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Kurkuma Extract

Kurkuma Extract

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What is Turmeric.

Turmeric is the dried and crushed root of the ginger plant of the same name. There are 40 known species of plants, but turmeric or turmeric is most often used to make spices. It is used not only in cooking, but also as a dye, in medicine for the prevention and relief of a number of diseases.

Turmeric is one of the most famous and most used spices since ancient times.

This spice is also known as Saffron Indian because of their similarity in color and application. Turmeric has been known in India for more than 5,000 years, and ancient texts have already pointed to its dietary qualities and healing effect on the body.

kurkuma_turmericFor therapeutic and nutritional purposes, the rhizome of the plant is used, which is located underground and is not a root, but an underground modified stem.  

The aroma of turmeric, warm and spicy, somewhat resembles the aroma of ginger (which is its relative), which plays a major role in choosing spices for cooking.

Turmeric is a fairly affordable product that can be found everywhere. It can be purchased in powder form as a spice and food additive in regular and specialty stores.


When choosing turmeric powder, you need to pay attention to the color - yellow-gold, smell (spicy, a little mustard) and, if possible, taste bitter, a little nutty.


Turmeric properties.

Turmeric has a strong effect on the human body, comparable to the effect of medicines. Therefore, uncontrolled use of it can harm the body.

The permissible consumption rate is considered to be five grams of the product per day.

Turmeric contains many vitamins and trace elements, but considering a relatively small portion of this spice (up to 1 h.l. per day–, its contribution to the consumption of these components is quite modest.

The healing properties of Turmeric are determined by its composition:


Turmeric is a natural storehouse of vitamins and trace elements, including oxidant:

The substance Curcumin is used as an independent agent or as part of additives. In addition to it , turmeric contains:

Turmeric Extract composition.

At its core, Turmeric Extract is the purest product, without additives and fillers used in the production of capsules and tablets.

Turmeric Extract in its composition does not contain: neither Alcohol nor Sugar! This makes it possible to use it for more people who need cancer therapy.

extract_kurkumaFor the production of this Extract, the latest NANO-technological extraction processes were applied, using ultrasonic stabilization of the product, which allows to preserve its healing properties for a long time.

Turmeric Extract composition:

Product form: liquid extract.

Turmeric Extract application.

The most valuable thing in this spice is curcumin, a family of curcuminoids, (about 3% in the dry powder of crushed dried rhizomes). It is this compound that heals a person at the cellular level. It effectively fights:

Due to its coloring ability, curcumin is used as a natural food coloring agent (E-100) in the production of sauces, cheeses, mayonnaise. Turmeric used to be used for dyeing fabrics and skin.

In the course of research on anti-cancer properties, it turned out that Turmeric Extract can be used as a cancer prevention:

Of course, Turmeric Extract is not a cure for cancer, but it can contribute both to the prevention of these diseases and to the better tolerability of chemotherapy.

Another exceptional property of the Extract is its healing ability - an excellent first aid for sunburn, dermatitis, insect bites and wounds. It is used in the treatment of psoriasis, acne in the composition of ointments.

In cosmetology, Turmeric Extract, too, is actively used to strengthen hair, as nourishing and cleansing masks. For this purpose, not only "golden" turmeric is used, but also its white variety - cyadorrhea. It is sharper than usual, but for cosmetic purposes it has shown itself very well, especially when bleaching the skin, fighting pigmentation spots.


Also, due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, it is widely used as a remedy for flu, sore throat and colds. Rinses, hot drinks with turmeric are natural and effective remedies available to everyone.  

But a particularly noticeable effect of Turmeric Extract is its choleretic property, the ability to improve the production and outflow of bile. As a result, the work of the digestive tract becomes more active and effective, the secretion of gastric juice increases, bloating decreases, and the balance of microflora is restored due to antiseptic qualities.

Due to the improvement of fat metabolism (bile plays an important role in their digestion and absorption), a decrease in blood cholesterol levels was noted in studies, which has a positive effect on cardiovascular morbidity.

It is worth remembering that turmeric is very poorly absorbed, more than 90% of it passes through, while having a concomitant, choleretic, local anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive system, but not absorbed into the blood.

The addition of a small amount of black pepper to Turmeric Extract at the same time (due to piperine) significantly increases the absorption of curcumin and it has a more significant effect on human body.  

Another rule of using the Extract is to add at least a small amount of fat, which also increases its absorption. Therefore, together with meat, milk, nuts, vegetable or animal oil, turmeric is more accessible.

Turmeric Extract Recommendations for Application.

Regular use of Turmeric Extract improves mental processes, memory, attention. Helps to fight the syndrome of overexertion and chronic fatigue.

Influence for women.

Turmeric extract or frequent use of spices has a positive effect on the female body. In case of hormonal disorders caused by genital pathologies, stress or age-related changes, curcumin helps to bring hormones back to normal, improving overall well-being.

Due to increased blood circulation, antioxidant and immunomodulatory qualities, Turmeric Extract is used as an additional remedy for solving problems with the uterus such as endometritis or fibroids. Regular intake of turmeric reduces the likelihood of developing cancer of the female organs, breast, skin.

Influence for men.

Turmeric Extract can be used to promote men's health. Curcumin stimulates blood flow, has a positive effect on male libido, helps in the fight against sexual weakness.

One of the actions of turmeric is to normalize the hormonal background, increase the intensity of testosterone production. This also helps to increase potency. Liquid Turmeric Extract has performed well in combination with anti-prostatitis drugs.

Influence for children.

Turmeric is a strong allergen, so it is not recommended for children under six to take Turmeric Extract even as a spice when eating the same meal with their parents. After six years, the seasoning can be introduced into the diet, as well as used in complex anti-cold therapy. The spice serves to prevent childhood leukemia.


It is extremely important not to exceed the permitted amount of curcumin. Symptoms of overdose will be disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Reception during pregnancy.

Despite the fact that spices with turmeric are not prohibited during the gestation of a child, they should be used with caution. First of all, the danger lies in increased blood circulation, which can lead to bleeding and miscarriage. Any change in diet should be discussed with the supervising gynecologist.

Use during lactation.

During breastfeeding, Turmeric Extract is recommended to be included in the female diet. It stimulates lactation by increasing milk production. Promotes the prevention of mastitis, increases the immunity of a nursing mother, helps to make up for the deficiency of nutrients.

Influence for people over 50 years of age.

The positive effect of turmeric is especially noticeable in middle-aged and older people. The additive has a complex effect:


Due to its strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory qualities, and ability to improve blood condition, Turmeric Extract reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases in old age. Due to increased regeneration of brain cells, the probability of neurodegenerative disorders is generally reduced.

In women over 50, the regular use of plant-based drugs improves the overall hormonal state, promotes the establishment of the menstrual cycle, prolongs the youthfulness of the skin. In men of pre-retirement and retirement age, sexual desire may increase.


Elevated cholesterol or sugar levels, joint pain and restriction of their mobility are also indications for the start of taking Turmeric Extract.



Extract action for various health problems.

The effect of Turmeric Extract on human body allows it to be used for various pathologies caused by age or other factors.


Turmeric extract stimulates the work of beta cells involved in the synthesis of insulin. This explains its effectiveness as a supportive agent for type 2 diabetes. Due to increased metabolic processes, the likelihood of developing obesity and other concomitant disorders that can cause diabetes is reduced.


Turmeric extract affects the condition of blood and blood vessels:



Regular use of spices helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and normalize blood pressure.

For weight loss.

Turmeric is considered an effective tool for weight loss, but it will only give results in combination with diet and physical activity. The action of the plant is as follows:



The exact causes of migraines have not yet been found, but studies have shown that daily intake of Turmeric Extract helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures. An important role is played by curcumin, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


In combination with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, the supplement helps to relieve inflammation of the nervous tissue and eliminate pain.

For diseases of the joints.

Turmeric extract has a positive effect on joint problems: gout, arthritis, arthrosis. Curcumin has an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates the synthesis of synovial fluid, which lubricates the surfaces of joints. This reduces friction, facilitating the condition in chronic diseases and in the process of rehabilitation after injuries.


Regular intake of turmeric improves blood supply, enhances nutrition of joints and surrounding tissues. Swelling decreases, painful sensations decrease.

For cancer prevention.

Turmeric Extract destroys cancer cells and slows down the formation of new ones. It enhances the effect of therapeutic drugs. At the same time, there is no additional toxic load on human body.

Turmeric Extract has proved especially effective in the prevention and relief of conditions in prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain, intestines, stomach, melanoma.


But in its pure form, the root of Indian saffron is not well absorbed, so only Liquid Turmeric Extract is used to achieve results.


Turmeric Extract is useful in the prevention of chronic pancreatitis:



Before using the drug for pancreatitis, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Turmeric Extract contraindications.

Despite the fact that turmeric is a natural and frequently used spice, there are a number of contraindications and precautions when using it:

kurkuma_protivopokazaniaDo not abuse Turmeric Extract during pregnancy (small amounts with habitual use can not hurt), as it increases the tone of the uterus. But this property can be useful in the postpartum period.


Small children should not add it until they are 6 years old.

Digestion, which continues to form, may be more sensitive to the action of spices, loose stools, heartburn, flatulence, abdominal pain - frequent phenomena when adding adult portions of turmeric to a child's plate, especially one unaccustomed to it

People with gallstone disease and stomach diseases in the acute stage should also avoid using Turmeric Extract in significant doses (more than 2 times a day). Increasing the production of gastric juice and the outflow of bile (especially with bitter pepper) can irritate the inflamed mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, increasing pain.  


If there are gallstones in the gallbladder, they can cause colic due to the choleretic effect of turmeric.

Dosage: Recommended dose is 15-20 drops 2 times per day.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 50 ml.


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