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Synthetic Antibiotics.

Antibiotics are one of the few medicines that have revolutionized modern medicine. Thanks to an accident, doctors unexpectedly got at their disposal drugs that can quickly and effectively fight bacterial infectious diseases.

The mass use of antibiotics increases the rate of resistance development in bacteria many times. Deadly diseases caused by antibiotic-resistant microbes are rapidly spreading around the world.

The main side effect of antibiotics is a negative effect on the human immune system. With frequent use, the natural balance of beneficial microbes and microorganisms in the human body is disrupted and, as a result, the body's resistance decreases.

The consequence of this is:

  • a violation of digestion;

  • weakening of the body's defenses;

  • extensive fungal damage to (intestines, pelvic organs, skin); 

  • changing the blood formula;

  • failure of the whole body.

As a result of unjustified and excessive use of antibiotics, they become useless and even harmful chemicals.

Antibiotics, today, are the most commonly prescribed medications worldwide. There are many discussions in medicine: prescribe painkillers for rheumatism, whether it is worth using chemotherapy for oncological diseases, vaccinations and some others.

These discussions have not spared the issue of prescribing and using Antibiotics.

Many representatives of classical medicine in recent years have been increasingly alarmingly saying that too frequent use of antibiotics can lead to a deadly danger for all mankind, because of the large number of extremely dangerous pathogens that develop resistance to chemical antibiotics.

For some infections, which until recently could be cured by relatively harmless means, today it is necessary to use much stronger drugs with many side effects. In hospitals, the rate of development of microbial resistance to antibiotics is taking on an alarming scale.

The microscope has opened the doors to an amazing microcosm for humanity. With his help, many discoveries have been made for the benefit of humanity. However, sometimes it seems that we have forgotten about the microcosm and have forgotten how to comprehensively analyze life processes.


By destroying only microbes, we do not change the environment and we can expect new problems to appear. We violate the laws of nature and pay the price for it.

Prevention of infections with the help of chemical antibiotics makes sense in some cases, for example, after surgery or tooth extraction, i.e. after a serious intervention in the body.


Natural Antibiotics.

When used correctly, synthetic antibiotics can overcome serious bacterial infections in the shortest possible time by destroying or inhibiting the growth of microbes. This is an indisputable fact.

Reasonable, reasonable and taking into account the need to prevent the appearance of resistant bacteria, the use of antibiotics makes the latter indispensable medicines in the hands of a responsible doctor in the treatment of serious diseases.


Natural Antibiotics are an alternative substitute for Synthetic Antibiotics.
Natural substances with antibiotic properties are our Gift of Nature. They destroy or inhibit the growth of pathogens and at the same time strengthen the body's defense system!

Microbes that can cause disease are constantly present in:

  • air;

  • food;

  • water;

  • and even in our body (on the mucous membranes).

However, we get sick relatively rarely. When an epidemic breaks out at school, at work or in the family, not all the people present get sick, despite the fact that they also get infected.

In those who remained healthy, the microbes simply did not find a favorable breeding ground for reproduction. Those who got sick were weakened even before the outbreak of infection.

Metabolic disorders, unhealthy lifestyle, various toxins, mental and physical stresses reduce the body's resistance. The French scientist Claude Bernard expressed this in the following formula: "The microbe is nothing, the environment is everything!" The environment here is understood as a set of physical, mental and spiritual prerequisites faced by a potential pathogen of the disease.

It is necessary to analyze the main active ingredient of a particular plant. This makes it possible to evaluate and standardize plants and herbal medicines and determine the scope of their use. However, on the other hand, it is pointless to look for the secret of the effect of the plant in its individual substances, just as with the help of springs alone, it is pointless to try to explain the principle of operation of a mechanical watch.


Plants sometimes contain hundreds of different active ingredients, many of which are unknown to science. They have a therapeutic effect only by the totality of all the substances included in its composition.

If the antibiotic substance of any plant was isolated or synthesized in the laboratory by chemical means and given to the patient, then we would be in for an unpleasant disappointment, since it would not be as effective as one might expect.

Natural antibiotics combine antibacterial and systemic properties. Their action is based on the fact that they not only kill or inhibit the growth of microbes, but also strengthen the body's defenses, promote wound healing, stimulate the formation of new tissues, cleanse connective tissue from toxins, activate the work of important organs and cleanse the whole body of toxins.

Medicinal plants provide the patient's body with:

  • minerals;

  • trace elements;

  • vitamins;

  • plant hormones;

  • and many other vital substances.

Sometimes the improvement of the general condition comes to the fore, and not the actual antibiotic effect of the plant. This is a crucial factor, since the body gets the opportunity to cope with the microbe itself.  


Natural Antibiotics treatment.

You will be surprised how many plants of our flora have antibiotic properties. Doctors and healers of the past centuries had only natural remedies at their disposal and achieved significant results with their help.

Having no precise knowledge of what kind of active substance is needed to treat a particular disease, they selected the best remedies for their patients based on many years of experience and observations. Of course, in those days, as now, there were many charlatans and followers of dubious teachings among the healers, but they quickly gave themselves away with their failures.

antibiotiki_prirodniye_lechenieThe secret of successful treatment with natural remedies lies in the fact that healers consider the whole person as a whole, with his physical and mental characteristics, specific life situation and individual history.


An integrated approach to treatment helps to strengthen the body so much that natural antibiotics are completely enough to defeat pathogens that are deprived of a favorable environment for them.

A strong healthy body, strengthened by regular physical exercises, reasonable hardening, proper and sufficient nutrition, is a bad environment for pathogenic microbes, they leave such a "host" very quickly, especially if they are "scared" by sweatshop treatment or suitable herbal tea.

The abuse of antibiotics is a consequence of the limited thinking of some representatives of classical medicine, who have reduced the totality of complex life processes to a simple cause-effect scheme. Bad bacteria cause diseases, so let's just kill them.

This approach has serious negative consequences both for human health and for the entire ecological system of our planet. We, the people, are the champions of disturbing and destroying the ecological balance. This does not pass without a trace for ourselves.



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