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Mud Sergeevka


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Resort Sergeevka.

Shabolatsky estuary belongs to the estuary lagoon between the rivers Danube, Dniestr. Compared to other estuaries between the rivers, it was formed a little earlier and maps the end of XVIII and beginning of XIX century, represented the southwestern branch of the Dnestr estuary. Now the border zone between the two has a number of marshy floodplains area of ​​about 10 km ?. Many species of birds (seagulls, cormorants, ducks, etc.) Build their nests in the undergrowth and breed, and in the fall gather flocks of migratory wild ducks, geese and swans.

The first information about the resort are the 80 th year of the nineteenth century, when the famous Russian chemist AA Verigo scientifically proved curative mud and brine Shabolatsky estuary. In 1895 here it was first built a small mud baths. Development Sergeevka resort began in 1940, after the reunification of Bessarabia with the USSR. For the first time for the Ukrainian state, the status of the resort Sergeevka received in 1996. Currently Sergeevka over the summer period, the rest up to 25 thousand people.

According to the climate characteristics of Sergeevka resort is part of a group of resorts in Odessa, the characteristic features of which is dry clean air, refreshing light sea breeze, the duration of the warm season, from April to October, an abundance of sunny days - more than 290 a year.

Due to the nature of education and the hydrological regime, the average depth Shabolatsky estuary is 105 cm Therefore, it is perfectly warmed water -. From 28 ° C to 33 ° C. A small pond depth and high temperature liquid contained in it have become a major factor in the formation of its balneological resources - mineralized water and mud.


Shabolatsky estuary.

shabolotsky_limanShabolatsky (Budaksky) estuary stretches parallel to the shore of the Black Sea is 17 km.

Maximum width (without Akkembetskogo Bay) 2.5 km;

The Depth rarely exceeding 2 m;

Water salinity ranges from 0.2 in the northeast, up to 20 -. 32 g / l in the western part. Beach by the steep land, from 5 to 10 m up to 20-35 in the vicinity of the village Sergeyevka. From the sea is low, no more than 1.5 m spit, which has in the western part of the abyss for water exchange and migration of fish.


Water of Shabolatsky estuary are up to 32 ‰ salinity and chloride-sodium-magnesium composition, so they are used for the preparation of medicinal baths.

In addition, under the estuary formed layers of groundwater, which are similar to the waters of Mirgorod and Kuyalnik. Basically liquid extracted via wells has a chloride-hydro-carbonate-sodium composition, therefore, is an indispensable assistant doctors in the treatment of chronic diseases of the digestive and respiratory systems.

The main healthful natural factor of the resort of Sergeevka is medical mud of Shabolatsky (Budaksky) estuary.


Shabolatsky_liman_shemaThe total area of mud sediments, with production value is 1256340 sq.m. Place dirt intake is approximately 150000 M3. high quality mud in the western part of Akimbetskoj beams.

Research of mud lake, its Shabolatsky of chemical and physical properties were involved in E.e. Burksner (1915.1934, 1946) R.r. Vyrženovskij (1927), l. Sklyaruk (1956). In 1976 the year Treatment muds of the estuary were tested a rare network wells Lviv Ukrgeokaptažminvod Management. In 1978 year study conducted by the Office Geo Intelligence Agency mud of Odessa SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE of balneology.

Curative muds Shabolatsky of estuary in accordance with modern classification belong to weakly sulfide, moderately mineralized, chloride to natrium silt muds. They are characterized viscidity, mildness, plasticity.


Properties of this muds are below given by comparison to the indexes of the most studied Kuyalnisky Muds, standard curative mud salt-pans of former Soviet Union.

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