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Mud therapy (pelotherapy) is one of the most ancient methods of treatment in sanatorium-resort conditions. Mankind for many centuries, uses mud for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Therapeutic muds (peloids) - natural colloidal organic and mineral formations (silt, peat and hill), with high elasticity, heat capacity and emissivity. They contain biologically active substances (salts, gases, vitamins, enzymes, hormones, etc.) and live microorganisms.

Peloids consist of a crystalline skeleton, which are compounds of silicon, aluminum, gypsum, carbonates and phosphates of calcium, carbonates, magnesium and other water-insoluble compounds. The skeleton also create indivisible remains of flora. The quality of dirt depends on the degree of dispersion of the particles. The smaller coarse particles, the higher the degree of dispersion, the better plastic and the healing properties of mud.

peloid_svoistvaNatural colloidal systems of silicon compounds, iron, aluminum, organic complexes and minerals (iron sulfide, silicic acid, adsorbed ions, iron hydroxide, magnesium, aluminium, sulphur and other substances). Organic colloids hold the crystalline living water and natural minerals. The colloids make up 80% of the volume of mud.

The mortar or mud the liquor has a complex composition and contains:


  • minerals;

  • water-soluble salts in the anions form of chlorine;

  • sulphates;

  • carbonates;

  • cations of ammonium;

  • cations of potassium;

  • cations of sodium;

  • cations of magnesium;

  • cations of calcium;

  • cations of iron;

  • minerals.

In the solution there are abundant biologically active organic substances, peptides, carbohydrate peptides, metal-containing peptides, low molecular weight protease, nucleic acids, gammalinolenic acid, easy and hard volatile phenols, stable compounds of humic acids with iron, carbohydrates, numerous vitamins, enzymes, humic substances, lignin, cellulose, analogs, antibiotics, hormones. Solution dirt contains gases of hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

The cells of the tissues of the body to actively absorb and use the natural harmonious balanced minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other factors contained in therapeutic mud.


Peloid therapy has a broad spectrum of therapeutic effects, which depend on the composition of the dirt, conditions and place of their formation, temperature, and other factors.

Skin dirt have two types of effects: physical (compression, heat) and chemical (irritation of the nerve receptors, penetration through the intact cover of the individual components, which have a specific effect on tissues, organs and systems of the body).

Thanks to these processes and the stimulation of the endocrine and immune systems, repair processes and tissue regeneration, metabolic reactions, as well as observed analgesic, anti-inflammatory, resolving and anti-allergic effect, improves nutrition and blood and limonaire tissues, reduces the clotting time of blood.


What is Pels.


In medical practice, know of no means, analogous Pels which, being a natural product, would possess such a complex physico-chemical and biological properties, which would combine so well in one extract. Psoriasis Treatment and prevention.

It is a robust anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, the analgesic effect is included in the job after no less powerful draining and cleaning effect at the time of contact Pels with broken skin and simultaneous stimulation of the healing of the surface epithelium of the skin with a quick closing of the skin.


Pels properties.


Pels- liquid biostimulant, a natural product derived from therapeutic mud, transparent, without foreign impurities, slightly opalescent liquid.

Pels possesses powerful:

Pels contains in its composition:

  • sodium;

  • magnesium;

  • potassium;

  • chlorine;

  • bromine;

  • iodine;

  • sulphates;

  • bicarbonates;

  • microelements;

  • organic compounds;

  • humic body;

  • hydrogen sulfide and other substances.

It stimulates cellular and humoral immunity.

When used in the form of baths normalizes sleep, homeostasis, nervous and mental alertness, improves mood, eliminates depression, increases efficiency and sexual activity.

Due to the high concentration of salts it provides a powerful draining effect, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, resolving, desensitizing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, at the same time has powerful bio-stimulating effect on the affected tissue, accelerating their healing and epithelialization.


Used in hospitals and at home.


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