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Immunity Factors of Influence


Main Factors of Influence

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Human immune system ensures that human body survives in a world full of pathogens and can pass on our genes to the next generation so that the thread of life is not interrupted.
The continuation of the species is only thing that excites Nature.

No other organ of our body reacts to the conditions of our existence to the same extent as human immune system. Many of these conditions are already defined at birth and even earlier, such as gender.

Immune system is especially quickly connected to the processes that affect the origin, formation and development of a new life. It protects women more reliably and selflessly. Old age and death are also indispensable conditions of our existence.

It would be pointless if human immune system tried to get in the way of these conditions, so it pulls back over time.

Immune system also adapts to changing seasons and conditions of human life. Over the course of thousands of years of evolution, she has learned that people need more protection in certain months than in others; that a Greenlander and an African need different treatment.

Our immune system is affected by diseases that we suffer from during our lifetime. Some, such as HIV, measles, or parasites, can weaken it, and we become seriously ill as a result. Medications and environmental toxins also affect the immune system. And, of course, our environment and weather. But nothing depends on us here.

Many factors that affect the immune system, we independently determine the way of life that we lead.

We can decide what to eat, determine the amount of motor activity, the length of sleep, the mood with which we will accept the challenges of life.

Cortisol is a fast source of energy.

cortisolThe world around us is a sad farm. And he's never been the same. To survive in this world, evolution gave us the hormone cortisol, an amazing drug synthesized by our body, or rather, the adrenal cortex. Cortisol takes part in the formation of bone tissue and a number of other important metabolic processes.
It helps with stress.

It charges human body with energy, increasing the level of sugar. In addition, cortisol affects human immune system. Energy and strong defensive abilities used to be very important for mammoths in a disaster situation. in our world, this combination is necessary, for example, to survive a test or exam.
A short dose of Cortisol puts mostly white blood cells on alert and sends them on a journey.

Cortisol increases performance and activates human immune system only in a situation of short-term stress. With prolonged, persistent stress, the increased level of cortisol persists for a long time and already suppresses immune responses.
For short-term stress, Cortisol helps you focus and improve your performance. However, with the chronic stress that people experience in the modern realities of life, Cortisol is more dangerous than useful.

Factors affecting the Immune System.

In a person's life, there are a very large number of factors of influence that they, for some reason, do not think about or simply do not pay due attention to.

These include the following:

  • Morning workout for human body;

  • Lack of sleep that leads to illness;

  • Season;

  • Hardening;

  • Psyche;

  • Emotions;

  • Depression and stress;

  • Loneliness;

  • Central nervous system;

  • Imagination;

  • Optimism;

  • Purity;

  • Microbes (Parasites);

  • Proper use of vitamins;

  • Good nutrition;

  • Diet for the immune system;

  • Alcohol and nicotine;

  • Vaccinations;

  • Antibiotics, etc.

The immune system provides us with services. It adapts its services to our current needs. Therefore, a person should, as carefully as possible, take into account the factors affecting human immune system for more correct and clear its work.


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