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Green Clay

Green Clay

Skin Face Hair Treatment

Acne Face Cleansing Oily Skin hair Loss Hair Restoration Green Clay properties application store buy traditional medicine. Treatment of Joint Inflammation Fractures Sprains torn Ligaments Swelling Bruises Arthritis Osteoarthritis at the home by folk remedies.

Green Clay composition.

Bentonite green healing clay has the color due to the fact that it includes large amounts of copper and iron oxide. In addition, the composition of the clay contains minerals such as:

Each of these minerals are equally important for beauty and skin health. Silicon has a favorable effect on the epidermis, promotes flexibility of blood vessels, stimulates lipid metabolism and rejuvenation of the skin. Aluminium has a drying and astringent effect.


Green clay properties.

Green clay – perfect cosmetic care, effective, low-cost, best for use at home.It is essential for problem skin. It is often called French because it was first found in France.

Due to its composition, green clay has many valuable and useful properties:



Green clay application.

Clay lotions and compresses, easy to use and transferred without any consequences, is used to treat many diseases. Green healing clay is recommended for use:

zelenaya_glina_kupitTo prepare a compress or lotion, a powder of green clay diluted with water, mineral water, and best of all infusions of herbs (calendula, chestnut, aloe Vera, white oak, chamomile) to the consistency of thick cream or batter, then leave to swell for 1-1,5 hours (to improve the plastic properties of clay).

For the treatment of green clay is used in warm (38-40°C). However, heart diseases, thrombophlebitis, acute inflammatory processes, the clay must take cold. Ready clay mash best to warm in a water bath.

The effect of treatment with green clay is achieved 10-15 procedures (duration 30-40 minutes).


After I removed the clay poultice, the skin should be wiped with a damp cloth and lie down to rest for about 30 minutes to consolidate the effect.

Procedure is best should be done daily, but in exceptional cases, through the day, depending on condition. 3-4 days may increase, there will be pain and discomfort. This means that the treatment process goes well. So do not be afraid and to stop treatment with green clay.

After that you need to take a break for 2-3 month and then repeat. Basically, treatment courses are conducted in the spring and autumn period, when there are exacerbations of various diseases.

It should be remembered that used green clay loses all its useful properties, absorbs negative energy. It is possible to mix it with soil in beds or in the garden as fertilizer for plants.

How to keep a clay mask on the face:



The effect of applying clay masks.

With regular care, a person becomes much clearer, inflammation virtually disappear after the first time, skin is more soft, nourished and like, dense. Noticeably narrow pores and smooth fine wrinkles, leave roughness and blemishes from pimples.


Clay - what is and what is suitable.


dlina_raznovidnostyBecause now you can buy the clay in any color, the question arises — which is better? White or blue, red or black, green or yellow?

Each Clay has particular characteristics depending on their composition. To understand what clay is best for individuals with your skin type, try all types. In General, each variety has its specific purpose and effect. Consider all the types of Clay used in medicine and cosmetology.

White Clay.

Universal tool best cleans, whitens. Pure perfect sebum-the skin. What clay is best for individuals with extended contaminated pore, excess fat? Definitely, white. Has a peeling effect. Effectively cleans in masks with protein, lemon. For additional cleansing, you can add tomato pulp, wet — pulp of cucumber. Known for its calming effect, the ability to smooth out the scars.

Blue Clay.

It is better to use for tightening the skin, clearing acne, impart elasticity. If you don't know which clay is best for anti-cellulite wraps, feel free to use blue: it is known for its anti-cellulite action.

Green Clay.

Best of all kinds of scalp treatment for dandruff, flaking. Choose it greasy and spotty skin, she cleans, tightens pores. What clay is best for person with problematic skin? It. Green is considered the most therapeutic of all types.

Pink Clay.

Choose it as an astringent, it relieves irritation, smoothes the skin. This soft product is suitable for sensitive skin. Useful for hair growth.

Red Clay.

What is the clay for the face, choose to treat inflammatory acne? Try the red. It is soft, so the recommended combination and sensitive skin. Tightens pores, smoothes wrinkles, calms. Does not violate
PH. It is recommended to choose a anemic skin.

Yellow Clay.

It's main action is a tonic to tired, aging skin. It is recommended for delicate, aging skin. What clay face is more suitable for gentle cleansing? This is a yellow. Also advise her tired skin a grayish hue.

The Black Clay.

Mainly used as a wrap, has a powerful firming and anti-cellulite effect. Has such a cleansing effect as kaolin. Smoothes irregularities on the hips.

Thus, we cannot say that one or the other clays useful. All varieties are useful, but some may be suitable for your skin type more than another. For example, if the green main effect, cleansing a fat, pink, black or blue clay are more suitable for dry and sensitive skin, as they are more soft and not contracted. In turn, black is perfect for wrapping your hips, because it has a powerful anticellulite action, unlike other.


So what kind of clay is more useful for solutions to your problems can only be determined empirically.

Volume: 1000 g.


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