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Mud Masks



Homemade wraps

Mud began to use in ancient times. Today, well-studied mixture of muds, and their beneficial properties are confirmed by special studies.

They have found wide application not only in medicine but also in cosmetology.

lechebniye_gryaziMud is a colloidal formation of natural origin with rich organic and mineral composition. As a result of various biochemical processes of mud enriched with biogenic components (compounds of carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, iron, etc.) that exhibit a sufficiently high therapeutic and cosmetic activity.

Scientists have proven high cosmetic effect when using tools based on the mud. Mud rich in micro and macro. All of these substances are balanced in composition. They have antioxidant, anti-aging effect, have anti-inflammatory feature of good effect on the capillary network.

Therapeutic mud is used to treat skin problems, has nothing to do with the familiar us the mass of the earth after rain. Used in cosmetics raw materials for masks produced from the special deposits, the structure of such filth buttery consistency, grayish or brown.

Benefits for the skin due to the unique minerals of the dirt, and in turn they are the waste product of special microorganisms.

Mud mask application.

Mud mask is easily placed on the skin at contact there is a special thermal reaction, providing deep penetration of all trace elements in skin cells. After the course of masks with mud you will definitely feel the results – the skin becomes naturally soft, oval face tightened, will disappear mesh of wrinkles.

Depending on the collection site of the mud varies and its composition, but there are required components that are present in each gram of medicinal raw materials:

  • aluminium, cobalt, copper, iron oxides;

  • amino acid that triggers the rejuvenation of the cells;

  • hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen and hydrocarbons, ammonia;

  • vitamin-like substances and minerals.

The main component of the mud mask for oily and problem skin - curative silt mud. Mask normalizes oily skin, has a keratolytic, astringent and absorbing effect. The cream improves skin elasticity and smoothes wrinkles.
The mask provides a lifting effect, reduces the depth of wrinkles.

tcelulite_maskiEspecially good mud in the fight against cellulite. Mud mask anti-cellulite recommended procedures for the body. She breaks down fats, stimulates lymph and blood flow, improves skin elasticity, eliminates toxins, reduces the volume of the body. The skin becomes smooth and velvety, eliminates the effect of "orange peel".

No less important mud and hair. Cream mask for strengthening and growth of hair deep cleans the scalp and hair channels from grease and dirt, nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, and normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, improves the structure of hair, stimulates their growth. After three or four times using the mask is visibly reduced hair loss and resume hair growth.

Since any dirt has a pronounced therapeutic effect, and its application requires special treatment. Listening to the recommendations of the experts, it will be possible to obtain an excellent result and provide comfort to the person during the procedure.

To always look great and Shine with beauty, do not forget to include mud masks at system intense skin care!



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