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Birch bark Insoles

Birch bark Insoles

Birch bark Insoles healing

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Birch treatment.

Almost every plant has healing properties and contains a kind of piggy bank, where useful substances are largely concentrated. Therefore, one plant has medicinal flowers or leaves, others have bark, and some have all parts.

Since time immemorial, it has been known that birch bark charges a person with positive energy. Therefore, the ancient Slavic peoples called the birch a warm tree. Even in a very cold room, its bark always remains warm.

beresta_svoistvaIn folk medicine, birch bark was used for various diseases:


Birch bark smoke was used to sterilize washed bandages and lint in military field conditions. Ground birch bark was part of the bread of many peoples. Birch bark is a food product.

People have long known about the healing properties of birch, they are still used to treat ailments, restore health. No wonder Chinese doctors call it Russian ginseng.

Currently, with the help of birch bark, malaria, pneumonia and dropsy are treated. Its ashes mixed with fat are used in the treatment of  herpes virus.

For disinfection, disinfection of indoor air, it is enough to drop 2-3 drops of birch tar (produced from birch bark) on burning coals. After a couple of minutes, the air will become almost sterile.

Birch is a universal tree - everything is useful in it. This raw material, like the leaves of agave, helps to pull out pus. You can also use birch bark if you are injured, and the cut does not heal for a long time. Then it is necessary to apply fresh birch bark to the affected area several times a day.



Birch bark insoles properties.

At the end of the twentieth century, the secret of the miraculous power of birch was discovered. It turned out that birch, especially its bark - birch bark is rich in betulin. After a number of studies, it turned out that betulin has a very powerful anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties and has a beneficial effect on human health.

Betulin evenly evaporates from the insoles and has a therapeutic effect:

Firstly, it reduces sweating of the feet, eliminates fungi and bacteria, wearing an insole ensures the disappearance of the smell of the feet.

Secondly, betulin, penetrating through the skin into the blood, heals joint pain, relieves fatigue from the legs, increases the body's resistance to diseases and the development of oncology. There are studies that indicate that betulin improves liver function.


Insoles made of birch bark help to cope with sweating of the feet, from cracks on the heels and heel spurs. The same birch bark or a thin film separated from the birch bark can be used to treat acne and boils.

Birch bark insoles are very convenient to use in rubber, summer and winter shoes. They do not absorb moisture, retain heat. In addition, birch bark itself has a positive energy, is bactericidal.

Historical fact: soldiers and officers since the time of Peter the Great in winter summer and went in boots with birch bark insoles, while there were completely no fungal diseases of the legs.

Birch bark insoles application.

Birch insoles are designed for used at home, casual, model and sports shoes. Berestelki ® are necessary for everyone who is forced to wear shoes for a long time.

Due to its health-improving properties, birch bark insoles are recommended for the prevention and complex therapy of fungal diseases of the feet. To achieve the maximum health-improving effect, it is recommended to change it at least once every 3 months.


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