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Weight loss and Amino Acids

Saturday, June 22, 2019 5:31 PM

Proper Weight Loss

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Often people tend to lose weight at any cost and then the goal of losing weight is to meet the standards of beauty or like a certain man, but not their own health.  

The optimal rate of weight loss for women is 2-4 kg per month. The body is physiologically unable to break down more fat during this time. If you see a large figure on the scales, then the weight loss was due to getting rid of the liquid and the splitting of the active cell mass.


To improve health and quality of life you do not need to strive for the ideal weight. Sometimes it is enough to lose only a few kg

Health benefits of 10% weight loss:


  • Decrease the level of general morbidity (by 20-25%).

  • Mortality from causes related to diabetes (30-40%).

  • Mortality from oncological diseases associated with obesity (by 40-50%).

  • Risk of diabetes (50%).

  • Blood glucose level in patients with diabetes (30-50%).

  • Total cholesterol (10%).

  • "Bad" cholesterol (15%).

  • Triglycerides (30%).

  • "Good" cholesterol (5%).

  • Blood pressure (per 10 mm hg.v.)

In order to protect yourself and your body from various negative consequences in the process of weight Loss, the best remedy is the use of Amino acids.

What are Amino acids and what are they for.

At the human body there is a huge amount of substances, each of which performs a certain function. Proteins are among the most important components necessary for health and life.

amino_asidsAmino acids are organic compounds that are necessary for the construction of all groups of cells. They can be interchangeable and irreplaceable. The first group includes substances that the body synthesizes on its own, the second – the elements contained in food or additives.


Everyone knows about the important role of protein in our lives, but has anyone thought about where these proteins come from?

The answer lies in a very common term among professional athletes – "amino acids".

Amino acids are the basis of protein.

Our body synthesizes nine types of amino acids, but there are also varieties that we need to supply to the body with food. These are essential amino acids.

When we consume protein foods, there is a catabolic process, whereby, they break down into amino acids, and of them, synthesized, that is – created, new proteins, our own proteins, from which muscles are built.


Help of Amino acids for weight loss.

Amino acids are those substances that are in every body. They are the result of protein work. Amino acids help the body in many processes of its work. Without them, the body can not exist. There are three kinds of amino acids that the body needs.

aminokislotiyThe first option is a non-essential amino acids. They are simply necessary for the life of the body, it can independently process them and create.

The second variant of amino acids are those that the body itself can not produce. Them twenty, they are called irreplaceable. The body can get them from food or special additives. Many people today are interested in the question, what amino acids are better for weight loss. The answer is, of course, essential amino acids.
But there is also a variant of amino acids, which are interchangeable by half. That is, the body can produce them on its own, but it will need a lot of strength and energy. That is why this process is not beneficial for the body and its work. Therefore, these amino acids are also better obtained from products or supplements. Amino acids can also be used in complex.

That is take several amino acids. These complexes are best help in weight loss. That is, if amino acids are necessary for weight loss, it is still much better to take a few amino acids. Each of the twenty essential amino acids has its own functions. system.
After all, the body is very difficult to feel right and well, if he is on a diet, it is always a shock and stress for him. In fact, almost all amino acids for weight loss reviews are positive, all who have used these supplements, with confidence confirm that the result is not long in coming.

After all, they bring it very quickly. All the friends and acquaintances immediately distinguish, and notice changes in body shape. Moreover, there is practically nothing to do. Amino acids help to improve immunity, the body will become less vulnerable to a variety of diseases and ailments.

Also, those injuries that are in the body just much faster to heal and recover. So amino acids have a number of advantages. They are of great benefit to the body and its General condition.


The benefits and harm of Amino acids for Weight loss.

Amino acids taken for weight loss, have a number of advantages and disadvantages. Side effects occur in the case of improper or excessive consumption. In a broad sense, these components are characterized by the property of enriching the body with substances that can in a short period of time get rid of excess deposits of subcutaneous fat, suppress appetite, increase the result of physical activity.

aminokislotiy_polzaThe Use Of Amino Acids:


Types of Amino acids for weight loss.

There are many varieties of amino acids that differ in their composition. A separate group of drugs are substances that show the highest results in the field of weight loss.

Some supplements are designed to gain muscle mass, improve training results, and they should be used only in order to create a powerful body relief.

pohudenie_i_aminokislotiyThe list of amino acids that help to get rid of excess weight:


  • Tyrosine (components suppress hunger, accelerate metabolism, burn fat).

  • Methionine.

  • Leucine (a powerful amino acid, increases the duration of food saturation, retains muscle mass, reduces the amount of fat).

  • Valine.

  • L-carnitine (not only eliminates fat deposits, but also prevents their accumulation, increases the efficiency of the heart muscle, promotes the formation of muscle tissue).

  • Lysine.

  • Tryptophan (has sedative properties, regulates the level of hormones of different groups, provides appetite suppression).

  • Threonine.

  • Glutamine (burns fat, increases immunity, belongs to the category of amino acids for women).

  • Arginine (contributes to the active production of growth hormone, burns fat, enhances the regenerative function of the body).

If you carefully study the composition of the Protein Hydrolysate Mussel on the content of amino Acids in it, you will notice that taking this product, You will be able to get the whole Spector of essential amino Acids, both for Weight Loss and for Muscle Mass.

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