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Blue Clay (1000 g)

Blue Clay (1000 g)
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Mask anti-aging for the face body hair at home. Cancer Benign tumors leukemia constipation, anemia arthritis arthrosis diabetes tuberculosis jaundice pneumonia sinusitis angina prophylaxis treatment at home Blue Cambrian clay shop to buy traditional medicine. Available in stock. Fast shipping.


Blue clay composition.

Blue (Cambrian) clay is a unique environmentally friendly and natural therapeutic agent. It is used in cosmetics, nail care, skin and hair.

Cambrian clay contains trace elements and minerals in a very well assimilated by the human body form:

  • magnesium;

  • radium;

  • nitrogen;

  • silica;

  • iron;

  • calcium;

  • phosphate;

  • potassium;



Cosmetic use of Blue Clay.

Cambrian clay contains in its composition all the minerals and trace elements (practically all) necessary for our skin.

Blue Clay is used for:

  • whitening;

  • cleansing;

  • disinfection;

  • activate blood circulation;

  • fight stretch marks (after pregnancy);

  • manufacture of masks for the skin, face and body;

  • It is a versatile anti-inflammatory agent;

  • manufacture of masks for hair;

  • exacerbating the processes of cellular metabolism;

  • wrinkles;

  • It has anti-cellulite and anti-stress effect;

  • effectively combat hair loss.


Minerals are composed of Blue Clay:

  • Silicon has antidandruff effect and stimulates hair growth;

  • Aluminum has antacid, astringent and a drying properties.

Its chemical composition is irritating (light) and stimulating effect, while activating the skin microcirculation. Due to its unique composition, the blue clay is used to correct many of the prevention of skin diseases and cosmetic defects.

For maximum effect (therapeutic) should be used (in each case) Cambrian clay, drugs based on it for the individual schemes.

The recommended rate of application Cambrian clay: 2 weeks, 3 times a week.


Blue clay property.

Blue (Cambrian) clay can be treated almost every patient (regardless of diagnosis) because it normalizes metabolism, is a natural highly effective and also enhances the effect of other treatments (medication, surgery, homeopathy and herbal medicine). Lovely healer and psychic - it is available to each of us in home self-treatment.

Blue clay has a very strong anti-tumor effect, applies to both malignant and benign on. This is due to the fact that it contains in its composition a radioactive element (very rare). It is radium. During treatment, radium enters the body in a pure, natural state in the necessary doses for humans.

Blue clay "align" biofield - this is its power and strength.

In folk medicine blue clay has a wide range of applications:

    cancer of the different localization;
    benign tumors;
    inflammation of the lymph nodes and seal;
    neurological disorders;
    eye diseases;
    inflammation of the ear;
    brain diseases;
    women's diseases (breast, mastitis, fibroids, uterine prolapse, cysts, polyps, vaginitis, irregular menstruation, various inflammation and release);
    diseases of the digestive system (constipation, gastritis, intestinal colic, rectal prolapse, enterocolitis, haemorrhoids);
    inflammation of the liver;
    flaccidity of the penis and hardening of the testes in men;
    skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, warts, erysipelas);
    kidney and bladder;
    heart disease;
    runny nose;
    sore throat;
    coughing up blood;
    varicose veins;
    diseases of bones and joints;
    hair loss;
    ulcers and other.


Blue clay application.

golubaya_glina_primenenieBlue clay may be used as external and inward. The choice of the method of application depends entirely on the particular disease. However, when treatment of certain diseases - possibly combining both methods simultaneously.

External application.

Outwardly blue clay is used mainly in the form of smearing, lotions, rubbing and baths. It acts on the sore spot, healing the sick or weakened cells. Blue clay updates bodies healthy and strong cells, soaking up the dead together with slag and dirt. In ulcers abscesses, tumors, sites with various skin diseases, it is better to apply without napkins because it has strong antibacterial properties.

Clay may be used in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, ulcers, burns, wounds, fractures, and so on. E. No age restriction. Need to shoot clay until the final drying, after which - wash the affected area. These procedures are done up to a full recovery.

Closing ulceration does not occur immediately as clay should incorporate all the harmful fluid, toxins and dirt of the whole organism. It was only after the complete purification of the body - the wound zarubtsuetsya.


Internal use.

golubaya_glina_vnutrennee_primenenieFor use inside you must use a clean and fat clay (without any kind of impurities). Best of all - use the Cambrian clay, taken in one piece. This briquette is broken into small pieces with a mortar or a bottle turns into powder and then, it is necessary to sift through a sieve to get rid of various impurities. Clean finished clay powder - put in the sun to dry. In such a clay ready for internal consumption.

The amount of clay is adjusted depending on the needs of the organism. Clay does not bring harm, but (in some cases), can cause unpleasant reactions.

Initially, start drinking water with a small amount of clay (with a weak stomach). After getting used to, you can take 1/2 teaspoon, and then - and complete. Bring to 2 tablespoons (immediately) or small meals throughout the day.

The clay must be diluted with cold water and taken 2 times a day (morning and evening), carefully over 1 hour before a meal. After receiving the clay should not eat much. Divorced clay powder must not drink in one gulp, and in small sips. If the bottom of the cup is clay, it may be further diluted with water. Mixing the clay can not be done with a metal spoon.

If upon receipt of clay, pain, bad it (before application) to hold the sun, and then - it is transferred much easier.

The rate for children: just 1 tsp.

The rate for adult: normal dose is 2 teaspoons of powdered clay in the day.

The use of clay inside helps to eliminate toxins from the body.


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