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Ampelo Todikamp (125 ml)

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Todikamp Ampelo is a drug which is a concentrated tincture of polyphenol antioxidants of red grapes Moldova.

Polyphenols were discovered by scientists recently (in 1994). Researchers were able to prove a truly wonderful effect on the body of substances contained in the bones and the skin of the grape


Empirically derived data allowed scientists to state with certainty about the unique effects of polyphenols.

Penetrate the cell, these substances are and connect with each other free radicals, which are a major cause of aging. While working at the cellular level in the blood vessels, polyphenols contribute to the cross with their circulation.

Polyphenols are beneficial to the important youth and beauty elastane fiber and collagen, effectively protecting them from the action of destructive factors. A healthy and full human antioxidant defense forces to compensate for the presence of free radicals own reserves. However, the value of these reserves will vary from person throughout life, being in rigid connection with the level of activity, lifestyle, environmental and seasonal factors, especially diet and bad habits.


Todikamp Ampelo properties.

Ampelo Todikamp is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants called group of biologically active compounds contained in food. They neutralize the human body free radicals (unstable compound and atoms) formed in the course of normal metabolism and in the environment. However, accumulating in excess of antioxidants become dangerous.

Their role - to protect cell membranes from the harmful effects or reactions, which can cause excessive oxidation in the body. Antioxidants neutralize: the negative effects of free radicals, promote cell renewal, purification and recovery of the body, skin rejuvenation.

In healthy humans the free radicals are formed in small amounts, nearly all of their negative effects on the cells of the body is prevented with antioxidants, which come from the outside or generated inside the body. It is very important - to receive regular servings of new antioxidants. Under this condition - the balance will not be broken.


Special need for antioxidants in humans can be attributed to the following factors:


  • Adverse climatic conditions (extreme heat or cold, humidity, etc.);

  • Special conditions of employment (permanent effect of strong stress factors leading to emotional stress and overload, exposure to toxic substances, work in a lack or excess of oxygen, and so on. D.);

  • Special physiological conditions (during pregnancy or lactation, periods of active growth of the child);

  • Excessive exercise, or vice versa, the complete absence of any physical activity;

  • Phase current acute infectious diseases;

  • Availability of noncommunicable diseases of various nature and localization of ischemia, diabetes, asthma, atherosclerosis, etc .;

  • Intoxication: acute and chronic;

  • The use of drugs, which is a side effect of lipid metabolism;

  • Bad habits: smoking, alcohol.


If reserves own antioxidant defense in humans at the end, it may affect the structure of the violation of metabolic processes in the body.

Lipid oxidation in cell membranes leads to failure of the normal current physiological reactions. These pathological processes affecting the cellular level, the level of tissues, organs, systems, and then - and the whole organism. The consequence of such violations are a variety of conditions that eventually translate into a disease.

The list of diseases, leading his story from the above reasons, really great:


  • ischemia;

  • atherosclerosis;

  • bronchial diseases;

  • diabetes;

  • Parkinson's disease;

  • stress;

  • allergies;

  • many diseases of aging;

  • other pathological conditions and diseases.


Todikamp Ampelo application.

Use of the drug Ampelo Todikamp allow slow down the flow of oxidation of lipids in the cells, thus, it will be possible to maintain the body's antioxidant status at the appropriate level.

Ampelo Todikamp - it's health, youth and excellent health, disease-free life even under extreme loads on the body and the regular impact of harmful factors on it!

Ampelo Todikamp application:
1 teaspoon of the drug is diluted in 20-30 ml of water.

Taken after meals: 3 times a day.




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