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Hangover Drops

Hangover Drops

Binge Hangover After

Drunk Vomiting Nausea Dizziness Hangover Headache Recommendations treatment Drops for Hangover Properties Recommendations Application buy store of traditional medicine. An effective way to Get rid of a Hangover at home by health extracts.

Hangover in fact.

We are all well aware that excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages does not behave at all amicably with our nervous system. However, despite this, not everyone manages to cope with himself. If you do not stop in time, the coordination of movement, the sense of balance is disrupted, and the person is absolutely helpless.

A hangover, in fact, is a consequence of a general imbalance in the work of the human body, associated with a concentration of ethanol in the blood of more than 1%. A person with a concentration of ethanol in the blood above 2,5% may lose consciousness, with a concentration above 4% there is a serious risk of disruption of the respiratory centers. An ethanol concentration above 5% is usually fatal.


Ethanol to some extent disrupts the interaction of nerve cells with each other, although the details of the effect of alcohol at the biochemical level remain largely unclear.

The body of a healthy person is able to process alcohol in 8-12 hours. However, it is exactly 8-12 hours after libations that our body begins to actively remind us that we had too much the day before. It is through this time that the physical influence of alcohol metabolism products, known more as a hangover - a post-intoxication state of the body, begins to manifest itself.

simtomiy_pohmeliaThe usual symptoms of a hangover:


One of the problems associated with a hangover is that there is no quantitative scale for the physiological assessment of the condition for the hangover itself.

Therefore, there is no objective basis for determining the severity of the condition - symptoms may manifest differently for different people or different conditions.

However, some common symptoms can be identified:


No less than the metabolic disorders caused by a hangover, perhaps, only a list of folk remedies for its treatment. What have you not tried to relieve the condition?

Foot compresses, all varieties of black, green and flower tea (especially chamomile), brine, salted and pickled products (this is what a person should really avoid, whose stomach mucosa disturbed by ethyl alcohol and its metabolites will have an extremely negative attitude to spicy and sour food), warm milk with honey, a portion of alcohol with a small degree, vitamins, sports, chicken broth, etc.

Almost all of these drugs were tested clinically, and it turned out that they were all useless. Why do we think that they help? Yes, because any, even the most severe hangover sooner or later passes without treatment.



Hangover Drops composition.

The Basis of Drops for Hangover is using of a Special Patented Composition, which In the course of laboratory studies has shown its high efficiency by synergistic work of the components, each of which enhances the effect of the others.

kapli_pohmelie_sostavAlso, the composition of Hangover Drops contains the following components:

Thyme herb - weakens the symptoms of intoxication, promotes the restoration of the liver affected by constant alcohol consumption, accelerates regenerative processes in cells and organs.

Melissa - strengthens the nervous system, increases salivation, improves metabolism, appetite, and the activity of the digestive system. Promotes the renewal of lymph and blood, helps with headaches. It will allow the body to get rid of toxins faster.

Clover - has expectorant, diaphoretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on human body.

Mint - the active components of peppermint irritate cold receptors, nerve and blood vessels. As a result of the response, the blood vessels dilate, which helps to reduce the severity of pain.


Hangover Drops application.


The Mechanism of action of Hangover Drops is based on activating restoring the functions of human body.

Drops for a Hangover have the following effect:


Hangover Drops have the following advantage:


Dosage: 10-12 drops per 100 ml of warm boiled water (juice, compote, warm tea) 1 time a day.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 50 ml.


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