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Treatment of Oncology

Treatment of Oncology
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Teach Yourself oncology treatment

Cancer prevent the occurrence of cancer. Healthy lifestyle and targeted anti-cancer food.


Description tutorial Oncology:

The book is well-known naturopath Anatolia Malovichko devoted to one of the most critical and problematic issues of modern medicine - prevent the occurrence of cancer, as well as the maintenance and most importantly - the restoration of the health of cancer patients.

And the main steps on the way to finding a happy longevity - a healthy lifestyle and targeted anti-cancer food.


This publication is not a textbook of medicine. All recommendations must be consistent with the attending physician.

ONKO-STOP. The battle against cancer. Teach Yourself to those who want to defeat the disease.
Author: Anatoly Malovichko
Industry: Alternative Medicine
Format: PDF
Year: 2014
Quality: The original e-mail (ebook)
Illustrations: No Pics


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Вера Николаевна Wednesday, April 5, 2017 11:00 PM
Спасибо за книгу, рекомендую ее всем. Книга и для здоровых, и для больных. Правильное лечение при онкологии очень важно, но не менее важно знать, как не заболеть.
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