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Cayenne pepper


Cayenne pepper

Treatment of prostatitis increased potency traditional medicines in the home. Cayenne pepper recipes recommendations properties. Advice and guidance on the application. Products to increase the potency.

What are the benefits to our health can bring cayenne pepper? How it can help you, if he can do in your diet and weight loss? How it can help you in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, the restoration of the structure of hair?

Cayenne pepper - under this name hides a group of varieties of hot peppers, different color (from yellow to dark red), size and pungency.

Birthplace of cayenne pepper - tropical America, but today it is produced in many countries and is not only tasty, but healthful seasoning. Scientists call it a "gift to humanity" for its ability to help in the fight against many diseases.

More edge - more benefits.

Pungent taste of pepper gives substance capsaicin, which has healing properties. The sharper the taste of pepper, the more capsaicin it contains, and the more useful. Average hotness of cayenne pepper - 40 000 units on a scale of Scoville Units Acuity (SCU). For comparison, the most mild flavor is paprika - 1 unit. Most burning hot pepper called Habaneros - 300,000 units.

Cayenne pepper is used for many centuries to treat a variety of diseases. He has a strong antioxidant effect, is used to improve appetite and digestion. Thanks to its stimulating properties pepper stimulates the appetite, helps with indigestion, stimulates the metabolism, activating the "burning" calories.

Cayenne pepper increases the resistance to colds, effective for high blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease:


capsaicin thins the blood, improves circulation, stimulating the normal function of the cardiovascular system.

Also used for diabetes, syndrome hangover, arthritis, asthma, renal infections, respiratory diseases.

Cayenne pepper has long been renowned as a means to increase potency in men - included in its composition capsaicin and essential oil improves blood circulation and increasing blood flow to the pelvic organs, tones the nervous system, increase sexual potency.

Outwardly Cayenne pepper acts as a distracting and irritating to the skin means a part of the Capsicum plaster and has an effect similar to the familiar yellow card.


Properties of cayenne pepper.

Today, a small burning fruit used to solve many problems:
  • Cayenne pepper stimulates the metabolism;
  • With the ability to suppress pathogenic microflora, it normalizes bowel function and prevents flatulence;
  • Warns a sharp rise in blood sugar levels and helps to prolong the feeling of satiety;
  • The presence of large amounts of vitamin C helps fight infections peppers and immunity;
  • Used in the treatment of colds and respiratory diseases (sinusitis, sinusitis).

Capsaicin consisting pepper protects cells from attack toxins, such as tobacco. It also inhibits the mutation of cells, protecting organs from malignant tumors.

Has a normalizing effect on blood vessels: expands when they are narrowed and narrows when they expanded. tincture of cayenne pepper is recommended by physicians, naturopaths to use instead of nitroglycerin for pain in the heart.

When applied externally relieves pain and stimulates blood circulation. Pepper can cure and disinfect wounds, and hot foot bath powder pepper remove the pain and help when there is insufficient blood supply to the lower limbs.


Stimulate the body to the hormone of happiness - another wonderful opportunity to cayenne pepper.

Products - stimulants hormones of happiness.

Ideal products for women:

parsley and tubular mushrooms, dried dates and sea kale, onions and mushrooms, papaya, pecans, watermelon and beer, celery and mustard greens, spirulina and rutabaga, turnips and zucchini, carrots and beets, apricots and oranges, peppers and mango , tangerines and whey.

No less useful:

strawberry and apricot, grapefruit and pineapple, chili pepper and cherry, plum and sunflower seeds, zucchini and potatoes, guava and pumpkin, buckwheat and tomato paste, pears and chocolate, sesame seeds and tomatoes, almonds and pumpkin seeds, sprouts and wheat flour ( wholemeal), grapes, and figs, sweet potatoes and bananas.


Now a few words about dopamine - the male hormone of happiness.

For the production of dopamine, there are "male" products. Both boys and men need proteins.

They need to beware of those products which contain a lot of sugars and excess fat.

Ideal products for men:

absolutely all the cereals and egg whites, beans and whey, cod and flounder, crab meat and skim milk, black beans and clams, lobsters and nonfat cottage cheese, turkey and shrimp, sea bass and halibut, chicken and spirulina, lean ham and liver, salmon and yogurt. And also lean steaks and oysters, lean lamb and low-fat milk, oatmeal and sardines, tofu and duck, soy beans and mozzarella cheese, mackerel and sour cream.

Products that produce happiness hormones, male and female, for moderate use: cheese and bacon, whole milk and peanut butter, peanuts and ribs, sausages and almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts and cashews.

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