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Chloride Cesium

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Oncology Cancer Treatment Cesium Chloride Recommendations Properties buy store of traditional medicineThe most effective of all alternative methods of Treating Cancer at home.

Cesium chloride is one of the most studied alternative methods of cancer treatment. A whole pleiad of famous doctors conducted their own private long-term studies of the effects of cesium chloride on the cancer cell.

Treatment of cancer with the help of cesium chloride has been at the forefront of alternative medicine in many countries of the world (except Russia) for more than three decades. This is both a strong and fast method. However, this method is so powerful that a person should not even try to apply it without consulting and supporting already experienced people in this matter.


hlorid_tsezia_kupitFor patients in whom the spread of cancer in the body has already catastrophic consequences, and who need urgent help, this cesium chloride protocol is the most effective of all alternative methods of treating cancer at home.

Some people do not want to go for the application of cesium chloride because of the fear of toxicity. But look at it this way: if you have chances of survival with orthodox medicine are almost equal to zero, at the moment there are only three alternative cancer treatments that will give you a chance to succeed.

This application of Cesium chloride, Amygdaline and Sodium dichloroacetate. They give even terminal patients a high chance of survival!

Cesium chloride in the treatment of oncology.

Cancer is a pathological process starting in one cell. Under the influence of pathogenic factors, a healthy cell of the body ceases to perceive signals that control its growth and division. It continues to grow, uncontrollably sharing and reproducing similar abnormal cells.

Cancer cells have the ability to penetrate into surrounding tissues and, along with blood and lymph flow, spread throughout the body, preventing the normal performance of their functions by healthy cells, organs, and systems.

There are many forms of cancer tumors, each of which influences the human body in its own way. Sarcomas affect blood vessels, muscle, fat and bone tissue, carcinomas develop from mucosal cells, lymphomas arise from immune cells, and can later spread to distant parts of the body.

What is cesium chloride?

hlorid_tseziaCesium is a rare chemical element, which is a soft alkali metal, similar in chemical structure to lithium, sodium and potassium. Cesium chloride is a cesium compound with chlorine, which is also called the cesium salt of hydrochloric acid.

Most often cesium chloride is associated with antitumor pH therapy and the works of China Brewer, Otto Warbug and His Sarotori. They found out that the obligatory conditions for the development of a cancer cell are:


Increasing the pH level negatively affects the atypical cells, stopping their growth and division. Cesium is one of the most highly alkaline chemical elements, has a high pH level and is easily passed by the membranes of tumor cells, increasing their alkalinity to a critical level for survival.

Cesium chloride and cancer are the principle of action.

A normal cell begins to mutate without getting enough oxygen to transform glucose into energy by oxidation. Trying to survive, the cell returns to the most primitive nutritional scheme. To maintain its vital functions, it processes glucose by enzymatic cleavage.

Lactic acid (lactate), produced by this method, reduces the alkalinity of the cellular environment, and destroys certain sections of RNA and DNA responsible for controlling its growth and division. Begins uncontrolled cell proliferation (division). At the same time, lactate causes intense localized pain and leads to the destruction of cellular enzymes.


Thus, cancer is a tumor mass with an outer membrane of fast-growing cells and a nucleus that constitutes dead cells.

Cesium is the only alkaline element that can affect tumor cells in two ways. At first, cesium reduces the ability of the cell to absorb glucose, this leads to its starvation and a decrease in the process of fermentation. Secondly, it helps increase the pH level of cellular contents to 8.0.

This leads to the neutralization of lactate and the relief of pain syndrome after 12-24 hours. The pH level of 8.0 is deadly for tumor cells, they die in a few days, after which they are absorbed and excreted by the body.


The Cesium chloride intake and dosage.



hlorid_tsezia_dozirovkaThis description of the dosage and of the drug of Cesium Chloride given for informational purposes only. In each case the order of reception and dosage should be administered by the attending doctor.

The complete algorithm is the use of Cesium Chloride for cancer of any localization (except the brain) can be divided into two stages.

Stage I (First 2-3 weeks):


All these steps are necessary to restore the organs of excretion.

Stage II (Now the body is ready).

The first dose of Cesium should be firing. People are different and so the dose must also be different. Start with 3 grams a day. That is 1 gram three times a day, after meals.

If within 2-3 days – not sick, no disorder of the chair – prolonged each meal for one gram. In a day is 6 grams. Wait 2-3 days if there are no listed signs-prolonged for another gram.

If nausea, vomiting, upset his chair – you have reached your dosage. Reduce one gram.


Your dose is a maximum dose without nausea and disorders.

During this period - food, preferably vegetarian, but you can add egg yolks, raw liver and raw meat. Coffee enemas 1-2 times a day.

Not recommended - juices and any cleaning procedures.

To enhance the action of Cesium, and if Your body allows, you can make the Cesium inside with Todicamp.

Usually within 4-5 weeks (up to three months), the effect of the reception. If the collapse of the tumor, or it is beginning to dry up-we start drinking cleansing juices, herbal teas in large quantities, and enzymes to 5 multiple doses. And have patience.


Drinking cesium to eliminate all signs of cancer.

If You are confident on the basis of MRI, CT scan, PET scan, that the cancer cells are destroyed, continue to drink the drugs, potassium, cesium dose reduce to 0.5 grams. A day - or go to AMYGDALINUS prevention Protocol.


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