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Fly Agaric Tincture

Fly Agaric Tincture
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Mushroom Fly Agaric.

A poisonous mushroom of bright color – Amanita from a very long time attracts folk healers with its special properties. Therefore, it is used for the preparation of folk medicines – decoctions and tinctures.

Red fly agaric is traditionally considered poisonous, but no deaths have been recorded when it is eaten.

The fruit body of the mushroom contains toxic compounds, a number of which have a hallucinogenic effect: ibotenic acid, muscimol, muscazone and bufotenin. Toxicological and psychotropic effects of fly agaric are caused mainly by ibotenic acid and muscimol, but after two months of dry storage, their toxicity approaches zero.

muhomorFly agaric is used as a medicinal product in folk medicine and quite successfully (for more than 200 diseases). In folk medicine, if the fly agaric is used internally, then from everything. This is a real panacea that has all the necessary universal healing properties, from general restorative to the cure of all diseases and the gift of longevity.

Residents of the North use Fly agaric for the treatment of tuberculosis, eczema, multiple sclerosis, glandular tumors, diseases of the nervous system. The antibiotic muscarufin was found in these mushrooms. For internal use, tinctures on alcohol or vodka are used.

Fly agaric has antispasmodic, antitumor, antibacterial, antiviral properties, red fly agaric is used in folk medicine for: rheumatism, oncological neoplasms in the early stages, tuberculosis, diseases of the excretory system, colitis, etc.

The medical use of red Fly agaric is legal in many countries of the world: Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, Denmark, USA, Switzerland. In France, fly agaric is used to obtain sedatives, sleeping pills.


At the same time, fly agaric is prohibited for treatment in Arab countries, in Australia and Israel.


What is the use of Fly Agaric for Humans.

Despite belonging to poisonous mushrooms, the benefits of fly agaric for humans have been proven and relate to several aspects of his life.

As an auxiliary treatment, drugs based on it are used for endocrine, cardiovascular, skin, diseases, pathologies of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract.

Fly agaric extract is widely used in cosmetology for skin care, as it promotes the regeneration of its cells.

Decoctions of mushrooms help in the fight against any kind of insects (
Dried Fly Agaric buy).

Fly agaric Tincture. Most often, fly agarics insist on vodka or moonshine. Prepared according to all the rules, the tincture has a number of useful actions:


Fly agaric Tincture based on vodka can help with a number of diseases:


  • skin – dermatitis, psoriasis, purulent processes, mycoses;

  • cardiovascular – arrhythmias, angioedema;

  • musculoskeletal – rheumatism, muscle pain, arthritis, sciatica;

  • nervous – epilepsy, nerve damage;

  • oncological;

  • gynecological;

  • visual impairment.

Fly agaric Tincture properties.

Vodka tincture, which helps with many diseases, has become the most widespread. It should be found out how to properly prepare and use it without harming the body.

muhomor_elemeniyFor medicinal purposes, caps of red fly agaric are used, which includes:


  • ibotenic acid, has a neurotoxic property, is capable of destroying brain cells;

  • muscimol is a psychoactive substance with a sedative effect;

  • muscazone is obtained as a result of the decay of ibotenic acid under the action of ultraviolet light;

  • muscarine – promotes vasodilation, reduction of cardiac output;

  • muscarufin is an antibiotic, raises the tone of the body, has an antitumor effect.

Although psychotropic and neurotoxic substances are present in the chemical composition of fly agaric, it has a lot of healing properties.

The results of biochemical studies have shown that the skin of the cap of the red fly agaric contains the antibiotic substance muscarufin — a fiery orange pigment that inhibits the development of tumors.

From red fly agarics, folk healers have learned to make drugs for those suffering from spasms of blood vessels, sclerosis of the brain, chronic angina and such serious diseases as chorea and epilepsy.
Externally, fly agaric is usually taken in the form of ointment or tincture and used for treatment:


  • wounds;

  • injury;

  • abscesses;

  • burns;

  • frostbite;

  • external tumors;

  • cancerous ulcers;

  • skin diseases (including eczema).


Also, ointments and tinctures help with pain in the muscles, bones, joints, lower back and with the deposition of salts, with many eye diseases.

Tinctures and compresses from this mushroom help with:


  • wound healing;

  • bruises;

  • rheumatism;

  • gastric diseases;

  • diseases of the nervous system;

  • tumors of the glands;

  • tuberculosis;

  • other diseases.


Red Fly Agaric Tincture application.


Fly agaric Tincture have been used in folk medicine for a very long time. Despite the fact that fly agaric is poisonous and can cause poisoning when eaten, it has beneficial healing properties.


A variety of tinctures with antitumor, analgesic and antibiotic effects are made from red fly agaric.

How to drink fly agaric tincture.

muhomor_primenenieYou can cure stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers if you know how to properly drink a fly agaric tincture. Despite the fact that most often this remedy is used in the form of compresses and lotions, it can be very effective when taken orally. First of all, it should be understood that fly agaric is a deadly poison.


Before drinking a fly agaric tincture, be sure to consult a doctor.

Recommended use of the drug: 3 times a day, one teaspoon. Be sure to drink the tincture with water, at least 50 ml. In the absence of side effects, the dosage can be increased to 1 tablespoon per dose.

A few days before the start of the intake, the body should be cleaned, and then follow a diet: exclude smoked, fatty and heavy foods from the diet for the duration of treatment.

The use of alcoholic fly agaric tincture in osteochondrosis.


In order for the treatment to be successful and not bring unwanted complications, it is very important to know how to take the fly agaric tincture correctly.

In the treatment of osteochondrosis and other diseases of the joints and spine, compresses from tincture help. To relieve the pain syndrome, it is enough to wet a cotton swab and rub evenly into the skin.

Compresses are more effective after taking a warm bath. A piece of gauze should be soaked in a solution, squeezed well and cloth should be slightly damp.

Keep the compress for 45-60 minutes, then rinse the skin well with clean warm water without soap. Improvements are noticeable after the first days of treatment. The recommended course is daily for 7 days, after which you should take a break for 5-7 days.

With external treatment with fly agaric tincture, you should be extremely careful and cautious.

Do not allow the tincture to get on an open wound and mucous membrane. If the tincture gets into the circulatory system, you can get severe poisoning. Compresses and lotions should be applied only to those areas of the skin where there is no damage.

How to use fly agaric tincture for arthritis.

Lotions help with rheumatoid arthritis. Apply gauze soaked in tincture to the joint, cover with a film on top and wrap with a bandage or scarf. Warm up for an hour, then rinse with warm water and soap. Lotions should be repeated daily for no longer than 5 days.


The use of fly agaric tincture will have the best effect if you rub the remedy into the skin after taking a hot bath. This will help to quickly relieve pain for a long time.

How to take the fly agaric tincture for the treatment of cancer.


Before taking a tincture of fly agaric for the treatment of cancer, consult your doctor.

Since the dosage for each patient is calculated only on an individual basis, you should not start taking the tincture yourself. Throughout the course, you need to take activated charcoal or other adsorbents, adhere to a special diet.

Clinical studies have shown what tincture on fly agaric is more effective against. It is recommended for the treatment of stomach cancer, brain cancer and leukemia. You can take the tincture only at the initial stage of the disease, you can not continue treatment with the appearance of metastases and during chemotherapy.




Contraindications of mushroom fly agaric tincture.

Before being treated with a fly agaric tincture, you should definitely undergo a full examination and clarify the diagnosis of the disease. You should not take the tincture for preventive purposes or in the case when the nature of the pain is unknown.

Before applying the fly agaric tincture, you should once again thoroughly study all the side effects that may occur during treatment. Fly agaric is one of the deadly poisonous mushrooms, the consumption of which can be fatal. Despite the fact that red fly agaric is not as toxic as other types of this fungus, there is always a danger of poisoning.

muhomor_protivopokazaniaThe absolute contraindications of the tincture of fly agaric are pregnancy and age up to 18 years.

For the treatment of children, you can not use drugs that include this poisonous mushroom. The use of alcohol tincture of fly agaric can cause severe poisoning, so it is not recommended for ingestion.

The use of fly agaric tincture on vodka is allowed only with strict compliance with the recommendations and dosage.

Remember that for a person, the use of three fly agarics can become a lethal dose. When the first symptoms of departure appear: nausea, dizziness, the appearance of hallucinations, you should immediately stop taking the tincture and provide the patient with first aid.

Dosage: Recommended dose is 2-5 drops at 100-150 ml water 2 times per day.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 100 ml.


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