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Extract Renewal

Extract Renewal

Cancer Therapy

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Herbs Extracts at Oncology.

The Nature, as an endless treasure trove of chemotypes and pharmacophores, will continue to play an important role in drug discovery. Natural products (NPH), such as plant and fungal metabolites, have become leaders in drug development in recent years due to their effectiveness, safety, and selectivity.

coolhealth_NaNoRecently, a significant place in the treatment of many human diseases has been taken by Organic Extracts, due to their biologically active properties due to both the characteristics of plant raw materials and extraction technology.


One of the representatives of this category of natural preparations is a new development - RENEWAL Extract.

It is the culmination of many experiments and studies, the latest developments of Hispolon - C12H12O4, which has declared its real application status, in the field of cancer therapy with natural natural drugs.

 RENEWAL Extract.

The impetus for the creation of the RENEWAL Extract was the results of research and experiments conducted by scientists from different countries: China, Japan and France, to study the therapeutic effect of the active substance Hispolon, contained in natural plant materials and its further use in treatment of cancer.

RENEWAL extract is made from rare natural raw materials, very rich in carbohydrates and polysaccharides (45%). Substances with antitumor properties are of particular value. In particular, the polysaccharides beta-glucans contained in the cell walls of the raw product.

The plant triterpenoids, they increase antitumor immunity, destroy cancer cells and trigger the process of their natural death (apoptosis). The composition of the raw product also includes Hispolon and satyrylpyron, which prevent the growth of tumors. B vitamins, micro - and macronutrients (sulfur, iodine, copper, phosphorus) contained in it are also useful for the overall improvement of human body.

At its core, RENEWAL Extract is the purest product, without additives and fillers used in the production of capsules and tablets, such as gelatin, starch, MCC, etc. In addition, standardized extracts with a concentration of 30% or more do not contain chitin, which is not soluble and is not absorbed by the human body and is essentially a ballast (slag) in cheap extracts.

ekstrakt_vozrozhdenie_NaNoRENEWAL Extract composition:


Product form: liquid extract.


RENEWAL extract in its composition does not contain: no Alcohol no Sugar! This makes it possible to apply it to more people who need cancer therapy.

For the production of this Extract were used, the latest NANO-technological extraction processes, using ultrasonic stabilization of the product, which allows you to preserve its healing properties for a long time.

All of the above information is very important, because a person who does not own it buys low-quality products, without receiving proper treatment for diabetes, cancer and hepatitis, and after spending time and money, is disappointed in the extracts, without getting what he expected, not to mention the missed chance for recovery.


 Extract RENEWAL properties.

Research on the properties of raw materials for the production of RENEWAL Extract was carried out by scientists from different countries. Chinese researchers Dong Yu, Qingxiang Yuan, Fei-Fei Wang, and others, according to the results of recent studies, isolated 11 compounds from this raw material.

Their structures were identified as:


The cytotoxic activity of compounds 1-11 was tested on 41 strains of human tumor cells. Compound 2-4 showed significant cytotoxic activity against the acute myeloid leukemia cell lines NOMO-1 and SKM-1, compound 7 showed antitumor activity against the human lung cancer cell line H526, the prostate cancer cell line DU145, and the erythroleukemia cell line HEL. All the compounds had no toxic effect on normal cells.

HispolonHispolon is a polyphenolic compound, which is the main component of the raw materials used, has antitumor, antidiabetic, antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity.

It fights cancer by inducing apoptosis, stopping the cell cycle, and inhibiting metastasis by targeting various cellular signaling pathways, including PI3K/Akt, MAPK, and NF-kB.

Hispolon provides new opportunities for pharmacological applications, and its carbon skeleton of styrilpyron may serve as an attractive basis for drug development, as a powerful multi-target drug in the near future.

Also, the active substances of the raw materials that affect cancer cells were isolated:




Extract RE
NEWAL application.


Herbs extracts containing elements of the polyphenolic compound Hispolon can be used to suppress the following types of cancer:


It can be concluded that the raw materials used in the manufacture of RENEWAL Extract can be a potential therapeutic agent of natural origin, for cancer prevention and treatment, since it induces apoptosis (death) of cancer cells.

Organic RENEWAL Extract contraindications.

It is not recommended to give the extract to children under 12 years of age and women during pregnancy and lactation. You should refuse to take it if you are individually intolerant and allergic to the components of the drug.

Dosage: Take the extract 15-20 drops 2 times a day before or during meals. The duration of the preventive and general health course is: 3-4 weeks.

In the presence of malignant tumors, the dosage and duration of administration are increased. But only a doctor should prescribe the course, taking into account the type of disease and its stage.

Storage conditions: Keep out of the reach of children at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 50 ml.


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