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Skin care


The means of skin care products

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Types of Leather.

A healthy and fresh skin is a huge endocrine gland, which consists of constantly dying and restores cells. Leather outer layer - the epidermis, which is a mass of cells (the lower layer of cells - a living, top - dead). Beneath the epidermis is the dermis - the jelly-like substance, and under it - the fat layer.

There are three main types of skin:

  • dry skin;

  • normal skin;

  • oily skin.

normalnaya_kozhaNormal skin feel smooth, clean, dull skin, quite elastic skin without having wrinkles and other cosmetic defects. The pores in it are almost invisible, the color is uniform, the blood vessels are not dilated. Normal skin is characterized by a moderate amount of fat and grease is resistant to external irritants such as harsh weather, the water of different temperatures, washing with soap and water.

This type of skin is uncommon and is characterized mainly for young adults.

After 35-40 years to maintain the elasticity and freshness to the skin can only very healthy people, healthy eating and leading a healthy lifestyle. The rest of it gradually becomes drier, dehydrated, in the absence of proper care may stain peeling, cracks. Sebum decreases, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

suhaya_kozhaDry skin is a very young face might look glamorous: a thin, soft, matte. As a rule, at first it is devoid of significant cosmetic defects and distinguishes their owners suffering from excess sebum peers. However, this type of skin and gives a lot of trouble (especially due to the extreme vulnerability). It is very easily irritated, covered with patches of flaking and dry crusts; sensitive to temperature variations (harsh climate); not tolerate hard water and soap.

In addition, dry skin is most prone to premature aging (no special cosmetic action quickly loses elasticity and firmness, dehydrated). First wrinkles may appear 25 years - first at the corners of the eyes and around the mouth, and then - on the forehead. Sometimes dry skin are inherent weaknesses such as: the expansion of pores, whiteheads rash, raying of blood vessels.


Increased dryness is caused by insufficient activity of the sebaceous glands and increased evaporation of moisture from its surface.

zhirnaya_kozhaOily skin is typical for most people, and gives much more trouble than normal and dry. Superfatted-looking skin is: rough, thick and shiny, with prominent dilated pores, excess secrete sebum. After washing it again very quickly covered with fat grease. Most sebaceous cork, connecting with sloughed skin cells and dust in an opening of the sebaceous glands unpleasant black "points" and eels, which give rise to more serious inflammation.

Launched oily skin may emit a pungent smell, and gradually gets an earthy color.

As a rule, especially oily skin is only in adolescents. However, under unfavorable conditions, it can save the properties superfatted youth 45-50 years old, with age, adding a typical drawbacks of aging dry skin.

In young and mature women are very often distributed a Combined skin type. It combines features of both oily and dry skin. This type requires its own specific approach.


The means and methods of skin care products.

Any skin (regardless of its type) requires daily cleaning. If you use powder, cosmetics, the pores of your skin become clogged, and only with water - they are not free. So the evening beauty treatments should start with cleaning the face and neck. Arsenal tools for this diverse:
  • eau de toilette;

  • lotions;

  • milky lotion and cream;

  • liquid emulsion cream.

To clean the skin and improve its appearance it is recommended to use Lotions. Their composition and specificity of application depend entirely on the type of skin. Lotions oily or prone to oily skin, usually made alcohol-based, in order to increase their disinfectant properties.

Cotton swab dipped in lotion, you can remove the remnants of makeup, changing pads as dirty or spend the evening cleaning the face when you do not use soap. In addition, if the skin quickly appears shine, preferably several times a day to wipe it with lotion, nourishing and disinfecting the skin than ever face powder, clogging the pores and obstructing her breathing.

uhod_za_kozhey_kremamiBeauty products for every skin type involves the use of various creams. All creams can be subdivided into two main categories:

  • daily;

  • nutritious.

Daytime Protective creams protect the skin from harmful atmospheric influences, from drying in the air, some of which serve as protection from UV rays. Day cream is applied immediately after the morning.

Nourishing cream to a certain extent replaced the sebum and soften the skin. They are applied in the evening just after cleansing, a light pressing movements in the direction of massage lines: from the center of the forehead and nose to the temples, from the center of the chin to the ears. Try not to stretch the skin, and only slightly touch her fingertips. Creams recommended to change every 2-4 weeks, to avoid habituation.

Medical creams have special additives that help to eliminate certain skin defects or protect the skin from various unfavorable factors (eg, sunburn, frostbite). The purpose of these creams are always clearly stated in the summary, and should be used in strict accordance with the state of the skin.
Bleaching creams are designed for people suffering from an excess of freckles and age spots. They contain special plant extracts or mercurials.
Hydrating creams are used for moisturizing skin, diminishing returns of intracellular and extracellular water and holding the water in the tissue, protects cells from wrinkling.

Garmonyle creams composed of male and female hormones, as well as creams with biologically active additives. They have a very strong effect on the skin and, therefore, to begin their systematic use is recommended only after reaching the age of forty.


Advice on skin care.

An integral part of human beauty is a beautiful, healthy skin. In order to keep it beautiful, it is necessary to follow recommendations for skin care. The beautiful skin - is the key to success.

At first, the need to constantly monitor the condition of their skin and hair, as the lack of proper care of themselves can lead to disease.

Secondly, each of us on a daily basis should be given the time to care for the skin and hair, because only a balanced care and nutrition will give hair a healthy and attractive appearance and skin adequate moisture and protection from harmful influences.

In addition, everyone should know what his type of skin, as well as what type of his hair to choose the right means to care for them. It should be borne in mind that the body skin is thicker than on the face and to care for her need to apply cosmetics, specially designed for the body.

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