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Amygdalin Apricot pits Flour


Amygdalin laetrile Enzymes Vitamins B17 anti-cancer Flour Apricot pits Properties Recommendations Application buy to store of traditional medicine. Oncology treatment at home by health extracts.

Now Amygdalin is one of the few substances with proven anti-cancer action. It is a water-soluble compound of cyanide and benzaldehyde molecules, does not dissolve in oil, melts and breaks down at a temperature of 217 degrees.

Laetrile (Vitamin B17) - cyan glycoside contained in the bones of bitter almonds, today is the standard anticancer therapy. Penetrating the cell under the influence of tumor specific beta-glucosidase enzyme, forms toxic cyanide compounds and benzaldehyde, which cause rapid destruction of tumor cells only.


Vitamins against cancer properties.

amigdalin_b17Vitamin B17 is harmless because each molecule of this vitamin is only one of a cyanide compound and benzoldehida 1 and 2 of compounds of glucose, which is compact and tightly packed together.

To cyanide was dangerous, as necessary at the beginning to "open" the molecule, thus releasing it therefrom, it can make exclusively, an enzyme called beta-glucosidase.

This enzyme is located in the body of each person only in very small amounts, but it is 100 times greater in cancerous tumors. And, since cyanide is released exclusively in cancer areas of the body, even amazing how good are the results that are detrimental to all cancer cells, as well as benzoldehid released at the same time.

According to its properties, it is also a real deadly poison, but when he, together with cyanide, it is stronger even 100 times. The effect of which is made all the above substances on cancer cells, is simply magnificent. All cancer cells are killed by them.

Does not have side effects and does not damage healthy tissue.


What are enzymes.

That food is well digested and assimilated properly, the thyroid gland produces 3 important enzyme - lipase, amylase and protein. The rest comes from the outside into the body together with food. Among them are the enzymes contained in the fresh plant food, vegetables, and fruits.

At its core, they are enzymes that speed up chemical reactions in our body, promoting proper digestion and cleanse the body. They give a person strength, energy, enhance immunity and fight infection. In the body, enzymes as catalysts to help the absorption of the rest of the food, and normalizing metabolism - contribute to the loss of extra pounds.


Amygdalin in nature.

vitaminyi_b17Vitamin B17 (nitrilozid) is in the seeds and seeds of bitter apricot, blackthorn, cherry, nectarine, peach, apples, plums, corn, sorghum, millet, cassava, linseed, as well as in many other foods, which tend to were excluded from the menu of modern civilization.

Kernels, fruit or seeds also contain other nutrients including proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and various minerals.

The most common source of B17 is apricot pits.

Apricot pits - one of the main components of the diet of peoples crops such as Indians Navajo, Hunzakuts (Hunza people of the Himalayas), Abkhazians and many others. To the people of these cultures was not observed a single case of cancer, as long as their diet contained the traditional foods.

Vitamin B17 is combined with other vitamins and nutrients in alternative treatments.

High doses of vitamin B17 may cause the following side effects:
  • nausea;

  • headache;

  • dizziness;

  • low blood pressure;

  • muscle weakness.

When taking large doses of vitamin B17 should limit the use of these products, which themselves contain amygdalin:

  • almonds;

  • celery;

  • apricots;

  • peaches;

  • pea pods;

  • linseed oil;

  • nuts.

Apricot pits Flour composition.

The most easy to use flour apricot seed after extracting the oil, crushing and roasting mandatory, to neutralize emulsin.

muka_amygdalinFlour bitter Apricot seeds in its composition contains:


  • fat45 gr;

  • carbohydrates4 grams;

  • protein25 grams;

  • unsaturated fatty acids40 mg;

  • saturated fatty acids3 g;

  • vitamins of group PP4 mg;

  • macronutrients (potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus) – 12 mg;

  • trace elements (iron) – 7 mg;

  • amygdalin - 1-1,5 gr.

The caloric content of apricot pits is 450 calories (per 100 g). It can be taken in small portions, picking up your individual dose.

Apricot pits flour application.

Cancer cell has an accelerated metabolism and due to lack of oxygen receives energy by anaerobic glycolysis, so actively captures and breaks down all substances containing glucose.

b_17One of the enzymes inherent only in cancer cells is beta-glucosidase, which cleaves glucose from the amygdalin molecule releases benzaldehyde and hydrocyanic acid. When this process occurs inside the cell-it dies.

However, the bones, as well, contains an enzyme emulsifier, which, like beta-glycosidase cleaves amygdalin and can cause serious poisoning of the body.

This reaction occurs only in a liquid medium, and in dry bones amygdalin remains unchanged.  But the emulsion is unstable to high temperature, so after proper heat treatment can destroy the emulsion and keep the concentration of amygdalin.
Apricot stone flour (natural Amygdalin) is effectively used in the treatment of cancer, destroying cancer cells.


It is interesting to note that in more than 50% of cases during metabolic therapy, cancer patients are on the mend.

These figures are very impressive, as they prove the effectiveness of treatment. The introduction of the drug Amygdalin is sometimes supplemented with Dimexide, which contributes to better penetration of the drug into all tissues of the body. So take the right dose of amygdalin, dissolve it in saline (200 ml), adding gradually 10 ml of sterile dimexide. Gradually increase the dose.

Internal injections with metabolic therapy with Amygdalin, can be replaced by taking Flour Apricot bitter bones (throughout the day).


Who needs Apricot pits Flour.

Doctors of foreign clinics have long concluded that Amygdalin is very effective in the treatment of cancer. Especially with lesions of the liver, kidneys, uterus, prostate, breast, low efficiency showed only in the practice of treatment of leukemia.

muka_primenenieIn addition, vitamins B17 are advised to take with a predisposition to cancer:


  • When "bad" heredity (if the family someone had cancer);

  • Under negative environmental conditions;

  • Under exposure to stress.

The risk group includes women over 40 and men with a hormonal imbalance.

There are cases of successful treatment in the later stages of the disease - after transplantation, invasive methods of oncotherapy, radiation.

Using Apricot pits Flour can not only counteract cancer. During its long 60-year history, this tool has proved its effectiveness in strengthening the immune system, normalizing blood pressure by strengthening the vascular system, the presence of glucose, that is, clean energy, giving a surge of activity.

In combination with other vitamins B17 hardens, increases immunity resistance to external threats, and all this without negative actions. Being a natural drug, it immediately reacts with healthy tissues, debugging disturbed or supporting normal metabolic processes.


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