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Therapeutic and prophylactic cosmetics


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Folk Natural Eco Bio Cosmetic Treatment Home Remedies for Skin care properties recommendations application buy store of traditional medicine. The whole truth about the Composition and Preservatives skin care products.

Among the considerable number of drugs that are currently in use, occupies a special place therapeutic and prophylactic cosmetics. It has not only therapeutic and prophylactic, but also decorative features. Can even be used by healthy people, although the main purpose is to improve its state of our health and beauty.

Every woman who wishes to preserve the fresh appearance of their skin, should learn basic knowledge about its structure. Apart from General information, it should be able to correctly determine its type and condition.

This knowledge is necessary for the proper cosmetic care, because not every cosmetic, and not every cosmetic reception suitable for all skin types. In the absence of knowledge or incorrect in the application by inappropriate care to harm yourself.

Natural Industrial Cosmetics.

Cosmetics that are produced in large quantities, you need some time to keep, that is required for their preservation. The more protein contained in the preparation (this can include the enzymes of animal origin, including collagen, elastin, and extracts from the placenta), the harder it is to keep the makeup for two and a half years, as required by international standards.

Therefore, in cosmetic products preservatives are added.

cosmetikaFor many women, the quality criterion is the lack of preservatives. No other component part of cosmetic preparations do not give rise to as many disputes and disagreements, as it is the substance that protects the drugs from emergency damage.

Since no preservatives are substances, skin-friendly, critics would like their complete eradication. The supporters put up the argument that tainted the drug can cause the skin more harm than any preservative. And those and others are right.

Over the past few decades, consumers accustomed to the idea of the superiority of manufactured beauty products over cosmetics homemade. We were weaned to think about what we drink, eat and apply to skin. And all this became possible due to the lack of basic knowledge in chemistry, because it is a rare student shows a love for the subject and a few people think about the increased role in human life of chemical products and the long-term consequences of its universal consumption.


As for cosmetics, some of them it is time to remove the chemically synthesized, not naturally occurring substances and include in the cosmetic compositions of only those substances which occur in nature and facing the people for many centuries and generations.

In nature, there is all necessary for the production of effective cosmetics and human body is gradually adapting to the changing conditions of existence, copes with the problem of external exposure of the skin to foreign substances.

But the possibility of our skin to protect the living organism from external attacks is not unlimited and therefore any sane person must understand what a crushing blow it deals to your own protective shell, using cosmetic preparations, which are composed of chemical substances not familiar to her.


Some cosmetics company, to create the illusion as close as possible to nature, report that they use substances (components of the cream compositions) are derived from natural substances.

cismetika_konservantiyBut you must understand one simple truth - derived substance obtained with the use of any chemical substances is a new chemical substance with new properties, sometimes unknown even to the manufacturer and, of course, our skin it is also unfamiliar.

The cosmetics industry including the composition of drugs, new chemicals, thereby trying to teach them our skin, forgetting only one thing - the process of adaptation of the skin to something new can last for decades. Now we annually and even more often there is some new development of cosmetic products, stuffed with "revolutionary" chemical additives.

And, of course, the skin is not able to cope with the neutralization of diverse and frequently changing chemical compounds. Therefore, the most reasonable way to protect our skin will be a gradual transition to natural cosmetics own cooking, but do not have these disadvantages.

Since ancient times for skin care used vegetable oil, purified animal fat, cream and other natural products. Now every housewife in the kitchen you will find a warehouse full of cosmetics. You only need to know a few recipes, get the components, mix them together and in your hands are cosmetic creams and lotions.

These homework help to improve the appearance of the skin and prolong youthfulness without causing yourself any harm. For many centuries our ancestors used solely by the cosmetics of her own making, which gave exactly the same effect as modern cosmetics, conducted in a commercial way. Therefore, the return to the use of cosmetics of her own making is a natural process, aimed at restoring the natural skin with a long-familiar products.


The question arises: what is the "natural cosmetics", who and why needed to put into practice this term?

Answering the question: who benefits?, we will also answer the previous one. As you know, beneficial it may be only the manufacturer of cosmetics, which is giving the product of chemical production "natural", is seeking to increase the rate of sales. To further confuse the consumer in parallel with the term "natural cosmetics" enter the other "biocosmetics".

However, the difference between them, and yet no one to identify clearly failed, and it is not so important. The important thing is that cosmetics manufacturers think these concepts are synonymous.

The differences between the "natural (bio) cosmetics" from traditional (synthetic).

What is "natural (bio) cosmetics" different from traditional synthetic? Scientific institutions, ministries, various control Commission are trying to give a clear definition of "natural cosmetics". However, this was not so easy because none of the commercially made cosmetic product can not 100% composed of natural ingredients.

Therefore, today manufacturers of cosmetics, not having official confirmation, they themselves have to define what "natural cosmetics" and what it is. And they successfully do it, palming off the unsuspecting consumer "natural" chemistry.


Today's consumer, industrial, cosmetics blindly believe in honesty of the manufacturer and it is in vain it makes.

Indeed, one except the manufacturer would know what ingredients is proposed to sell a drug? Even the lab competing firms and they are not able to accurately identify and select all the components available to them in the hands of the finished product of a competitor.

promiyshlenaya_cosmetikaTherefore, the accuracy of the list of ingredients included in the cosmetic preparation, can be questioned. The more complex according to its claimed composition is, the more difficult labs to select all of its components. This is one of the reasons for the increase in ingredients in cosmetics.


In fact, the drug may not be the stated substance or be present, which for some reason was silent.

Today, when a number of ingredients in cosmetics has been increasing steadily, the question arises about the necessity and expediency of the process. Can a cream consisting of an average of 20 the declared ingredients (chemically derived substances), to have any positive effect on the skin, without causing her any harm? Of course not.

In composite products of their composition of substances intended to smooth the consequences of the interactions of different chemical components among themselves. Therefore, to describe in detail the process of a composite cosmetic preparation is almost impossible, too many theoretical statements are not confirmed in practice. Besides, the skin is easier to neutralize the unwanted action of a small amount of chemical substances than to fight with an army of unfamiliar components.


The Easier it is for the quantitative composition of the cosmetic product, the greater the effect of its components, and for self-preparation of cosmetics you get to choose the products that your skin tolerates best.

Natural Cosmetics.

How to prepare makeup on one's own? Some consultants and special books too complicated recipes. So many women never try to prepare creams or lotions, because they believe that commercial products are better. But this view is mistaken.

The cosmetics is as simple as cooking a normal dinner.

When you learn to do for yourself makeup, you will realize that your hands are not only the best products for cosmetics, but the ones that are best suited for your skin.

naturalnaya_cosmetikaPreparation of cosmetic preparations using the recipes, takes a lot of time. First, you need to make some effort, but when you master the art of making homemade cosmetics, it will be quite easy.


Homemade cosmetics contain no preservatives.

They can only be frozen for a short time, for example, for a week. It is recommended to do these blanks in small quantities and store them in an airtight pot, better in porcelain vials or stainless steel, because such dishes does not enter into chemical reaction with the contents.

Creams and lotions can be packaged in small bottles and jars with screw lids. You can use empty bottles of medicines, jars, but always with labels. The labels indicate the date of manufacture. In the beauty of the workpiece, you can add a few drops of perfume. But this is not necessarily so as sometimes it can cause irritation. Basic oils for flavoring such cosmetics - lemon, verbena, Jasmine, orange, pink. To add just a few drops.


All beauty products homemade should be kept firmly sealed.

The validity period can be extended if stored in the refrigerator. It is possible to recommend the preparation of small quantities of drugs and apply them while they are fresh, because with daily use, opening a jar and touching the product, you Admit to it, not just oxygen (which makes the fat go rancid quickly), but also the millions of bacteria, which can multiply explosively.

If the product is dirty, we can talk about the very harmful bacteria, kogoro settle on the skin; it can appear a very dangerous microorganisms, such as spores of molds and fungi. The biggest danger is that initially, the product is not noticeable that it is infected or corrupted. Because the visible mold is already in the final stages of spoilage.

In the manufacture of cosmetic products keep. Utensils for mixing and storage, pre-scalded with boiling water. Buy perishables in small quantities and immediately recycle. Otherwise, hand-made product from the very beginning will be spoiled.

If an aqueous emulsion needs to remain without preservation does not knead a portion of more than you can use in two weeks. All the weight should be divided into two parts, one half to use another store in the refrigerator.


What you need for making homemade cosmetics.

As for his own use you will need a very small amount, you can not do without weights with an accuracy of at least two grams.

What else is needed for making homemade cosmetics?

bio_cosmetika_prigotovlenieThe right advice, good sources of necessary raw materials and talent to clean. The latter referred to as batching of individual components and products at the place of preparation. If you think you have it all, can try.

Without a doubt, the most important advantage in the amateur cosmetics: in the manufacture you get a better idea about cosmetic products in General.


Once you have prepared yourself, a cream or toilet water, then buying the finished cosmetic products you will have a closer and more knowledgeable. And then, when you know what substances comes into contact with skin, it gives a sense of confidence.



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