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Mammary Cancer

Mammary Cancer
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Beast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment technique simtomy signs manual download store of traditional medicine.

Breast Cancer - incomprehensible and scary topic. The harsh facts are shocking: the main cause of death for women between 25 and 75 years - the various forms of cancer, and breast cancer - one of the deadliest. This is a modern affliction has become an epidemic. But the book "Anti-cancer breast" is not written to you feared. On the contrary, it is a story of hope.

Having passed the way from setting a terrible diagnosis to full recovery, Professor Plant on own experience has known all phases of oncological treatment, he examined the root causes of breast cancer and was a program of overcoming and prevention of this terrible disease.

Thanks to the power of ten factors and lifestyle factors of ten by Jane Plant your life will really be in your hands.

Author: Jane Plant
Publisher: Ripol Klassik
Genre: Popular and alternative medicine, cancer
Year: 2015
Format: FB2
Quality: The original e-mail (ebook)
Illustrations: Black and white


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What Mammary Cancer is.

rak_grudiBreast Cancer - frequent type of cancer in women, which amounts to about 19% of all malignant tumors.

The probability of occurrence of this disease increases with age - in direct proportion (approximately 4% of patients are women under the age of 30 years).

In the development of the disease prior to playing a significant role in the disease process fabrics. The reasons for these changes may be a number of endocrine disorders, which are caused by concomitant ovarian diseases, improper feeding the child, repeat abortions, and so on. N.

The risk of breast cancer increases with the size of the mammary glands. A small value in development of the disease may have anatomical and embryological deviation (the presence of additional lobes of glandular tissue), and previous benign tumors (breast fibroadenoma).

The tumor of the breast, in its histological structure, often referred to as adenocarcinomas, or cancers staid with plenty of transitional forms. There are ductal and lobular cancers presented infiltrating and neinfiltrativnymi forms. It should be noted that, besides cancers in the mammary glands are extremely rare (only 1% of cases) may occur and non-epithelial malignant tumors - sarcomas in the diagnosis and treatment which is fundamentally no different from cancer.
Breast Cancer Treatment.


Breast tumor signs and symptoms.


  • small but very dense chondroid tumor without clear boundaries;
  • as soft site or testing consistency rounded shape, with fairly sharp edges (with a smooth or bumpy surface);
  • in the form of an obscure seal without clear boundaries.

Local spread of breast cancer to the skin depends largely on its location close to the cover, and also - from infiltrating nature of its growth.

One of the typical symptoms of cancer - fixing, wrinkling and skin retraction over the tumor, with the transition to the later stages in the limited lymphostasis (orange peel sign) and then - in pitting.


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