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What is - a health.


In the search for ways of their health, the first thing that is worth considering - it is a question: why medicine is fighting a disease, and does not care about how to bring the body to a healthy state, maintain and restore health? After all, between these concepts - to restore health and treat disease - a very big difference!

zdorovieThe Doctors come from the disease, and not of health. Disease becomes for them a foothold in the process of healing only, not health! Health symptoms are not taught in medical schools. Of medical students, no one requires a study of healthy people. Professor of medicine, for some reason, never lectured about what is health. They are always talking only about illnesses. Herbal medicine books.

This suggests that the medicine does not know what is health! How can you cure a person, not knowing what it is - your health?

Medicine does not think about that - what is health. Therefore, it is very often treats one and injure another. Medicine is trying to deal with one, two, three diseases, without leading to a normal state of health the whole body. Homeopathic remedies.

Wstern medicine (medicine which is suitable to the person very mechanistic), considers the human body as a set of individual organs, and not as a single, integral, being merged with nature. In the East, medicine has never been an isolated branch of knowledge that deals only with the body, without regard to the other components of a complex "device", which is the people.

Is it possible to heal the body without changing very way of life, not rebuilding his perception of the world a harmonious way, without replacing it with the dark, dark thoughts on the good and bright?

zdoroviy_obraz_zhizniIt is impossible, it is impossible in principle. Therefore, traditional Oriental medicine is inseparable connected with Eastern philosophy, preaching a particular way of life - a way of life in peace, harmony and unity with nature. Extracts of health.

However, the West, with his approach to the person, as a soulless mechanism, does not want to think and know about it. Western doctors treat a man like a machine: not tighten the nut, grease somewhere, somewhere tighten spring-loaded - and everything will be fine. But in order not regulated mechanism - will not be up until the it is true human soul (beautiful, harmonious, united with nature). ..

What is the harmony and perfection of Nature? This is primarily the normal balance and harmony of the creative and destructive forces.

In nature, there are constant processes of creation - update and destruction processes. Nature keeps himself in the integrity and harmony due to the fact that neither of these two processes can not prevail over the other. How much is created, and destroyed so much - it's the law. Herbal books.

What is - a disease.

Disease - it's just a result of violations of the laws of nature by man. Only when violated the Laws of Nature, begin to multiply at an alarming harmful microorganisms begin to take effect in the bad disposition received by inheritance.

Disease - is nothing but a violation of the laws of Nature. And these laws are violated when a person begins to unhealthy lifestyle. Wrong lifestyle upsets the balance between constructive and destructive forces.

bolezni_lechenieIn the body receives more than output, destroyed more cells than is created, takes more effort than is restored. And here comes the disease. Rather to say that the body itself creates disease. And there it is, an attempt to regain the harmony of the body, restore the disturbed balance of the creative and destructive forces. Traditional medicines.

The body creates disease for so look for a means of escape! Because the body is very wise natural system can not operate to the detriment of themselves!

The basic law of life - to maintain a dynamic equilibrium. Every living organism, in accordance with the domestic law of life, tends to this equilibrium. The law applies to the first days of life of any living creature. This balance of life processes must be carried out continuously and in all conditions. Recipes of traditional medicine.

Disease - is a signal of imbalance. Nerve endings give a person to understand that at a certain place in our body that something is going wrong. Pain - just healthy nervous reaction.

Disease and health are subject to the same laws!



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