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Rapid weight loss


Recipes for quick weight loss


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General issues of Weight loss.

Problems associated with excess weight, like a terrible nightmare, haunted by an increasingly large number of people and make their lives and the existence of pure torture. The scary thing is that now suffer from obesity as adults and very small children. Quick getting rid of excess weight at home.

amino_kislotiy_pohudenieScience has proven that proper and competent diet, exercise for the body – the Foundation of success in combating this drawback for any human category. However, without the principle of "Understand and accept" is not enough - uh, no way. Quick weight loss.

Not a problem to find many unique miraculous ways and recipes of traditional medicine to make your body perfect. Them is rife. Only here which one is correct, how do you get the benefit and the desired result - this is the main question. Each Vibram ways to reduce weight for myself, guided only by our sanity and not advertising.

Some people prefer to get rid of excess weight "passively", using baths for weight loss. Others prefer to lose weight using different diet for quick weight loss, drugs for weight loss. Well, third - just to exercise that is more prolonged, but the most effektivnym and proven way of dumping excess weight.


The Kinds Of Diets.

Everyone knows that there are many diets that help how to lose weight and gain weight. There are also diets designed to maintain weight at a certain level.

Protein Diet.

belkovaya_dietaThese include: the Dukan diet, Atkins, "cream-Lev", the egg and Hollywood. The inventors believe that the main cause of weight gain - carbohydrates. Accordingly, the fewer you eat, the slimmer you!

No pasta, low fruit and vegetable, high meat and sausages. Weight really quickly will begin to decline...

However, there are fatigue, nausea, bad mood, and will be an earthy hue. Maximum protein with minimum carbohydrates leads to disruption of metabolism. And after some time the body begins to synthesize substitutes carbohydrates and burn fat to compensate for the lack of them.

"Counterfeit" carbohydrates increase the burden on the liver, excess fat increases the level of cholesterol in the blood, increasing the load on the heart, liver, and vessels. An unexpected effect. The chances of pregnancy in women sitting on protein diets, reduced by 20%.


Mono Diet.

mono_dietaTo them, if you believe the advertising, you can lose from 3 to 10 kg per week. It is necessary to choose a single product and only have it. For Breakfast, lunch and dinner as your heart desires. It is proposed to sit on the buckwheat, tomatoes, grape-fruit, yogurt, watermelon and other not-too-caloric food. No spices, no salt, no sugar.

However, Mono lead to nutritional deficiencies in the body, reduced immunity, increased bone fragility, there is a risk to get to iron deficiency anemia. Food turns into a handful: persistent food monotony haunts waking hours and in nightmares. Sitting on a mono-diet Queen turns into a grouch, and may even earn allergic to selected for weight loss product.


Low-Fat Diet.

nizkozhirovaya_dietaDiets very low in fat are classified as extreme. Excluded from the diet avocado, nuts, some types of fish, oil, etc. Speak, they can lose 3 kg and more per week.

However, here a paradox: if the fat accounts for less than 19% of the total caloric content of the diet, in the blood reduces the level of "good" cholesterol that protects the heart and arteries from atherosclerosis.

And fat fat hatred. The deficit of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, for example, leads to urogenital diseases, and sometimes infertility. In addition, these acids help the body absorb fat-soluble Vitamins A, O, E, K.

In addition, if the food is completely fat-free, liver can't metabolize already stored fat. Nutritionists have calculated the optimal proportion of fat in the daily diet - they should account for 35% of daily calories.


Sweet Diet.

sladkaya_dietaThe invention foodies who can't say no to dessert. They are encouraged to abandon the normal food all day and suck lozenges. One pack of candy a day (about 75 g) and good-bye, one and a half kilos!

There is absolutely not desirable, sugary taste of candy excellent appetite suppressant, but it is possible to drink without restrictions. Don't like the candy - eat the chocolate.

80 g of chocolate per day, drink coffee without sugar, will help you to lose 3 to 6 kg in five days. Option for summer - ice cream for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a lack of calcium our body stores fat, but it is necessary to normalize the amount of trace element in the body, as we immediately begin to lose weight.

However, all this would be fine, but candy and attack chocolate diet is fraught with ulcers, gastritis, violation of water-salt and protein-lipid metabolism, can significantly harm the liver and pancreas.

And there are chocolates with hypertension and is strictly prohibited. Tons of cold ice cream in the best case lead to colds, and at worst to kidney stones.


Express Diet.

express_dietaTheir practice is usually before birthdays, weddings and holidays. All that was naegino overwork a year, dreaming to lose for some 5-7 days.

The number of calories consumed not just minimized - you're practically starving. Judge for yourself: Sutra egg for lunch is 100 grams of meat or vegetables, for dinner and an infusion of soothing herbs and vitamins.

However, such fasting cause weakness, headache, nausea, and constipation. It is unlikely that in this state you will feel happy, even squeezed into a favorite dress. And most importantly: the shorter and more severe the diet, the higher the risk again to gain weight in minimum time!

It is impossible to starve in: diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease. Perhaps that is why temporary diets lose its popularity. After all, the ideal diet is one that can be followed for life and without harm to health.


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