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The Cleavers Tincture

The Cleavers Tincture

The Tincture of Cleavers buy


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The Cleavers - what it is.

podmarenik_nastoyka_lechenieThe Cleavers - weeds of the family Chenopodiaceae, the people called, also: carapita, gemorroynaya grass, lapusnik, and in Ukraine - lipica and zalenka. The Cleavers grows everywhere, preferring fertile, lime-rich soils and moist soil (has high ecological plasticity).

The leaves are used as a tea, in the use which the person receives a lot of health benefits, helping the body to fight against various diseases.

Grass seeds can be fried and used as a coffee substitute.

Juice from the roots of the plants are used as food coloring, red or pink. Young, tender shoots are used in many types of salads.

In the roots of cleavers contain saponins, iridoids, anthraquinones, vitamin K, vitamin C, and red dye. In grass plants were found flavonoidy, iridoids and vitamins.


The beneficial properties of Cleavers are used in herbal medicine, as it is very effective and causes no side effects. In ancient times, this herb was considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

The Cleavers contraindications.

The Cleavers has a strong astringent action. This is due to the high content of tannin. Therefore, it is necessary to make a break for one to two weeks every two weeks of application.

The juice from the plant has pronounced diuretic properties, so you need to be especially careful of people who are sick with diabetes.

The Cleavers is poorly poisonous plant, so it is necessary to strictly maintain the dosage when application. You should not use the drugs plants for pregnant women and children.


The Cleavers Tincture composition.

The Tincture of Cleavers include:


The Cleavers Tincture properties.

Tincture of Cleavers has the following properties:


The Cleavers Tincture application.

Tincture of Cleavers are designed to treat the following diseases:


Application: 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. In severe edema, the dose can be doubled. Skin diseases, tumors, indurations, ulcers - apply topically in the form of compresses.

Shelf life: 2 years

Volume: 500 ml.

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