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Pelovit Classic bath salts (5000 ml) recommendations



Pels Classic Bath recommendations

Treatment of joints psoriasis dermatitis eczema Pels Classic bath recommendations to buy store of traditional medicine. Availability. Fast shipping.

Pels Classic bath - liquid biostimulant derived from therapeutic mud.

Classic Pels bath for external use in the form of compresses, of lotions, baths, rinses, micro-enemas, electrophoresis, and as a bio-stimulating additives to baths and spray applied to the skin.

Pels Classic bath contains in its composition all the rich set of macro-and micronutrients, organic nutrients, hydrogen sulfide and other chemical components therapeutic mud.

Pels Classic bath has a powerful anti-inflammatory, resolving, desensitizing, bio-stimulating effect. It stimulates wound healing, cellular and humoral immunity, increases the overall resistance of the organism.

When used as a bath of Pels:


  • relieves stress;

  • normal sleep;

  • physical and mental, nervous and mental activity;

  • it creates a sense of vivacity;

  • improved mood;

  • eliminating depression;

  • dramatically increases efficiency, sexual activity.

Therapeutic baths.

vanniu_v_domashnih_usloviyahMineral baths successfully and efficiently contribute to Health restoring and cleansing the body, it recovery wasted resources. In modern medicine treatment called mineral baths balneotherapy, but by itself this method of mineral water treatment was known in ancient Egypt.

Mineral baths very effectively help to eliminate the problems and diseases of the nervous system, strengthening and recovery immunity, accelerate rehabilitation after serious illness.

Mineral water treatment can be administered in the form of baths, showers, and drinking and orasheny is complex. During the treatment, the skin is saturated with minerals, seen a stimulating and relaxing effect, activates the metabolism and circulation.

Health baths are shown in: 


  • diseases of the skin;

  • heart and vascular diseases;

  • diseases of internal organs.

Contraindications include:

  • oncology;

  • infectious diseases (in the acute stage);

  • circulatory disorders;

  • kidney disease;

  • cirrhosis of the liver.

The Application Therapy using mud has several disadvantages:


  • There are complications, called balneological reactions, the mechanism of which to date has not yet been elucidated.

  • These reactions are manifested in an increase in body temperature, the appearance of weakness, chills, pain and accompanied by a strengthening of the aggravation of the underlying disease, and others., which requires discontinuation of treatment.

  • In addition, for purpose of therapy, there are many mud contraindications, as well as the need for strict control over the medical treatment in a specialized mud baths.

Pels does not have these disadvantages, so it can be used by patients for whom mud baths are contraindicated.


The technique of reception of baths.


Was added to the bath at 140-160 L of water at +36-37 0.5 L Pels. Exposition 10 - 20 minutes (every day or two, it is desirable to sweat). Then, while cooling the skin sweat glands captured Pels effectively penetrates into the body (on the so-called postperspiratsionnomu mechanism of skin permeability, open Kiev researcher P.P.Slynko).

The Course is 10-12 procedures: For young adults, the bath temperature may be somewhat higher. After the bath, the patient does not wash off the solution Pels from the skin, which contributes to maximum absorption of funds. And to rest for 30-60 minutes. After 12-14 hours, you can take a warm shower.


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