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Pine cones Extract

Pine cones Extract
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Pine Cone Therapy

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Pine is a natural healer.

The Pine is an excellent raw material for medicines, since almost all of its components: bark, needles, and flowers are used in medicine for the preparation of extracts.

sosnoviye_shishkiAll components of pine, and in our case - cones, have a large number of resinous substances in their composition and contain a great variety of various macro-and microelements. They include:


  • lipids;

  • tannins;

  • borneol;

  • bornyl acetate;

  • linolenic acid;

  • oleic acid;

  • bioflavonoids;

  • ascorbic acid;

  • essential oils;

  • compounds of the terpene series;

  • monoterpene hydrocarbons;

  • aromatic substances, etc.

Pine cones are also rich in biologically active substances that affect the human body as anti-inflammatory and bactericidal agents.

This allows their use for the treatment of pneumonia, bronchitis and even a disease such as tuberculosis.

The use of pine cones is possible in the treatment of respiratory diseases, joint diseases, for cleansing the body, as a remedy for scurvy. The components contained in this natural healer help to increase immunity, help to avoid infection with tuberculosis.

Natural Pine cones Extract.

Pine cone extract is made from natural raw materials. Vegetable triterpenoids, which are part of it, increase the antitumor immunity of the human body.

For the production of this Extract, the latest NANO-technological extraction processes were used, using ultrasonic stabilization of the product, which allows preserving its healing properties for a long time.

Pine Cones extract composition:


  • Organic natural raw materials - 99%;

  • Other elements - 1%;

  • Water.

Product form: liquid extract.

The extract of Pine cones in its composition does not contain: neither Alcohol nor Sugar! This makes it possible to use it to a larger number of people who need therapy.

Pine Cones extract (green) has following effect:

  • diuretic;

  • sweatshop;

  • expectorant;

  • antipyretic;

  • antibacterial;

  • anti-inflammatory;

  • stabilizes and equalizes blood pressure in hypertension;

  • resolves blood clots and cholesterol plaques in the treatment of atherosclerosis;

  • restores brain tissue after a stroke;

  • reduces tissue hypoxia.



Liquid Extract of Pine Cones application.

Pine cones Extract has unique medicinal qualities that help in the fight against diseases of the bones, joints, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory diseases and-in case of strokes.

sosnoviye_shishki_primeneniePine Cones extract (green) is used at treatment of diseases such as:


Dosage: Take the extract 15-20 drops (dissolve or dilute 20-30 ml of boiling water) 3 times a day. The duration of the preventive and general health course: 3-4 weeks.

Storage: Keep out of the reach of children at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 50 ml.


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