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Flaraxin (caps)

Flaraxin (caps)
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Flaraxin capsules buy

Flaraxin Tuberculosis Chlamydia multiple sclerosis inflammatory bowel bowel cancer bowel disease prevention therapy. Flaraxin interferon inducers properties recommendation to buy store of traditional medicine and sports nutrition. Available in stock. Fast delivery.

What is Flaraxin.

FLARAXIN (capsules) - is an effective natural interferon inducer, has antitumor, antiviral, immunomodulatory effects.

Stimulates FLARAXIN synthesis in an organism interferons alpha and gamma type with a duration of action up to 72 hours and the growth of stem cells.

Effectively used in inflammatory diseases of the digestive organs and intestines. Widely used in treatment of gastrointestinal tract cancers.

It is used for the treatment of viral hepatitis B, C, D, E, to restore blood leukocyte counts, with herpes and cytomegalovirus infection and multiple sclerosis.

Effectively destroys the bacteria and viruses that cause infection and improves the capillary blood supply. Reduces the level of toxins in the blood. Removes radionuclides.


Flaraxin contains:

  • complex phenolic compounds;

  • tannins;

  • potassium iodide;

  • kelp extract;

  • complex of vitamins and trace elements.


Flaraxin pharmacological effect.

flaraxin_prirodnyui_inductor_interferonaThis drug is an effective natural interferon inducer. Upon receiving effect, duration of action, safety and breadth of use is much greater than similar tools.

FLARAXIN stimulates the synthesis of interferon in the body type? and?. Most interferon production in the blood appears after 6-8 hours, and interferon titer level is maintained for 72 hours after dosing.

FLARAXIN stimulates the growth of stem cells, characterized by mild immunomodulatory effect and direct antiviral effect. Effectively destroys the bacteria and viruses that cause infections.


Flaraxin indications for use:

This drug is prescribed for adults to treat herpes, viral hepatitis, prevention and treatment of cytomegalovirus infection. Also, FLARAXIN may be involved in complex therapy of tuberculosis, respiratory and urogenital chlamydiosis, multiple sclerosis and others.



Flaraxin method of use:

FLARAXIN using 1 capsule daily after meals for 10 days.

Influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections require application for 1 week.

Hepatitis A - treated 2 weeks, Hepatitis B - treated 3 weeks.

Treatment of infections is designed for 3 or 4 weeks, chlamydial, cytomegalovirus and herpes infections require a 4-week treatment. In order to prevent 1 capsule FLARAXIN drink 1 time per week.

Preventive course - for 4 weeks.



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