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Nettle Juice

Nettle Juice

Stinging Nettle

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Nettle is a genus of flowering plants in the Nettle family. The stems and leaves are covered with burning hairs, which were given the Latin name: uro "burn". The genus includes more than 50 species.

Young nettle is a natural concentrate of vitamins: A, B, C, E, K, micro and macro elements: iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, silicon, selenium and phytonutrients, in particular, flavonoids that prevent heart disease, phytoncides and organic acids.


It increases the body's resistance and strengthens the immune system, promotes metabolism, and removes toxins.

Nettle properties.

krapivaDue to the content of vitamin K, nettle promotes good blood clotting, has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps with internal bleeding. Chlorophyll, contained in excess in the leaves, triggers metabolic processes in the body and helps it resist cancer.

Nettle normalizes blood sugar levels. And, as you know, nettle is actively used in cosmetology and pharmaceuticals.

Nettle juice has a beneficial effect on cleansing the body of toxins and increasing hemoglobin in blood. Juice has the ability to activate metabolic processes in the body, as a result of which blood is purified and enriched, slags are removed, and all organs and systems begin to work better.

Nettle is rich in biologically active substances, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and silicon, vitamins A, K, PP, B. Nettle contains 200 times more vitamin C than apples.

Nettle juice application.

Nettle juice has long been used in folk medicine. The range of application of Nettle is very large and diverse.

Nettle juice has the following therapeutic effect:


For external applications, it has an astringent, antiseptic, healing effect.

By affecting the digestive system, nettle fights diseases such as:


Problems with the genitourinary system:


Nettle works wonders for lung damage:


sok_krapiviy_svoistvaNettle juice has the ability to treat cardiovascular diseases, leukemia, and metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Treatment should last 21 days and should be repeated after a break of 21 days.

Nettle helps soothe rheumatism if you take 20 drops three times a day for a long period of time, explains Adrian Florea, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine.

Nettle juice Supports a healthy oral cavity and helps with treatment:


Restores the hairline.


Dilute nettle juice with natural apple cider vinegar 1:1, apply to the hair (rinse and RUB into the roots) after each hair wash. Dandruff disappears immediately, the hair becomes silky, shiny and manageable from 1 application.

Thus, we activate hair growth, nourish them, restore and kill pathogenic microflora. To enhance the effect, the hair should be combed frequently.

Researchers tell us that Nettle Juice will help to get rid of winter exhaustion, beriberi, anemia, skin rashes of non-infectious origin, even annoying migraines. Long-standing beauties maintained their health and beauty by drinking 3-4 spoons of young nettle juice daily for a month, diluted with water in a ratio of 1:3.

sok_krapiviy_primenenieDaily treatment with Nettle Juice is very useful for strengthening bones (this is the prevention of osteoporosis), cleaning the liver, bladder, respiratory tract, normalizing the activity of the gastric tract, calming the nervous system.

By enhancing metabolic processes, Nettle Juice improves condition of hemorrhoids, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, gout, diabetes. According to Polish scientists, fresh nettle juice has a therapeutic effect at all stages of prostate adenoma, because it delays the development of hypertrophy.

Nettle juice - "first aid" for wounds: you should mash the nettle leaves until the juice appears and apply it to the wound. The wounds are washed with the pressed juice, and the bandages that are applied to the wounds are moistened.

In folk medicine, it is believed that nettle has anti-carcinogenic properties, so it is recommended to use nettle honey (bee honey mixed with nettle juice and the addition of crushed fresh nettle leaves, as well as nuts) for patients with neoplasms in the stomach tract, with prostatic hyperplasia. This mixture also normalizes blood pressure.

Nettle juice contraindications.

The use of nettle in therapeutic dosages does not cause any complications or side effects.
For pregnant women and during breast-feeding, use after consultation with your doctor.

Dosage: 1 tsp. 2 times a day for 30 minutes. before meals.

Shake well before use . The appearance of sediment is a natural factor. You can also drink diluted juice in a ratio of 1:1. Do not exceed the recommended maximum daily intake per day.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

Volume: 250 ml.


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