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In the pathogenesis of immune deficiency plays a major role selective defeat one of the links of cellular immunity, namely, lymphoid cells apparatus - T-helpers. Immunodeficiency virus selectively adsorbed onto the T-helper cells, is reproduced in them, thereby destroying them.

As a result, all the lymphoid system is unable to carry out cellular and humoral defense reaction of the body against many viral, bacterial, fungal infections.

As a result, these groups of micro-organisms rapidly colonize in the mouth, nose, throat, upper respiratory tract, causing a toxic inflammatory lesions, gross morphological changes, increased epithelial permeability membranes.

As a result, increases in the penetration of fluids, including blood in the body to toxic products.


Pels Dentistry Action.

pelovit_stomatologiaProgressive intoxication, eventually depletes the energy reserves and exchange microorganism and is fatal.

Today, most of the known therapeutic and preventive measures are reduced:


  • on the one hand - the use of drugs that suppress the reproduction of the virus immunodeficiency that is ineffective;

  • on the other hand - for the symptomatic treatment with antibiotics, antiparasitic, antifungal chemotherapeutic agents designed to inhibit intensified suspended prison pathogenic flora.

This causes a temporary decrease in toxicity and tolerable, until the next relapse, the patient's existence.

In any case, toxemia increases due to therapeutic interventions in the intestine dysbacteriosis and, in response to chemotherapy and antibiotic. Therefore, the general strategy of symptomatic events is still a struggle by all available means to activate the conditionally pathogenic flora in the mucous.

Therefore, when at our clinical observations were bacteriologically confirmed complete freedom from pathogenic staphylococcus when sanitizing pregnant by rinsing nasopharyngeal mucos, had an idea immediately use Pels and for the treatment of mucous membranes of the upper respiratory and genital tract in patients with immune deficiency, in order to reduce the degree of colonization of microorganisms and detoxification.


Once again, we received confirmation of high efficiency Pels on the background of the system reduce the immunological reactivity and high stability of microorganisms to antibiotics.




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