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Liquid Extracts

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Herbs Liquid Extracts.

Standardized Extracts contain a certain fixed proportion of the active substance. Such a composition can be achieved through chemical analysis. High-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, liquid and thin-layer chromatography are the key elements of standardization.

zhidkie_organic_exstractiyHerbs Extracts used for various diseases treatment have several varieties, depending on technology of production process and are divided into the following types:

  • Liquid Extracts;

  • Thick Extracts;

  • Dry Extracts;

  • Extracts-concentrates;

  • Oil Extracts.

Liquid Extracts are liquid concentrated water-alcohol extracts, obtained in a ratio of 1:1. At pharmaceutical enterprises, liquid extracts are prepared by weight (1 kg of raw materials is obtained from 1 kg of liquid extract).

Liquid Extracts are obtained by percolation, repercolation (in various versions), fractional maceration in various modifications by dissolving thick and dry extracts. Percolation in the production of liquid extracts at the stages of swelling and infusion is no different from percolation in the production of tinctures.

At the stage of percolation itself, the process is carried out in a similar way and at the same speed as for tinctures. The difference is in the collection of ready-made extracts.

However, each stage of LHC extraction is associated with a significant risk of their complete or partial loss due to instability and dependence on external physical and chemical factors.

Thick Extracts are concentrated extracts from medicinal plant raw materials, which are viscous masses with a moisture content of no more than 25%. They usually do not pour out of the vessel, but are stretched into threads, which then merge into a solid mass.

Dry Extracts are concentrated extracts from medicinal plant raw materials, which are bulk materials with a moisture content of no more than 5%. They should be considered the most rational type of extracts. They are easy to use, have the lowest possible weight.

The disadvantages of dry extracts include their high hygroscopicity, as a result of which they turn into lumpy masses that lose their flowability.

Extracts-concentrates are standardized liquid and dry extracts from medicinal plant raw materials used for the rapid preparation of aqueous extracts in pharmacy practice.

Oil Extracts or medical oils (Oloe medi-cata) are extracts from medicinal plant raw materials obtained using vegetable or mineral oils.

Extracts of the same plant can differ significantly in their biologically active properties due to both the characteristics of the plant raw materials (geographical origin, growing conditions) and the extraction technology.

Herbs Extracts - NaNo technology.

Production of Liquid Extracts presented on our resource, the latest NANO-technological extraction process was used, using ultrasonic product stabilization, which allows you to preserve All the healing properties of Liquid Extracts for a long time.

The gases dissolved in the liquid contain more oxygen as a percentage than in the air, and therefore the gases in the bubbles during cavitation are chemically more aggressive than atmospheric air-they eventually cause the oxidation (reaction) of many usually inert materials.
As the experiments have shown, almost all known biochemical substances and compounds can be extracted from various types of used plant raw materials by ultrasonic extraction.

In the course of research, it was found that the majority of flavonoids, tannins, phenol glycosides, bound coumarins, phenol carboxylic acids and a number of other compounds were extracted from the raw material and transferred to the extractant from 10 to 100 times faster than with the most effective standard extraction methods.

The best results for the extraction of various types of natural plant substrates were obtained using alcohol-water mixtures. To increase the efficiency of the ultrasonic extraction process, various additives to the extractant were used in the course of experimental studies.

The best technological indicators were glycerin and propylene glycol, which effectively regulated the formation of cavitation zones and thus excluded the possibility of negative destructive changes during the extraction process.

zhidkie_exstractiy_preymuschestvaThe blend was extracted using a laboratory ultrasound machine.

Due to this NaNo technology, Liquid Extracts in its composition does not contain: no Alcohol, no Sugar! This makes it possible to apply them to more people who need cancer therapy.

Each such Extract contains in its composition:

  • Organic raw materials - 99%;

  • Other components - 1%;

  • Water IP.

Product form: liquid extract.

Application: by resorption (dilution) of the prescribed dose, which depends on the diagnosis and severity of the disease.

Storage temperature of our Extracts: from 0 to 25 degrees C.

Shelf life: 2 years.

garantia_kachestvaCompared to conventional standard Extracts, these liquid extracts have a number of absolute advantages:

  • have a higher concentration of active substances as a result of the removal of ballast substances;

  • guarantee the constant quality of the medicinal product;

  • they have a higher level of bioactivity;

  • can be stored for a long period of time;

  • they are more easily absorbed by human body.

It can be concluded that Extracts made by extraction using ultrasound are the best potential therapeutic agent of natural origin, for high-quality prevention and various diseases treatment, including oncology.


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