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How to get rid of Acne

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Rash in the face is a problem that brings anxiety to a large number of people. Different cosmetic preparations created to mask the manifestations of acne and their consequences, most often do not fight them at all but only clog the pores more.

This reaction is quite justified by the fact that acne in most cases is not a problem of cosmetics. This is a problem that needs to be solved only by medical means. Therefore, you need to go for a consultation with a specialist. About what organs you need to first pay attention to, say rashes in different parts of the face.


The Causes Of Acne.

Pimples (in another way they are also called acne or acne) are local inflammations on the skin, or small bumps under the skin itself. They can appear, also, with poor hygiene, but most often acne occurs in diseases associated with the internal organs of a person. They can occur on different parts of the body in people of any age.

Skin rashes can be inflammatory and non-inflammatory. In the first case, they contain pus, there is redness of close areas of the face, there are painful sensations.

The main causes of acne are considered:


  • Disorders associated with human hormonal balance. In most cases, this cause is manifested in adolescents (an excess of androgens in the body). It can also be seen in people of older age;

  • Excessive production of sebaceous secretions. According to the pimples that occur at the locations of the sebaceous glands, it can be concluded that they do not work properly;

  • Reproduction of microbes that occurs when the skin is contaminated and improper hygiene;

  • Hyperkeratosis;

  • As a consequence the development of allergies at the body.

pryischy_spetchialistIf the patient thinks that the pimple appeared on his face for no particular reason, then the zones and type of its spread, the treating dermatologist will understand the cause of development. The causes of the rash may indicate a malfunction in any organ of our body. In this way, the body makes it clear about a possible disease.

If there are pimples on the face, you may need to consult not only a dermatologist or cosmetologist, who will determine the condition of the skin, but also other medical professionals:


  • therapist;

  • endocrinologist;

  • urologist;

  • gastroenterologist.


Only an experienced doctor will be able to identify the connection between acne and possible diseases in the internal organs of a person.

A large number of troubles deliver papules when they occur on the surface of the skin. They try to get rid of them with the help of their excretion. But with such a hurry should not.

At First, you first need to understand what the pimples in the areas of the face are talking about.

Secondly, this method of eliminating them is considered dangerous and ineffective, as it can develop complications such as:


  • The spread of the disease, at this time microbes pass through the bloodstream to other organs and tissues in the body.

  • Development of scars and unsightly scars on the skin.

  • The appearance of excessive pigmentation and individual spots.


In most cases, in place of the squeezed pimple, you can notice the process of local inflammation.

Sepsis can also occur. In this case, you need to carry out a particularly careful treatment, as there are cases when the consequences of squeezing the pimple just does not work.

What do pimples mean on face.

To solve the problem with the spread of acne on the face, first you need to understand what pimples mean on the face. The scheme of their location indicates which body needs a thorough examination. If you find the cause of the disease, you can quickly get rid of it.

Most often, pimples appear on the face in certain areas. Any disease has its own definition and symptoms, where the spread of the rash occurs.

Such places are called:


  • bridge of the nose;

  • nose;

  • forehead;

  • under the eyes;

  • cheeks;

  • around the mouth and chin.

Observation of the location of acne on the face helps to diagnose disease in the internal organs or possible failures in their functionality. If you do not understand the meaning of rashes, you can deal with them for a long time to no avail and miss the very beginning of the disease.

Most often, diseases occur in the lungs, kidneys, heart, digestive system and intestines. Numerous rashes occur in diseases that develop due to parasitic organisms, for example, helminths and ticks.

To understand what diseases in the internal organs say acne, you need to be sure that the cause of their development is not the body's reaction to depression, stress, exposure to cosmetic products, chemical components or seasonal changes (flowering of green plants, direct sunlight, temperature changes).

Pimples on the face by zones.

On all areas of the face there is a large number of sebaceous glands, so it is here that you can often find the most areas on which the work of internal organs is projected.

What does the development of acne on the forehead mean? If this does not apply to poor hygiene, skin irritations or menstrual processes in girls, then you need to look for the cause of the disease in the digestive organs and in the intestine.

There is a more detailed scheme by which, depending on the location of the rash, you can understand what disease corresponds to their appearance.

pryschi_shemaThey can talk about disorders in:


  • Pimples between eyebrows indicate problems with the liver;

  • Rash over the area of eyebrows say about heart failure;

  • Acne and spots on the left side of the forehead - sigmoid bowel disorders;

  • Inflammation in the center requires paying special attention to the small intestine;

  • If acne occurs on the temples, then certain difficulties occur in the gallbladder;

  • A rash in the right upper part of forehead reports the work of the Appendix;

  • Small and numerous pimples along the hair growth area are associated with problems in the genitourinary system.


Now you need to carefully consider what the pimples on the chin say.

Ulcers in such places can occur with a weakened immune system, ultimately disrupted the work in the endocrine and digestive system. If a woman does not leave a pimple on her chin for a long time, then it should be mandatory to send her to the gynecologist for examination.

Inflammation of pimples on the nose occur due to failures in the endocrine system, due to low levels of immune protection, as well as weakness of the heart muscle. You need to start monitoring your blood vessels, blood pressure and regularly engage in physical activity, move more. Pimples in the area of the bridge of the nose speak about the work of the liver.

If pimples occur on the lips or near the lip line, you need to check your stomach and intestines, as well as pass tests for dysbiosis. Possible violations in the autonomic nervous system.


Treatment of acne on face.

The presence of pimples, ulcers and papules is an unpleasant phenomenon both from the point of view of health and from the point of view of aesthetics. But they are not so difficult to cope with, if you learn to understand the causes of acne in time for the zones of their distribution. This is one of the main methods of diagnosis, which was used by ancient Chinese doctors.

Modern dermatologists also pay attention to the location of acne on the face and the disease.

Acne on ears, which speak about the work of the kidneys, will go away if the patient begins to pay more attention to the quality of the water regime, refuses to frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, strong tea or coffee and salty food. This will be mainly the process of treating the disease. You can also easily eliminate defects in the area around the eyes.

Pimples near the lips are responsible for the work of the digestive organs, starting with the esophagus. Most of all, the patient is concerned about colic in the intestines, disorders in the stomach. Rashes in the lip area go away after the diet appears more fiber, fruits and vegetables, after the lifestyle becomes more calm and measured. Those who have a disturbed hormonal balance and nervous system are also prone to developing pimples near the mouth.

Acne on the cheeks and forehead speak of completely different diseases. If the upper part of the face speaks most about problems in the digestive system, then the cheeks are an indicator of the respiratory system, kidneys and heart. In most cases, skin defects occur in heavy smokers.

Pimples, localized in a straight line from the corner of the left eye to the chin, report problems with the left ureter (the right ureter will project on the right side of the face). In the case of rashes on the left side in the upper part of the cheek, heart treatment may be needed.

Localization of acne on the cheeks may indicate difficulties with the mammary glands in the female. The sudden appearance of acne occurs after prolonged stress and emotional depression, as well as after the defeat of the body with toxins. Pustules on the cheeks are often inflamed, round and red (they contain pus). They can not leave for a long time, and also leave behind stains and other traces.


It can be argued that the treatment of rashes that occurred after dysfunction in the internal organs, require certain measures aimed at restoring the body.

To do this, as a treatment, diets are carried out, herbal teas, medicines, vitamin complexes are used. A big role in getting rid of acne plays a healthy lifestyle and the absence of stress in the patient. It is very important not to carry out independent treatment, and in time to seek help from a dermatologist.

Types of acne.

Much about the state of the internal organs of a person can say not only the localization, but also the appearance of acne. There is an extensive classification according to which inflammations are divided into such types as:

vidyi_prisheyOpen comedones, which are popularly called simply black dots or eels. This inflammation occurs due to blockage of the pores of the skin secret. By itself, the comedone is white or light yellow in color, but its outer part, all the time in contact with dust and dirt, exhaust gases, decorative cosmetics, in a short period of time becomes dirty and acquires a gray, brown or black shade-hence the name.

Black dots occur mainly in adolescence as a result of hormonal changes in the body. Localization of acne occurs mainly on the forehead, chin, nose and cheeks. If the care is wrong or absent at all, the problem accompanies the person through life.

Closed comedones or white eels. Can manifest regardless of the age of the person, but most often they get sick teenage girls. This type of inflammation is located under the skin and is not exposed to bacteria, so it is not a direct source of inflammation. Closed comedones usually occur on drier areas of the skin — the temples, cheekbones, ears or eyelids.

Acne rosacea (rosacea). A skin disease that speaks of problems with the endocrine and nervous system. Despite this name, this disease has nothing to do with acne, since it most often affects the blood vessels that are located in the area of the trigeminal nerve. Eventually, specific redness occurs on the face, which is localized in the cheeks and nose. This problem is most often exposed to women during menopause.

Very often, a person may experience difficulties from several types of acne at once. The effectiveness of treatment will depend more on their correct and timely determination.


If the rash is abundant, then a visit to the doctor is not necessary to delay. This will help to identify the disease and start treatment even in the early stages of their development.


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