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The Bolotov's Brew on Pine Cones

The Bolotov's Brew on Pine Cones
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Treatment Of Green Pine Cones


Stroke Angina Arthritis Hypertension Improves Cerebral Blood Flow Bolotov's Brew on Pine Cones properties application buy at the shop of traditional medicine. Pneumonia Bronchitis treatment prevention at home by folk extracts.


Green Pine Cones.


zelenyie_shishkiPine, also known as the pine forest – evergreen coniferous tree with a straight trunk, long pair of needles and a rounded or conical crown, reaching a height of up to 40 meters.

The Pine cones begin to ripen in the second year, which under the action of dry winds is disclosed. In folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases are only young pine cones. From red and green cones folk healers made tinctures, infusions, brews, which are not inferior to the healing properties of many modern medicines.

Part of the cones oleoresin, gives the tincture of them unique therapeutic qualities that help in the fight against diseases of bones, joints, gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the respiratory system.

Green pine cones different from its stiff, older "brothers" a high content of essential oils and resinous substances. In addition, such elements of the tree contain vitamins (C, E, K, R), iron, magnesium, tannins, flavonoids, selenium and other substances.

Each of these components can bring benefit to the human body:


  • volatile, or pine essential oil are able to exert pronounced antibacterial effect, but also destroy fungal pathogens (this substance is beneficial to the immune system);

  • tannin is endowed with pronounced anti-inflammatory action, it is thanks to this component cones are recommended as a means to combat stroke;

  • vitamin C strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases the level of immune protection and is indispensable for problems with the nervous system;

  • vitamin K is essential in the process of production of bone tissue, and promotes blood clotting, what minimizes the risk of dangerous bleeding;

  • rutin (vitamin P) is an element that strengthens the vascular wall and facilitate the removal of swelling, etc.

Experts say that the use of pine cones is possible if problems with respiratory system, diseases of vessels and joints, and as a means for active cleansing of the body.


Green Pine Cones Unique Properties.

zelenyie_shishki_insultEffective, also, green pine cones against stroke. The unique properties of cones of interested scientists, which were conducted a number of studies that prove their healing properties.

During and after stroke in humans due to circulatory disorders of the brain, there is an intensive loss of brain cells, this process is not only not terminated in the recovery period, but also tends to increase.

The experiments on mice proved that the use of these tannins, cell death is greatly reduced. So, in therapy, in mice with the use of tannins has lost only 20% of brain cells, while in experimental without any treatment, cell death accounted for 70%.

This phenomenon scientists explain the fact that when you block one of the enzymes involved in the process of vital activity of brain cells, it is possible to suspend their death. Those same tannins are found in pine cones, able to do it.


The Brew on Pine Cones composition.

The composition of Brew on Pine Cones includes:

  • green pine cones;

  • milk whey;

  • culture of lactic acid bacteria;

  • sugar.

The Brew on Pine Cones properties.

Brew of Pine Cones (green) has the following effect:

The Brew on Pine Cones application.

Brew of Pine Cones (green) is used in the treatment of diseases:

Application: 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, dissolved in 100-200 ml of water.

Volume: 500 ml.

Shelf life: 12 months.

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