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Non-traditional Veterinary medicine in Dnipro

Sunday, January 19, 2020 2:36 PM

Folk Medicine for Animal's treatment

Non-traditional Alternative Veterinary medicine Animal's treatment Natural remedies Medicinal herbs Veterinary drugs properties recommendations application buy a traditional medicine store in Dnipro. Diarrhea Constipation Vomiting Infection Gastrointestinal diseases Osteoporosis Joint diseases Fractures Wounds Bruises in dogs cats and other animals prevention treatment at home by natural folk veterinary drugs.

Why Alternative Veterinary Medicine.

Today, animal diseases have undergone significant changes, both in structure and severity. Chronic diseases of the skin, digestive system, excretory system, and most of the most common diseases are in the first place, often there are chronic disorders of the kidneys and liver.

Infectious diseases due to the widespread practice of vaccination are much less common and, as a rule, acquire an erased form, turn into persistent chronic disorders. The spectrum of action of modern phytopreparations largely corresponds to the listed features of the current course of diseases in animals.

This is why doctors and animal owners have become so interested in them.

tseoclin\_sorbent_smektaMany-sided action of medicinal plants is of great importance at treatment. It is caused by the active substances of plants:

Their number in plants depends on the climatic and geographical conditions of their growth, the period and phase of growth, the time of collection, the method of drying and storage conditions. Many plants simultaneously relieve or relieve the painful symptoms of various systems:

  • digestive system;

  • respiratory system;

  • cardiovascular system;

  • nervous and genitourinary systems.

Advantages of Non-traditional Veterinary Medicine.

zeoklin_kupitThis versatility of plant action is particularly beneficial for chronic diseases. Apposition plants (chamomile, St. John's wort, plantain, yarrow, Lapchatka, tansy, mother and stepmother, nettle, dried grass, birch buds, calendula, aloe, horsetail) to wounds, cracks, ulcers, abrasions leads to their rapid healing.

These same plants, when they come into contact with damaged tissues, help to quickly stop bleeding and resolve edema due to bruises and toxic effects.

The plants have the greatest effect in diseases of the digestive system. This is due to the fact that plants act little changed chemically and mostly in a whole state. Great success can be achieved with a combination of local and internal use of plants.:

A good result can be obtained by combining the ingestion of plants with local application of poultices, lotions, compresses, rubs, ointments from whole plants.

In intestinal diseases, medicinal plants are administered orally and with the help of microclysters. Treatment of rectal diseases can be supplemented with the use of candles, ointments, lotions and poultices.

The effectiveness of herbal medicine for lung diseases increases many times if you combine taking herbs by mouth with injecting them with aerosols (stationary or pocket sprayer) into the bronchiectatic cavity, abscess cavity, gangrene, and cavern to stop pulmonary bleeding.

The possibility of introducing filtrates, decoctions, and herbal infusions into the pleural cavity, peritoneum, bladder, and pelvis, as well as under the skin and intramuscularly, needs to be studied.

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