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Pels Gynecologist wins Colpitis and Thrush

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 6:37 PM

Treatment of vaginitis and thrush Dnepropetrovsk

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Colpitis - an inflammation of the vaginal mucosa infectious or contagious nature. Synonymous coleitis is vaginitis. Colpitis is characterized by itching, discharge, redness and burning in the vagina and on the entrance to the vagina (vulvitis). If you hit the vestibule, the disease is called - vulvovaginitis.


Symptoms of vaginitis.

Colpitis characterized by the presence of vaginal discharge. Normal discharge has a milky-white color, can be slimy, transparent and odorless. They do not cause irritation. Vaginal secretions may also become wet underwear.

When coleitis discharge, always accompanied by irritable, pain, itching during sexual intercourse. Color, amount and consistency with vaginitis - change. During atrophy obesity, on the contrary, there is a decrease secretions, mucous becomes easily vulnerable.

Depending on the type of vaginitis may be different clinical picture.

Bacterial vaginosis. Characteristic appearance of discharge with a strong odor of rotten fish. Amount of bleeding - a little bit.Tsvet discharge gray. Diagnosis is based on increasing the pH of greater than 4.5, gray discharge and detection of "clue cells" under the microscope.

Candida vaginitis (thrush). Characterized by redness, severe itching and irritation. Very often, the inflammation extends to the vestibule. Sometimes, there are disturbances of urination and cystitis.

Allocation for thrush are typical cheesy white lumpy. When you join a secondary bacterial microflora allocation can change its color to green and have purulent.

Trichomonas coleitis. Disease is sexually transmitted. It is characterized by: purulent liquid yellow-green discharge, which soprovodzhayutsya severe itching and burning. Diagnosis of the disease is based on the detection of the pathogen on microscopy.

Atrophic vaginitis. Most often found in postmenopausal women. A characteristic feature is the increase in the pH above 6, scanty purulent discharge with severe itching and burning. Microscopy are dystrophic altered cells of the vaginal mucosa and a decrease in lactic acid bacteria on the background of the coccal flora.

In some instances, under intense inflammation of the cervix (such as gonorrhea or chlamydia), discharge from the cervix can get into the vagina, simulating coleitis.


Pels Gynecology Treatment.

Efficiency Pelovita Gynecology in this area is provided by the combined action of the complex. Due to the high salt concentration is provided a drainage effect. With its anti-inflammatory, decongestant, cleansing of pus and analgesic properties.

Pels Gynecology treatment of diseases affecting women at the same time provides a powerful bio-stimulating effect on the damaged tissue and inflammation of the mucous membranes, providing them with rapid epithelialization and thereby having a healing effect. This is extremely important and necessary in protracted chronic inflammatory disease in women.

Samples of the extract for a long time have been tested for quality effects in the treatment of female diseases. Buy Pels Gynecology Dnepropetrovsk store of traditional medicine and sports nutrition.

And now - the result! In the study of patients who had applied treatment with extract pels - Gynecology, a positive result (completely cure diseases such as Colpitis and Thrush). This is a very good result for the new and young extract. Especially in light of recent decisions and judgments of our government, a good start for the domestic producers. Treatment of vaginitis and thrush in Dnepropetrovsk.


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