis and constipation, which is the fault of the diet, consisting of easily digestible products, poor in fiber and ballast substances.

By-products of metabolism remain in the body for too long, and toxic substances begin to be absorbed into the blood, causing poisoning of the body. In addition, the intestinal parasites and putrefactive bacteria also poison the body.

Therefore, the main tasks facing you will be the restoration of physiologically necessary purity of the intestine and its peristalsis, elimination of pathogenic and parasitic microflora. To do this, you can use washing, enemas, dietary therapeutic food.

sposobiy_ochischeniaMethods of bowel cleansing:


Bowel Cleansing contraindications.

Attention! Bowel cleansing is contraindicated in the following diseases:

  • heart and kidney failure;

  • hypertension of III degree;

  • diseases of the colon (ulcerative colitis, ilny dysbacteriosis, extensive hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse);

  • in women – prolapse of the vagina.

Presently, according to various studies, only 10 % of the population can be considered healthy, the remaining 90% to some extent suffer from diseases caused by contamination of internal organs.



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