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Flaraxin (vials)

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Flaraxin general.

Flaraxin - multifunctional herbal drug. Active component of plant polyphenols are produced by special technology.

Flaraxin (injectable) - antitumor, antiviral herbal remedies, has interferogennymi properties, stimulates tumor necrosis factor, is a protector to healthy cells during chemotherapy.

Flaraxin ingredients:

  • contains a complex phenolic compounds;

  • tannins;

  • potassium iodide;

  • kelp extract;

  • vitamins and trace elements.

Has strong antioxidant properties. Detoxifies and reduces the overall toxicity, safe to use. In most cases it is possible to achieve tumor regression and destruction of metastatic damage to other organs.

Prevent relapse. FLARAXIN compatible with various drugs, with the exception of iron-containing. In the combined treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, enhances the effect of the drug on onco-cells and significantly reduces the toxic damage to normal cells.

Flaraxin Pharmacological properties.

Flaraxin has a broad spectrum of biological activities: antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anti-viral and anti-tumor.

Studies conducted in the leading laboratories NAS proved:

  • FLARAXIN ability to stimulate the production of endogenous interferon and tumor necrosis factor;

  • Normalization of immunological background in cancer patients;

  • Normalization of relations immunocompetent cells CD4 / CD8 (helper-suppressor) and an increase in the number of natural killer cells (NK-cells);

  • Immunobiohimicheskie studies established the ability to communicate with FLARAXIN oncofetal proteins, causing them to mikrodenaturatsionnye damage;

  • Carcinostatic effect is explained by the influence of FLARAXIN the metabolism of tumor cells, causing their death.

flaraxin_kupitPositive therapeutic effect in patients with advanced forms of tumor metastatic activity is accompanied by containment and elimination of autoimmune disorders, significantly improving the quality of life of patients with this category.

Flaraxin shown in different morphological forms of malignant neoplasms, for the treatment of benign tumors, and as an anti carcinostatic drug.

It is advisable to use FLARAXIN in various combinations with radiation and chemotherapy. Clinically justified and highly efficient use of it as a means of adjuvant and neoadjuvant therapy.

In the first case the preconditions for a successful surgery, the second - there is no need for preventive chemotherapy.

Flaraxin actively associated with abnormal immune complexes capable of preventing the progression of autoimmune diseases in which there are pathogenesis of immune complex formation (cirrhosis, hepatitis, chronic nephritis, etc.).

The above properties of the drug allow you to apply Flaraxin in the treatment of viral infections of the CNS, "slow" virus infections, which include AIDS, multiple sclerosis, etc.


Flaraxin effective action.


Clinical application of Flaraxin.

  • FLARAXIN should be used in patients with precancerous proliferative processes, as well as in patients with minimal tumor process, after radical surgery when it is necessary to carry out the restoration of antitumor resistance of the organism and its homeostatic mechanisms;

  • Treatment may be FLARAXIN basic background and precede polychemotherapy and radiotherapy, besides its possible use in the intervals between treatment cycles but also as a drug for stabilizing the results achieved in the classic anticancer therapy. This is due to its minimal toxicity and selectivity for tumor tissue;

  • In patients with advanced tumor process FLARAXIN appropriate to apply in the complex polihimioterpii, radiotherapy, using its specific anti-tumor activity and anti-virus, immune-boosting properties;

  • At impossibility of chemo- and radiotherapy, FLARAXIN used independently.

Flaraxin chemical properties compatible with many antineoplastic agents used, except metal as has complexation properties.

Flaraxin Dosage.


Recommended daily dose - 2 mg / kg of patient weight. 2-3 -fold excess of the dose does not cause adverse effects.

The course of treatment is 16 intravenous infusions performed continuously or two polukursami 8 infusions one week apart.

Number of treatments depends on the patient's condition.

Content of 2 vials of 75 mg dissolved in 20 ml of saline or 5% glucose solution and administered intravenously together with a dropper to fiz.rastvore (NaCl 0,9% 200 (400) ml) once a day. It is advisable to alternate the veins in order to avoid postinfuzionnyh phlebitis.
Remove possible irritation (inflammation) is used soda compress or ointment levomekol.


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