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Chaga Balm Old Doctor

Chaga Balm Old Doctor
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Treatment by Chaga

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Chaga - what is it.

chagaBirch is a so-called natural pharmacy, which not only buds of the tree give curative effect, but also birch mushroom Chaga. During its maturation it is saturated with valuable substances of birch sap as well - useful components of birch. 

Chaga is one of the richest natural healing resources used by man since ancient times.

However, in order to competently and correctly use these gifts, of course, you need to have full information on the fungus - its useful properties and contraindications. It is only the knowledge of its features allows you to extract the full benefits of this raw material and to protect themselves from careless use it in the treatment of diseases.

Chaga is an amazing miracle, created by nature. Appearing from a little controversy, and purchasing a huge size, the mushroom absorbs all the nutrients, thanks to the birch juice and various components included in the composition of the tree on which he develops and lives.

Trace elements and active components such as, for example, zinc, potassium, iron, polysaccharides etc. – are involved and take part in all the life processes of human organs. And , when at least one of them is lacking in the human body – the disease appears.


Chaga Birch fungus properties.

Extremely helpful and healing quality fungus due to its rich composition:

  • organic acids (oxalic, tartaric, acetic, formic);

  • sterols;

  • phenol;

  • resins;

  • trace elements (iron, cobalt, silver, nickel, magnesium, etc.).

Organic acids contribute to the regulation and enforcement in the normal ratio of hydrogen and hydroxyl ions in the human body, providing therapeutic and healing effect on the entire human body. 

Sterols help reduce blood cholesterol

Volatile that make up the chaga have antimicrobial action

Melanin - hemostatic and anti-inflammatory

Flavonoids and alkaloids give chaga mushroom effect choleretic and diuretic.

Admission infusions and decoctions of the fungus helps to improve the condition of patients with tumors of any localization, saturate the body with vitamins, useful components fungus enhances immunity.

During the initial stage of cancer extracts, which include Chaga (as a basic element) have helped to curb the growth of cancer cells. Contained in the composition chaga acids, polysaccharides, cellulose, resins contribute to the improvement of appetite, pain control.


A valuable natural extract can be prevented oncological diseases,  cure diseases of the intestine and liver.


Chaga particular treatment and contraindications.

chaga_protivopokazanieThe extracts which are based include Chaga - non-toxic. The severity of side effects of such drugs do not, if you follow the recommended dosage and schemes. However, rarely, there may be an allergic reaction to birch mushroom.

Chaga Mushroom is not only useful properties, but also contraindications for use. Funds are made on the basis of chaga can not be used when:


  • pregnancy;

  • colitis and dysentery in the chronic form;

  • intolerance of components of the fungus composition.

Required to pay great attention to the careful and accurate use of extracts with fluid retention.

Over the course of prevention and chaga treatment, the diet should contain blshoe abundance of dairy products and, at the same time, the complete absence of smoked and fried foods, which help to reduce the action of the fungus.

The therapeutic effect using of the fungus, also completely drop to zero, when using any media with penicillin or its derivatives (antibiotics). Almost the same result can be obtained by intravenous administration of glucose during the course of treatment based on extracts of the fungus.


Chaga Balm Old Doctor composition.

Chaga Balm complex (the prescription Old Doctor) includes in its membership the following ingredients:

  • chaga;

  • immortelle;

  • rosehips;

  • plantain;

  • aloe;

  • galangal;

  • pine buds;

  • birch buds;

  • sagebrush;

  • alcohol.


Balm chaga (Old Doctor) properties.

Balm Chaga (Old Doctor) has the following actions:

  • anti-inflammatory;

  • antibacterial;

  • antiviral;

  • antitumor;

  • diuretic;

  • expectorant;

  • choleretic;

  • laxatives;

  • antioxidant;

  • immunostimulant.


Balm chaga (Old Doctor) application.

Balm Old Doctor is used to treat the following diseases:

Dosage: 50g 3 times per day.

Volume: 500 ml.

Shelf life: 2 years.

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