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Calamus Syrup

Calamus Syrup

Stomach Treatment

Liver Kidneys Bladder Heartburn Stomach Ulcer Treatment Prevention Calamus Root Syrup Properties Recommendations buy folk medicine store. Normalization of Gallbladder Digestion at home by health extracts.

Calamus Bolotny treatment.


Calamus marsh is a tall perennial herbaceous plant, which belongs to the family of Aronicaceae. This plant has a brown color, its rhizome is thick and creeping. Leaves are sharp, reach 1 meter in length and are shaped like a sword, they cover each other with their bases. The stem, on which there are flowers, begins at the top of the root. This root is green in color, on the one hand it has an edge, and on the other – a groove.

Calamus marsh grows on heavily moistened soil, it is strengthened in the soil by its strong root, which has many branches. The length of the root reaches 150 cm . Calamus marsh grows near water, on the shores of lakes and rivers, in swamps, it forms large thickets that are clean, and sometimes with mixtures of sedges and horsetails.

It grows in Ukraine, it can be found in Eastern Siberia and the Caucasus. It grows well in steppe and forest-steppe zones, along the shores of reservoirs, on swampy soils, flooded fields and in gullies.


Calamus Properties.

air_bolotniyPeople have long known that calamus has many medicinal properties. This plant is very often used in folk medicine. A vodka tincture is made from the roots of calamus marsh, which is used for medicinal purposes. A decoction of calamus helps with liver diseases, diseases of the bladder, nervous system, tuberculosis.

Calamus Tincture of the swamp is used for rheumatism. If a person has heartburn, then the calamus root will help him here, which you just need to chew.

A decoction of calamus roots is used by people who want to strengthen the hair on their heads, as well as those suffering from lichen. Women's diseases can also be cured with the help of calamus of the swamp – its decoction needs to be douched.


The roots of the plant have an effect that increases appetite, improves digestion, and also enhances the reflex separation of juice in the stomach.

To date, Calamus Bolotny is used in medicine as a remedy for peptic ulcer disease. In Veterinary medicine, the roots of calamus marsh have found use as a gastric remedy.



Calamus Syrup Chemical composition.

Calamus Syrup is a natural product made using the latest technologies. In its composition this Syrup contains:


The essential oil consists of a mixture of terpenes, sesquiterpenes, and its odor carriers are azarylaldehydes.

Also, the Syrup of Calamus contains a little scented soap, and also vitamins, starch, protein, minerals (all of them are concomitant substances).

Calamus syrup Properties.

Calamus Syrup is prescribed for liver diseases, malaria, rickets, kidney and bladder diseases. It has a tonic effect on the depressed state of the nervous system, improves hearing and vision.

It acts as a bactericidal agent during epidemics of influenza, cholera.

Calamus Syrup is an effective means to neutralize the destructive effect of drugs, in particular marijuana. If you smoke a pinch of small shavings of the root with marijuana, then the calamus completely suppresses the toxic effect of the drug.

In fact, the calamus root can neutralize the side effects of all hallucinogens.


Calamus Syrup Application.

The use of Calamus in alternative medicine is quite diverse. Fresh roots are used to disinfect water. Decoctions are prescribed for diseases of the teeth and gums. Calamus marsh is effective for diseases of the biliary tract and liver, kidney stones. For leukemia, a medicinal herbal collection is used, which includes calamus root, nettle and elecampane. Calamus is useful for improving digestion and raising appetite.

Calamus rhizomes are sometimes used for diseases of the central nervous system.

sirop_aira_primenenieCalamus Syrup is used in Folk Medicine for:

Due to its expectorant properties, calamus cures bronchitis. This plant is also used for chronic diseases of the spinal cord.

Calamus Syrup Contraindications.




It should be remembered that the use of natural medicines should be moderate. If the doses of taking Calamus are increased, this will lead to vomiting.

Dosage: 1 tsp. 3 times a day before meals.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 200 ml.


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