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Purification Of Siberian Cleaning


Siberian Cleaning Turpentine

Cleansing the body Siberian Purification upgrade liver improving elasticity and tone of blood vessels heal ulcers colitis gastritis Turpentine Balm Shop buy traditional medicines. Significant improvement of the state of the body's intestinal flora regulation of metabolism.

Siberian Cleaning general concept.


The people have long been known to absolutely harmless but extremely effective cleansing of the body, not just Increasing Agent health and rids the body of chronic diseases - Siberian cleaning.
During the purification procedure occurs thorough cleaning of the liver and blood vessels in the human body. They become much more flexible and, due to this most people have restored blood pressure and pain in the joints disappear. Also, the procedure can cure colitis, cholecystitis, enterocolitis, gastritis, hepatitis, gastric and intestinal ulcers.

Through the process of cleansing the intestinal microflora is restored, there is the regulation of metabolism, increase obschgo tone and the person becomes more resilient and energetic.

The very same Siberian Cleaning is pretty simple. She slowly and gently includes the process of full recovery and purification of the human body at the cellular level. As a result of this treatment, a person gets the opportunity to restore the chromosome number.
Profound impact on the human body is very rarely achieved by other special and complex homeopathic healing systems.

Siberian Cleansing - effect on the body.

sibirskaya_chistka_terpentineUse turpentine enhances immunity of the human body, ie. sap is a powerful natural antiseptic. The blood levels of phagocytes increases markedly, the purpose of which - the destruction of viruses, parasites and other pathogens bodies.

Cleansing helps to release energy potential, which is used as collateral for the life of these parasites. All the organs and glands of the body begin to work much more effectively and intensively.

On the next step begins the process of regeneration of the human body all the tissue cells (cleaning of slag). At the moment - perhaps a manifestation of aggravation of an old disease. Therefore it is necessary to pay special attention: if the condition worsens, look to you to stop cleaning, and after some time (a few months) to repeat the cleaning process again. The second time, the purification takes place much easier.

The only condition for the effectiveness of the Siberian Purge - upotreblenie large amount of fresh food of plant and elimination of the use of animal food. Our cells, releasing toxins when cleaning should receive in return a clean and healthy material for recovery and regeneration.

Women Siberian Cleaning not only revitalizes and purifies the body, but also reveals the potential of natural beauty. There is improvement of the skin, nails and hair at the cellular level.


Siberian Cleaning - conducting procedures.

Siberian Cleaning by Pine resin is carried out through the use of an extract containing 10% concentration of resin (turpentine balm). The main thing to conduct the procedure - a careful observance of the schedule of reception of resin, with a gradual increase in the daily dose of reception.

Reception process must start with a single dose (80 kg weight), increasing the dose daily for receiving another. Such a sequence is observed up to 40 days, after which the dose should be reduced gradually receiving in reverse order. The duration of the purification process up to 80 days.

The volume of extract required amount determined based on the body weight. For the Siberian Purge for both men and women need to, minimally, 200 ml of a 10% extract of balm. If the body weight exceeds 80 kg, the volume should be increased to 300 ml, but, if for over 100 kg - 400 ml.

Receiving turpentine balm performed using insulin syringe with a 40 scale units and the pipettes. For pipettes - the countdown is over visually visible drops. But, via a syringe - is necessary to squeeze 5 units, is approximately equal to one drop of the extract. Accordingly, 2 and 3 weight group - reception units 10 and 15 respectively.

It is strongly recommended to carry out a process of purification in the morning for 30 minutes before eating. When the discomfort tasting turpentine balsam, can simply wash it down with water.


Siberian Cleaning precautions.

ochistchenie_vnimanieWhen using extracts, on the basis of pine resin (turpentine balm), before use, it's recommended carrying out checks on the body allergic reaction (redness of the skin may occur at the site of application). 

To carry out necessary checks on the back hand, leg or chest and rub to drip 3-5 drops of extract. If the next day at the site of rubbing did not appear (in the form of red spots), then proceed to cleanse - possible.
People incline and the elderly, as well as the presence of chronic diseases is recommended Course of Siberian Cleaning with 5% turpentine balm, and then - to use with 10% extract, in order to anticipate the body against stress conditions.

Attention! Do not self-medicate. The course and the dosage must be assigned an experienced technician. Very often illiterate use of active funds do more harm than beneficial.



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