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Chirkov Balm (200 ml)

Chirkov Balm (200 ml)
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Chirkov Balm of Health psoriasis prostatitis cataract asthma epilepsy kidney stones cerebral vessels periodontal disease chronic bronchitis popular home treatment. Balm Chirkov properties recipe recommendation to buy store of traditional medicine.


Balm Chirkov - what is it.

This unique Balm of Health in the XIX century, freely sold in most pharmacies of the Russian Empire. The recipe was developed by Russian chemist N.F.Chirkovym, and after his death trying to refine the drug known herbalists that time. Shortly after the seventeenth year of the revolution is a valuable drug was undeservedly forgotten.

The structure of Russian "Balsam of Health" N. F.Chirkova includes 24 components, some of which can be easily purchased at a pharmacy, some purchased from herbalists, something to collect (the famous balm Bittner and is an alcoholic extract of 24 plants).


Chirkov Balm composition:

  • cloves (fruits);

  • cedar (nuts);

  • lovage (leaf);

  • juniper (berries);

  • wormwood (herb);

  • dandelion (grass) - 1 tbsp. l .;

  • aloe (leaf);

  • calamus (root);

  • cranberries (fruit);

  • hawthorn (fruit);

  • oregano (herb);

  • St. John's wort (herb);

  • calendula (flowers);

  • nettle (leaf);

  • melissa (grass);

  • cleft sprouts;

  • plantain;

  • parsley (grass);

  • peony (flower, root);

  • pine buds;

  • cottonweed (grass);

  • yarrow (herb);

  • mugwort (herb) - 2 tablespoons. l .;

  • zest of one lemon.


Chirkov Balm is used to treat:

Also, the doctor strongly recommends Pyaskovsky welcome balm N. F.Chirkova after severe infectious diseases, operations and stressful situations.
Before applying are encouraged to consult a doctor.


Balm Health dosage.

Directions: adults 3 times a day 1 tsp. 50 ml of warm water for 30 minutes before a meal. It is possible to add the boiled water or other beverages (100-200 ml).

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to product components and diabetes.

Admission Course: 3-4 weeks.

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