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Therapeutic Mud Shabolatsky estuary sulfide-silt (500 ml)

Therapeutic Mud Shabolatsky estuary sulfide-silt (500 ml)
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Silt mud Shabolatsky estuary - is black, sometimes dark gray mass with the smell of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, sticky, plastic, which has a high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. Besides organic "skeleton" of mud, it is composed of so-called colloidal complex, which consists of tiny particles of iron, aluminum, humus, etc.

Colloidal state of these substances leads to high plasticity of mud.

The proportion of dirt Shabolatsky estuary from 1.3 to 1.6 g / cm3. Dirt alkaline, its pH is 8.2.


Therapeutic mud estuary Shabolatsky properties.


By physico-chemical properties of silt mud Shabolatsky estuary not only equal, but superior in many respects to other medical mud resorts.

For example, skeletal particles smaller than one micron in dirt Shabolatsky estuary contains more than curative mud Hadzibeevsky, Kuyalnitsky and other estuaries. It is also rich in colloidal organo-mineral substances, especially in the Gulf Akembedskom.

The content of the liquid phase of the mud or mud Shabolatsky solution reaches 66.5%. 

Salt mud weight Shabolatsky represented mainly sodium chloride.


Properties of muds Shabolat Kuyalnik



The smell hydrogen sulfide hydrogen sulfide
The share 1.24 1.407
Specific gravity (РН) 8.2 8.1
The heat capacity in cal. 0.75 0.80
The homogeneity homogeneous homogeneous
The strength of adhesion in 2.290 2.275
Total sulfide 0.15 0.18
Contamination particles up to 10% 0.5-0.7%
Mud ratio 9.094 -
Organic substances 0.7327 0.5269


Water 65% 54,365%

ionnny composition of dissolved salts "Water Sergeevskaya"

Sodium + Potassium 0,6035% 0,9376%
Magnesium 0,0298% 0,1084%
Calcium 0,1115% 0,0360%
Chlorine 0,9220% 0,7610%
Sulphate 0.0602% 0.0450%
Carbonates 0,0129% 0,0654%
HCO 0,0964% 0,0328%
Amine base 0,02336% 0,0300%
The amount of 1,7599% 2,9493%


Crystal skeleton "Water Sergeevskaya"

SaZR02 calcium phosphate 0,0546% 0,2658%
Sa04 2H20 gypsum 0,0249% 0,1495%
Calcium carbonate CaCO 2,0810% 5,0602%
MgSOZ magnesium carbonate 0,2350% 0,0965%
The amount of salt 2,3955% 5,5720%
Silicate particles 19,4901% 22,991%


Silicate particles less than one micron + organic substance 9,4901% 8,5091%
Iron sulfide 0,3102% 0,4622%
Ferrous oxide hydrate 0,0109% 0,1631%
Iron oxide hydrate 0,4582% 0,7236%
Manganese oxide hydrate 0,0186% 0,0533%
Colloidal kremnioz 0,1752% 0,3408%
Usolitnaya silicic acid 0,7482% 1,3041%
The amount of 31,0045% 37,114%
The total amount of 101,8651% 100,0007%

Mud Shabolatsky estuary contains a relatively low amount of iron sulfide, causes black color but richer in the liquid phase (65%), ie It has a higher water capacity, and hence greater plasticity and softness.

Bacteriostatic properties of mud Shabolatsky estuary studied Kompaniec VN et al in 1972, 1974, 1976, 1986.. the method proposed by Volkova O. (1946, 1962gg).


Influence (bacteriostatic and bactericidal) Shabolatsky estuary muds on the culture of hemolytic penicillin sensitive staffilokok (strain 209) and vaginal microflora content 111-1U Art. purity was confirmed gynecological patients. The data are published.

The content of hormone-like substances such as estrogens and androgens, and biogenic stimulants such as FIBS confirmed by clinical observations Kompaniets VN a co-author of the candidate of medical sciences, PS Popov and published in the works 1971-1999gg. Dirt for use in spas and sanatoriums conditions is used after regeneration and bakanalizov on E. coli and perfringens.


Not recommended Freshly dirt without regeneration.






Therapeutic mud Shabolatsky estuary indications.

In diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus mud indicated for chronic arthritis, deformed osteoarthritis, chronic spondylitis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, in patients with lesions of muscles, tendons, bones, fractures, delayed consolidation, with ostite, pereostite, myositis, fibromyositis, bureyte.

When contractures after burns, traumas, abscesses, trophic ulcers, nonhealing wounds.

In rheumatoid arthritis in inactive phase with the residual effects of arthritis.

Results for patients with diseases of the peripheral nervous system by the end of the acute phase and in the chronic stage: radiculitis, neuritis infectious and infectious-allergic, vegetative polyneuritis, Solarium, motor and sensory disorders after injuries of the peripheral nervous system, including those with mild pronounced syndrome causalgia, progressive muscular dystrophy.

From diseases of the central system shown for mud residual effects meningoentsifalita, encephalomyelitis, polio, cerebral palsy, a condition posleudaleniya intervertebral disc.

Among the diseases of the genital organs of women for mud shows inflammatory diseases of the uterus and its appendages, infertility after an inflammatory process and on the basis of a moderate underdevelopment uterus, postoperative infiltrates after the acute period, expressed mild functional ovarian failure. (The men - chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis, vezikulit).

Diseases digestive organs outside the period of exacerbation - gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic colitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis.

And as the disease of the ear, nose and throat, skin diseases, chronic eczema, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis limited without exacerbation.

Respiratory diseases - often ill colds, acute and chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis. Asthmatic bronchitis and bronchial asthma mild to moderate respiratory distress without and without the use of hormones.


The main contraindications to the use of therapeutic muds.

gryazelechenie_protivopokazaniaMud therapy is:


  • contraindicated in acute inflammatory processes;

  • malignant tumors, fibroids, miofibromah, ovarian cysts;

  • blood disorders, bleeding and inclinations to them;

  • tuberculosis of any localization;

  • circulatory failure stage 11-111, hypertension II and stage III B;

  • expressly atherosclerosis and endocrine diseases;

  • at all stages of pregnancy;

  • when mental illness;

  • epilepsy;

  • children with tendencies towards convulsive states;

  • liver cirrhosis;

  • infectious diseases and acute infectious stages;

  • with sharply expressed exhaustion.



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