Превышен лимит товаров для текущего тарифного плана

Partitions Walnuts Tincture

Partitions Walnuts Tincture

Walnuts Partitions treatment


Diabetes pancreatitis thyroid pancreas ovarian cyst treatment partitions walnut tincture application properties buy store of traditional medicine. Fibroids BPH neurosis immunodeficiency treatment at home by extracts of health.

Walnut partitions properties.

peregorodki_orehaWalnut, as a means of treatment of various diseases due to its lechebnye properties have been known for a long time. It can rightly be called a unique product, as it is the owner of numerous medicinal qualities. Have useful properties as the kernel and its partition, and even eggshell.

Walnut walls have excellent therapeutic effect for the treatment of various diseases, as they contain a large list of nutrients, such as glycosides, alkaloids. In addition, the septum nut is also rich in organic acids.

Walnut partitions have the following properties:


The content of a large amount of iodine gives the possibility to use partitions as a means to replenish its deficiency in the human body. But knowing that iodine deficiency is very typical for a large population living in different regions, it can be concluded that iodine deficiency is one of the main reasons for the manifestation of various diseases.

difisit_yodaDue to the lack of this mineral substance in the human body, interferes with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, may develop fibroids, prostate adenoma, or breast, as well as, reduced the immune resistance of the organism.

Besides all this, a deficiency may be weakness and fairly rapid fatigue, irritability. By the way, people who devote large amounts of time working at the computer - most often there is a lack of iodine.

To check the rules amount of iodine in the body before sleep is necessary to smear (with fleece) on the forearm a few narrow stripes of iodine. If in the morning a trace of iodine will not remain, you are the winner of the iodine deficiency in your body. In this case, as it is impossible by the way, you will need the healing properties of the walnut walls.

Lack of iodine can cause the following diseases:


To increase the amount of iodine in the human body, without resorting to the use of any chemical substances, also, can help a decoction/infusion of partitions of a walnut.

In addition, they possess strong antiseptic properties and can be used in the treatment of small wounds, relieve symptoms of conjunctivitis and are used to treat other infectious eye diseases.


Walnut partitions contraindications.


peregorodki_oreha_protivipokazaniyaEvery drug has both advantages and disadvantages.

As a rule, the application of tincture of partitions walnuts is strictly contraindicated in patients with allergies, atopic dermatitis, sensitive psoriasis, severe dermatitis, and also for people prone to urticaria (or angioedema), chronic acute gastritis, i.e.,located in the initial acute stage of the disease.

And even if you are healthy and are not inclined to these ailments, still, before starting application of tincture of partitions, you should first consult with your doctor.


Walnut partitions tincture composition.


Tincture Walnut partitions  properties.

Tincture partitions walnut has the following properties:


Tincture Walnut partitions application.

Tincture partitions walnut is used for the treatment and prevention of:


Effective for the prevention of premature aging.

Usage: take 10 drops per 100 ml of water 3 times a day. Local (external) application - for the treatment of wounds; rubbing - in diseases of the joints.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 250 ml.


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