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White Clay (1000 g)

White Clay (1000 g)
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White Clay Kaolin treatment stomach digestive tract the excretion of absorbed gases application recommendations properties buy store of traditional medicine. Masks for face cleansing skin treatment at home.

White Clay.

belaya_glinaWhite Clay is now widely used in medical practice. Its composition: aluminum silicate doped with calcium and magnesium silicates.

Prepared by White Clay purification of natural clay - kaolin. It is used topically in the form of powders, pastes, ointments (skin diseases), ulcers, diaper rash, burns and inside.

The oldest adsorbents are activated carbon and clay.

Kaolin or White Clay used in the dermatology and cosmetology for the treatment of acne, oily skin. It is a natural mineral based on aluminosilicates. Kaolin is a white powder with a yellow or blue tint. At the touch - fat. When you add a small amount of water, kaolin is easy to mix a plastic mass.

Cleaning and drying of the skin is the main feature of the white clay that: removes dirt, absorbs excess sebum and secretions of sweat glands present on the skin.

Therefore, it is frequently used in:


  • dermatology (in the form of ointments, and pastes);

  • beauty salons (composed of masks);

  • child cosmetics (powder).

White Clay properties.

White clay well with powdered cosmetic substance: zinc and titanium white, talc, starch, magnesium oxide (dry). It is added in inflammatory ointments and masks as it enhances the bactericidal effect of certain substances.

Also, clay is used in decorative cosmetics (consisting of dry powders and deodorants).

White clay is often used for the masks preparation at home. It is particularly recommended for use for women with oily skin. To dry the skin - it will not do. If the skin combined on fatty areas to apply a clay mask - you can.

Enterosorption - binding and removal of harmful substances from the digestive tract. Enterosorption recommended for persons suffering from allergies, as well as protection from the damaging effects of radiation, agricultural chemicals, chemical contamination of food products.

According to the sorption properties of white clay gives activated carbon (karbolenu), but, according to the physical and experimental studies, it has radioprotective properties.


Clay out of body most of the absorbed gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane, i.e. mostly toxic products of metabolism.

Inside appoint 15-25 g white clay for a glass of water 3-4 times a day with disorders of the digestive tract.

The positive effect of white clay has in colitis, enteritis, arising on a background of immunodeficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome or during chemotherapy and rentgenoradioterapii.


Recommendations for use of White Clay.

kaolin_primenenie2-3 teaspoons of powder to the consistency of sour cream dilute with water or infusion of herbs useful for skin - chamomile, celandine, marjoram.

Apply the mixture evenly on the fatty areas of the face and leave on for 15-20 minutes to dry. Then rinse with warm water and rinse with cool water.

After such masks skin becomes clean and fresh, with her clay removes excess sebum, making it a matte, without oily sheen. You can also grate the cucumber slice, mix with a small amount of white clay and evenly apply on face for 15 minutes, then rinse. The skin will be pink and tender.

White clay also can be used with oily scalp, at an elevated greasiness of hair. Spread a handful of clay with water. Instead of water you can use broth useful for hair herbs - nettle, or chamomile. The resulting mixture was stir until smooth.

Apply to the scalp, rubbing lightly in parting, then along the entire length of hair. After 30-40 minutes, rinse with warm water with a small amount of shampoo. Clay hair to remove excess greasiness, improve skin nutrition.

It's also possible to make flavored bath with clay. To do this, a handful of dry powder, add first 4-5 drops of essential oil you pleasant - rose, lavender and hyssop, which, incidentally, is well calms nervous system.

Stir scented clay, first in a small amount of water until the consistency of sour cream. Then dilute the mixture with water jet in a filled bathtub. Since the skin is warmed up in the bath, the pores open it, such procedures are very useful for its purification and drying.

There is also a folk prescription use clay for resorption of edema and bruising. The affected area should be cast in the form of bandages, wraps. Clay promotes blood flow to the bruise or injury.

Administration is to be kept to dry then rinse with warm water.


Remember: at home clay can only be used when you do not have severe skin problems. If the acne on your face and body - pockets of various skin diseases, use clay alone is not recommended.

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