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Tincture Shepherd's purse

Tincture Shepherd's purse

Shepherd's purse treatment

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Shepherd's purse.

patushya_sumkaShepherd's purse is an herb with straight or branched stems 20-50 cm. Leaves: basal leaves are oblong - lanceolate, sinuate-toothed or pinnate-lobed, narrowed into petioles, mostly collected in resetco; stem - sessile, sagittate, stebleobemljushchie, entire.

Common names - pygmy slurry, vicki, gerchak, hrytsyky, buckwheat field, herding grass, pomology, regua, radisic lisova, heart grass, serdechki, succinic.

Since the shepherd's purse is very unpretentious, it grows, it would seem, in the most inappropriate places (for example, between the stones of the pavement), where the plant, however, reach a height of only a few centimeters. Grows like a weed in the fields, on the roads, near houses, in the wasteland.

Tincture Shepherd's purse structure.

The composition of Tincture of Shepherd's purse ordinary includes the following components:

Tincture Shepherd's purse properties.

In the grass of the Shepherd's purse contains: easily soluble alkaloid bursin, boric acids, essential oils, apple and lemon. Acid, tannins, choline and acetylcholine (enhance the reducing effect of the uterus, as well as boric acid), antimicrobial agents (in the leaves) phytoncide action. Tincture Shepherd's bags in therapy has the following effect:

Tincture Shepherd's purse contraindications.

Contraindicated Tincture of Shepherd's purse with:

Tincture of Shepherd's purse application.

pastushya_sumka_primenenieGrass Shepherd's purse is considered one of the best hemostatic agents, as it contains a lot of vitamin K, accelerating the process of blood clotting. Apply grass shepherd's purse as a hypotensive, astringent, antipyretic, diuretic, blood-purifying agent.

Recently, there was information about the influence of grass Shepherd's purse on the cardiovascular system. Its action is similar to the action of Mistletoe - leveling and regulating for a weakened heart, especially in the elderly. It does not matter whether the pressure is too high or too low.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

Volume: 250 ml.


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