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Coronavirus Pressure Diabetes Joints Oncology Stroke Psoriasis Cold Flu Bronchitis Prostatitis Arthritis Cellulite Prevention Treatment of Diseases Juices Tinctures Extracts Medicinal Plants Oils Natural Drugs Properties Recommendations Application buy traditional medicines. Phytopreparations treatment and prevention of Diseases at home by health extracts.

Healing Riches of Nature - not a panacea, but only a staff, holding on to which you can go through a thorny path from disease to health.

The practice and theory of treatment herbal remedies based upon the seven principles of treatment patients with medicinal plants. These principles are: stages, individual treatment, consistency, continuity of care, temporary treatment principle, the transition from simple to complex, and most importantly - the quality of medicinal raw materials.


Stages of treatment herbal remedies.


phytopreparatyi_lechenieAt the initial stage of the disease, herbal remedies may be leading that could reduce the progression of the disease and even stop it.

At the height of the disease should be prescribed potent synthetic drugs. At this stage, herbal serve as additional tools to reduce the toxic effects on the body of essential drugs, cause correction of disturbances in the body functions and have a symptomatic effect.

At the same stage of recovery, herbal can be used to displace synthetic drugs, replacing them completely (at the end of treatment). PhytoTea.

During rehabilitation herbal need to take the basic position. In chronic diseases of herbal remedies appointment conditional on the state of the patient. In the initial stage they can become the main means of therapy, and in more severe cases - to act as symptomatic of supporting means. Infusions.


Systemic treatment herbal remedies.


The principle is based on a systematic understanding of the integrity of the organism and its environment. In pathological and adaptive processes involved in virtually all systems of the body. Given this fact, made all regulatory and therapeutic effects.

Appointed herbal: restorative, general tonic and others. The principle of hierarchy is reduced to the appointment of herbal remedies, as a specific treatment for one of the systems of the body of the patient (expectorant, diuretic, laxative, choleretic et al.).
Medicinal juices.


Individual treatment herbal remedies.


bolezni_lechenieIn the appointment of herbal remedies taken into account the patient's condition, the living conditions and nutrition, nature, course of illness, work. With this in mind the complex characteristics of the organism and the disease is selected individually herbal (complexes). Given the practical experience of herbal medicine, it can be concluded that medicinal plants have a therapeutic effect on patients - not the same.

From the practice of treating herbal remedies can be seen that ineffective currently estimated herbal remedy for each person - can be most effective, active and helpful (especially during maintenance therapy during chronic diseases).

A single dose of collecting pieces of dried herbs is one item. or ten. boxes., which corresponds to a mixture of leaves, flowers and grass 2-5 g for 6-8 roots.

The same daily dose collection not containing potent substances may be up to 10 single doses.
Health Brews of Bolotov.


The principle of continuity of therapy herbal remedies.


Many diseases require long-term, long-term and very often - continuous treatment. For this treatment the most suitable non-toxic herbal myagkodeystvuyuschie. Particularly necessary for supporting herbal therapy between courses of basic treatment.

According to the experience of herbal medicine treatment can be noted that the duration of treatment of chronic diseases, ranging from one to several months. After 4-5 weeks of treatment, there is a break in the treatment of one - two weeks.

To avoid therapeutic activity of herbal remedies and getting used to it, it is recommended to change the composition of plant collections (with slimy pharmacological properties).


From simple to complex in the treatment of herbal remedies.


The essence of the principle is to ensure that the initial symptoms of the disease it is advisable to use foods that have a therapeutic effect (garlic, honey, dried apricots, carrots, beets, etc.)

With more severe disease process, should be given additional, more effective means of herds origin, and if necessary - potent synthetic drugs.


The quality of medicinal plants for herbal remedies.

The above principles are actions only in case of patients receiving herbal remedies, made only from high quality vegetable raw materials.


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