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Woodlice juice

Woodlice juice

Treatment of Weeds

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Woodlice weed-healer.

mokritsaIn nature, there are many plants that have healing properties. Many of them are well known and widely used in folk medicine and in official pharmacology.

But what a plant is, the grass is woodlice, and why it is useful - is not known to everyone, since most gardeners and gardeners consider it a weed that should be destroyed.

Woodlice (star) is an annual plant with a branched stem creeping on the ground, on which the leaves are oblong-rounded shape.

Woodlice is not an ordinary harmful and annoying weed, but a real green pharmacy under your feet, which will be useful in the kitchen, and during home Spa treatments, and in the treatment.

The stem is covered with thin hairs, and on the edges of the leaves there are cilia, when you touch which there is moisture, hence the name of the woodlice. When flowering inflorescences are formed white color, and the flowers themselves resemble their appearance small stars, hence the second name - star.

Real name woodlice - chickweed, the people lovingly called her heart and Canary grass, and - matrichnogo and slimy. So ubiquitous grass is nicknamed for its unique feature - in any weather it remains juicy and moist, pulling water from the ground and air.

After a long flowering (from may to august) fruits appear in the form of boxes of dark brown color, which contain many seeds. Seeds ripen from July to October and during this period the boxes periodically open.

The main places of growth - farmsteads, gardens, gardens, banks of streams and rivers, roadsides, forest edges. Ideal conditions for the growth and development of this plant provide moist soil and location next to an open pond.


Woodlice composition and benefit.

Chickweed is not by chance found its use in folk medicine. Such a number of nutrients, like this plant, you can only envy. Grass contains:


mokritsa_svoistvaUsing a plant with such a rich composition for medicinal purposes, you can easily replenish the lack of vitamins, nutrients and trace elements in the human body, as well as get rid of many diseases.

Woodlice is a herb full of surprises, its healing qualities are very diverse. It is particularly revered for their ability to remove inflammation and pulling of the tumor.

Woodlice, as a medicine, is used fresh, as well as in the form of juice, infusion and tincture, tea, broth and even a bath. This herb as a preventive measure to enhance immunity and obtaining useful substances and vitamins, take in food in the form of salads, vegetable soups and sandwiches.

Fresh juice of woodlice is used for instillation in diseases of the cornea or retina, 1-2 drops four times a day.

During women's lactation, one teaspoon of juice is mixed with the same amount of honey and taken three.


Woodlice Juice composition.

The juice of Woodlice (Stellaria) consists of the following components:

Woodlice Juice properties.

mokritsa_sokWoodlice has many useful properties, and with all this - there are almost no contraindications to its use. It can be used as a medicine with the following action:

Increases blood flow to the heart, while reducing its oxygen demand.

Woodlice Juice application.

sok_mokritsiy_primenenieWoodlice – a plant that is loved by all women, because Stellaria - a great beautician rare profile. With the help of inconspicuous grass, you can easily get rid of cracks on the heels, corns and corns.

The juice of Woodlice is used in folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases:


Dosage: 1-2 teaspoons 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. Shake before use.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

Volume: 250 ml.


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