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Laetrile (Vitamin B17) - cyan glycoside contained in the bones of bitter almonds, today is the standard anticancer therapy. Penetrating the cell under the influence of tumor specific beta-glucosidase enzyme, forms toxic cyanide compounds and benzaldehyde, which cause rapid destruction of tumor cells only.


Vitamins against cancer properties.

amigdalin_b17Vitamin B17 is harmless because each molecule of this vitamin is only one of a cyanide compound and benzoldehida 1 and 2 of compounds of glucose, which is compact and tightly packed together. To cyanide was dangerous, as necessary at the beginning to "open" the molecule, thus releasing it therefrom, it can make exclusively, an enzyme called beta-glucosidase.

This enzyme is located in the body of each person only in very small amounts, but it is 100 times greater in cancerous tumors. And, since cyanide is released exclusively in cancer areas of the body, even amazing how good are the results that are detrimental to all cancer cells, as well as benzoldehid released at the same time.

According to its properties, it is also a real deadly poison, but when he, together with cyanide, it is stronger even 100 times. The effect of which is made all the above substances on cancer cells, is simply magnificent. All cancer cells are killed by them.

Does not have side effects and does not damage healthy tissue.


What are enzymes.

That food is well digested and assimilated properly, the thyroid gland produces 3 important enzyme - lipase, amylase and protein. The rest comes from the outside into the body together with food. Among them are the enzymes contained in the fresh plant food, vegetables, and fruits.

At its core, they are enzymes that speed up chemical reactions in our body, promoting proper digestion and cleanse the body. They give a person strength, energy, enhance immunity and fight infection. In the body, enzymes as catalysts to help the absorption of the rest of the food, and normalizing metabolism - contribute to the loss of extra pounds.


Amygdalin in nature.

vitaminyi_b17Vitamin B17 (nitrilozid) is in the seeds and seeds of bitter apricot, blackthorn, cherry, nectarine, peach, apples, plums, corn, sorghum, millet, cassava, linseed, as well as in many other foods, which tend to were excluded from the menu of modern civilization. Kernels, fruit or seeds also contain other nutrients including proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and various minerals.

The most common source of B17 is apricot.

Apricot pits - one of the main components of the diet of peoples crops such as Indians Navajo, Hunzakuts (Hunza people of the Himalayas), Abkhazians and many others. To the people of these cultures was not observed a single case of cancer, as long as their diet contained the traditional foods.
Vitamin B17 is combined with other vitamins and nutrients in alternative treatments.

High doses of vitamin B17 may cause the following side effects: nausea, headache, dizziness, low blood pressure, muscle weakness.

When taking large doses of vitamin B17 should limit the use of these products, which themselves contain amygdalin:

  • almonds;

  • celery;

  • apricots;

  • peaches;

  • pea pods;

  • linseed oil;

  • nuts.


Amygdalin treatment protocol.

Internal injection therapy when metabolic amygdalin can replace reception capsules (10 - 12 capsules throughout the day).

Step One. Preparatory.

Stage lasts from two to three weeks, held in the hospital and is an intensive rehabilitation course. It includes a thorough diagnosis, ayurveda, Sokolov and ozone therapy, complete detoxification of the internal organs, taking protivogribkvyh and antiparasitic drugs, as well as a course for improving immunity.

That is the organism is a preparation for subsequent treatment. It is important that the preparatory course of treatment is being held in a hospital. In the event that it is impossible to transport cancer patients, individual purification procedures are performed by qualified medical personnel at home.

Step Two. Metabolic therapy.

Phase begins with the introduction of the drug rectally. For this purpose vials amygdalin on 3 g. For each patient, the necessary dose is individual, but on average 1 - 6 vials containing component is from 3 to 18 g.

For internal administration is necessary to test for allergic reactions. To this end, the minimum amount of drug administered, and after half an hour looking at the result.

The duration of the treatment phase varies depending on the condition of the patient and may be from 9 to 21 days. The most common drug Amygdalin well tolerated. Before the next stage of treatment is necessary to rehabilitation therapy, which was mentioned earlier, because otherwise the treatment is ineffective, and in some cases adversely affect the condition of cancer patients.

The fact is that the body simply can not cope with a decay product of a cancer cell that can be expanded in 3 hours after administration of amygdalin. It is important to continue detoxification. Moreover, it should be combined with the administration of vitamin B17 vitamin therapy.

To conduct should be consumed vitamin Pangamic acid, known as vitamin B15 (1 capsule taken three times daily after meals for a month); Dihydroquercetin - it is taken three times a day 2 capsules during the meal. The course of treatment - a month.

Enter in the diet of minerals - a full range of minerals that take on a tablet during meals for a month, and zinc (1 tab. daily with meals - per month). Immunostabiliziruyuschie drugs: Allibiotik (capsule 2 p. / day during meals) and Polyoxidonium intramuscular and intravenous injections of 20 mg of 6 (alternate introduction of the drug).

Treatment onkoprotektor ANSS 6-12 capsules / day for three months. In addition, it is important to combine medical treatment with taking apricot pits and bitter almonds (the rate of 1 pit 5-10 kg of patient body weight per day). The dose is divided into several stages.

It is interesting to note that in over 50% of cases during the metabolic therapy cancer patients are recovering.

These figures are impressive, as prove the effectiveness of the treatment. The introduction of the drug Amygdalin is sometimes supplemented Dimexidum that contributes to a better penetration of the drug into all tissues of the body. Thus take the necessary dose amygdalin, it was dissolved in saline (200ml), adding gradually 10 ml of sterile Dimexidum. Gradually increase the dose.

Sometimes it is combined with the drug Amygdalin ASD. Take fasting rate of 1 ml / 50-100 ml water.

Internal rectal injection therapy when metabolic amygdalin can replace reception capsules (10 - 12 capsules throughout the day).

The course of treatment is accompanied by the appointment of vitamin B15, C500, Aevitum, E400, Enzymes, Zinc, ANSSI and polioksidonija and seeds of bitter almonds and apricot in a month (30 days).

Step Three. Securing the results.

Step seat 90 days. During this period, reduced dose amygdalin (7  -8 capsules throughout) and assigned multivitamin third stage. In the final phase of treatment carried out tests that are necessary to obtain an objective picture of the effectiveness of the course, as well as for the subsequent development of tactics, maintain the result and exceptions regression of the disease.

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