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The Bolotov's Brew on Cocklebur

The Bolotov's Brew on Cocklebur

Cocklebur Brew buy

Gastritis Intestinal Infection Potency Psoriasis Eczema Skin Diseases Prostatitis Cystitis treatment prevention the Bolotov's Brew on Cocklebur properties application contraindications buy store of traditional medicine. Oncology treatment at home by extracts of health.

Cocklebur in folk medicine.

The Cocklebur prickly, chemical composition of which is poorly understood, as a rule, are used exclusively by healers, with the exception of some countries where the plant is ranked as the Pharmacopoeia. All the researchers emphasize the high content in its composition of iodine.

But not only this element depend on the therapeutic properties of Cocklebur: it contains alkaloids, flavonoids and other biologically active substances.

In seeds of Cocklebur contains large amounts of fatty oil, which is suitable both for technical purposes and for use in food.

The fruits of Cocklebur has astringent and antibacterial properties, so they are often prescribed for diarrhea, including infectious nature.

The Spiny Cocklebur is a good remedy in the treatment of various skin diseases; it is used inside and externally for eczema, herpes, fungal infections.


kvas_durnishnikaThe Cocklebur is used in the treatment of oncological diseases, as this plant is able to kill tumor cells and stop tumor growth.

So it is used for the treatment of lung cancer, stomach and skin. It is due to the large amount of iodine in the body is saturated with useful elements during endocrine dysfunctions of the body.

The Cocklebur kills infection with scrofula, dysentery, ringworm, malaria.

Having a large range of the above positive qualities, it is dangerous to accept funds on the basis of this plant: the Cocklebur Tincture, the Juice of Cocklebur in acute forms of peptic ulcer of the duodenum and stomach. Before treatment it is better to determine the individual tolerability in order to avoid allergic reactions.


The Bolotov's Brew on Cocklebur prickly composition.

The composition of the Bolotov's Brew on Cocklebur prickly consists of the following components:

The Bolotov's Brew on Cocklebur prickly properties.

The Bolotov's Brew on prickly Cocklebur has the following properties:

The Bolotov's Brew on Cocklebur prickly application.

The Bolotov's Brew on prickly Cocklebur is prescribed for the treatment of:

Directions: adults and children over 12 years - 2 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals (diluted in 100 ml of boiled warm water).

Shelf life: 12 month.

Volume: 500 ml.


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